Crimestoppers looking for tips re: thefts at Kanata Wave Pool

Press release from Crimestoppers:

On Friday January 9th 2015 at approximately 8:30pm an unknown female attended the Kanata Wave Pool and believed responsible for a series of thefts from the change room.

The female suspect is wanted for questioning by police investigator. Please view the attached photos.

Description: Caucasian female, 5’4” tall

If you have information on the identity of the suspect or other criminal activity call Crime Stoppers toll-free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS). Remember Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to call display, you don’t identity yourself, we will not record your call and you are not required to testify in court. If your information leads to their identity or arrest, you could qualify for a cash reward of up to $2000. You can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Kanata Wave Pool thefts Kanata Wave Pool thefts Kanata Wave Pool thefts


What’s going in next to the Food Basics at Hazeldean/Huntmar?

One of Stittsville’s frequently asked questions is what’s being built next to the Food Basics at Hazeldean and Huntmar.

The property belongs to the North American Development Group, and according to a map on their web site, Food Basics’ new neighbour is a Dollar Tree.  Another four big box stores are planned between the Dollar Tree and the Toys R Us.

There’s also  Keg restaurant planned for the west side of Huntmar across from the Shoppers Drug Mart.

Shoppes at Fairwinds site plan from the North American Development Group
Shoppes at Fairwinds site plan from the North American Development Group


New board for the Fairwinds Community Association

A new board of directors was chosen last night at the Fairwinds Community Association Annual General Meeting:

President – Glen Gower
Vice-President – Debby Jo Hill
Secretary – Candace Carson
Treasurer – Alex Chen

Samantha Ball
Pauline Bond
Joe Boughner
Jennifer Holmes
Mark Kew
Kim Prachar


(Note: Glen Gower is also the editor/publisher of


LETTER: The man waving at the train is my grandfather

The last train through Stittsville on its way to the west coast, January 14, 1990. Photo by John Bottriell.
The last train through Stittsville on its way to the west coast, January 14, 1990. Photo by John Bottriell.


Re: Library display marks 25 years since Stittsville’s last VIA train

The man waving in the beige jacket is my grandfather and the man driving the train is his best friend. They have both since passed. It’s a special picture.

I was only 8 when this photo was taken. My grandfather’s name was Phil Barton. He’s waving at his best friend, Lorne Blackburn. He lived in Richmond. (My grandmother thinks his son still lives there.)

This particular day was Lorne’s last run. He retired after spending his entire working life on the railways. It was also my Grampa’s birthday. My grandmother was also there that day but obviously not standing near him. She said that they had been friends since they were teenagers and obviously shared many stories.

My grandparents moved to Stittsville in 1989. I have lived in Stittsville since the summer after that picture and still live here.

My grandmother was very pleased that you’ve shown interest in this, so thank you!

Amanda Wilson


LETTER: Support Stittsville for Kraft Hockeyville 2015

Stittsville is the best community to live, work and play in. The evidence is all around you.

Take a drive down Stittsville Main Street and see all the local history and businesses, go to Brown’s Independent for a couple of things and come out an hour later as you stopped and talked to all your neighbors. Go to Holy Spirit Church and pray with your community and go to the Stittsville & District Community Centre (better known as the Johnny Leroux Community Centre) on any given day and see kids from any age group hard at work in practice or the stands full of parents clutching their coffee cups trying not to spill them as they cheer on their child, the chant of Go Rams Go! echoing through the oldest arena in Stittsville. On most days Johnny Leroux himself is there shaking hands with the kids and talking to parents

This is Stittsville. My Stittsville. Our Stittsville.

This weekend I decided to enter Stittsville into the Kraft Hockeyville 2015 search. I registered along with almost 900 other communities across Canada to win the title as Kraft Hockeyville 2015 and the $100,000 prize to upgrade the JLA so it is hockey ready for generations of kids to come.

First to jump on board was my wife Cindy who is a proud hockey parent as well and Shad Qadri who even before he became our city councillor ran a small business on Stittsville Main Street, and David Joseph who is not only done countless hours of coaching at the rink but also is the Director of Player Development for the Stittsville Rams Hockey Organization

At this time I ask everyone to share this link on Facebook or via e-mail and use the hashtag when posting on Twitter and other social media and talk, talk about what Stittsville, the JLA and hockey means to you, to your street, your neighborhood, your community. There is no voting yet, this is just to show Kraft Hockeyville that how passionate we are about hockey. After all we already have Ville in our name, lefts put the word hockey before it!
Use the custom hashtag #khv_stittsvilleramshockey when posting on Twitter or Instagram

I feel if we talk about this enough we can set ourselves apart from the 900 other communities and have a shot of cracking the top 10. The top 10 cities will be announced on March 14.

If we don’t make the top 10 or win, we did win. We shined a light on something we already knew, we are a great, strong caring community and hockey is what we do!

Domenic Fiorenza


PHOTOS: Traditional letterpress printing with Gaia Java’s Paul Jay

EDITOR’S NOTE: Paul Jay practices the centuries-old craft of letterpress printing in the basement of his Stittsville home. Jay is one of the co-owners of Gaia Java, and spends time every month using traditional hand presses and lead type to print the coasters, bean bags and pastry bags for the coffee shop. Photographer Barry Gray visited Jay earlier this month to capture the process.

Photographs by Barry Gray with text by Paul Jay. Continue reading


OPINION: Why the City’s wildlife construction protocol is so important

Canada has the second largest land mass of any country but sadly we are losing our natural habitat at the highest rate. As our cities are becoming more and more congested, people are opting to live in the suburbs, causing urban sprawl to encroach further and further into wildlife habitat.

There seems to be an endless amount of new development sprouting up in every direction, especially in Stittsville. While most people are sad to see forests cleared and wetlands drained, few people put conscious thought to the plight of the wildlife that once lived there.

Unlike many forward-thinking cities which already have in place a progressive and sustainable developmental approached to wildlife-sensitive planning, the City of Ottawa is still in the dark ages in respect to how it handles its wildlife and development. Presently thousands of animals needlessly die at the hands of bulldozers, blasting and construction machinery, either being buried alive or crushed to death and even suffering from internally bleeding through the effects of blasting (for animals that have their nest underground).

This type of habitat destruction happens throughout the year, with no regard to the animals that live there, or the birthing season, which leaves mothers and babies vulnerable and defenceless, creating orphans which are left to die through injury or starvation. To date wildlife in areas slated for development are not given any chance to relocate or even escape.

After 15 years of empty promises, the City of Ottawa has finally developed a Wildlife Construction Protocol with input from a variety of wildlife organisations which addresses the very important issue of how wildlife are treated before, during and after land is developed. Whilst this is a big step forward for wildlife, the protocol is still only in draft form and needs to be approved by the committee and the City Councillors. This approval will only go ahead if there is enough public support. Whilst we cannot stop developers from destroying wildlife habitat, with this new wildlife construction protocol we can at least force them to follow a protocol which would allow a more humane way of treating our precious wildlife.

Today we have the ability and means to give wildlife the protection they deserve. We can be a leader in sustainable development and show our children and future generations what respect and compassion for all truly means.

We must not forget that the way we treat our most vulnerable creatures on this earth is a measurement of who we are as human beings. I really believe that this issue should be a major concern to all Canadians.

(The City of Ottawa is accepting comments on the updated Wildlife Construction Protocol until end of day on Sunday, February 8. More info here.)


Registration now open for Stittsville Softball

Stittsville Softball Bantam Girls 2013
Stittsville Softball Bantam Girls 2013

Registration is now open for the Stittsville Minor Softball Association’s programs for boys and girls from ages five to 20 years in fun, house, select and rep leagues. New this year are girls’ Tier 2, U16 and U18 rep teams. Go to  to register online. There will be a walk-in registration on March 11th from 6-9 p.m. at Stittsville Sobeys (upstairs), 6315 Hazeldean Rd.


The charming story behind Potter’s Key, the name of Minto’s new community

Minto’s new Stittsville development will be called “Potter’s Key”, named after Ethel May Potter who owned the two-acre lot at 209 Carp Road almost 60 years ago.

The name was suggested by Debbie Eastop, a long-time Stittsville resident. When she found out about Minto’s contest to name the development, she says she knew “right away” what it should be called. Continue reading


Community associations voice concerns about Carp Road landfill effect on property values

Six community associations from Stittsville and the surrounding areas have sent a joint letter to Ottawa mayor Jim Watson about Waste Management’s proposed Carp Road landfill expansion.

The letter cites concerns about property values, odours, and transparency about the city’s negotiations with Waste Management. Continue reading


City’s draft budget includes 2% tax increase and infrastructure upgrades for Stittsville

The City of Ottawa tabled a 2015 draft budget on Wednesday that includes a 2% property tax increase and several improvements to traffic infrastructure in the west end, including Stittsville.

Stittsville councillor Shad Qadri says he’s happy with what he’s seen in the budget so far. Continue reading


Library display marks 25 years since Stittsville’s last VIA train

Time flies, but it in this case I guess you could say it goes down the track.

It’s been a quarter century since the last train passed through Stittsville, and the Goulbourn Township Historical society has set up a new display at the Stittsville Public Library to celebrate the event. Continue reading


PHOTO: Rough day on the roads

Here’s a photo from Twitter showing the line-up of tow trucks and damaged vehicles at the Ottawa Police collision reporting centre on Huntmar Drive.

As of 5:00pm, Ottawa Police were reporting that there were 155 collisions in Ottawa since 5:00am.

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Letter from the editor about the Sustainable Crowdfunding campaign



Your support of $5/month or $50/year will help us hire a part-time reporter for  To get started, pick your level of support and click “Subscribe”.  You’ll be prompted to set up an account in Paypal, the payment system that we use to manage this campaign.

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