Ottawa police issue back-to-school safety reminder, step up enforcement

(Photo: Speed sign on Hobin Street,  near A. Lorne Cassidy school. Photo by Barry Gray.)

(via Ottawa Police)

Over the next few days children will be returning to school and many will be busing, walking and riding their bikes to their destinations.

The Ottawa Police Service reminds motorists and pedestrians to be aware of the increase of children and youth on city streets. As school begins, please consider the following safety tips:

  • Reduce speeds in school zones and be ready to stop at any time. Children do not always notice oncoming traffic.
  • Obey school bus signals.
  • Walk on available sidewalks.
  • Always cross at intersections, looking and listening for traffic and walk across only when road is clear and safe to do so.
  • Follow adult crossing guards, student crossing patrols and school bus operator’s signals.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bike and walk your bike across a roadway.

For more safety tips, go to Back to School Safety.

Meanwhile, The Gatineau Police Service and Ottawa Police Service’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) will focus on school bus and school zones safety as well as vehicle occupant restraints during the month of September.

School Bus / School Zone Safety:

Between 2009 and 2013, there were 29 collisions resulting in 5 injuries involving school buses or occurring in school zones.

Vehicle Occupant Restraint:

Between 2009 and 2013, there were 183 collisions involving the lack of, or improper use of, vehicle occupant restraints resulting in 18 fatalities and 183 injuries.

The Safer Roads Ottawa Program is a leading community partnership between Ottawa Fire Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Public Health and the Public Works Department committed to preventing or eliminating road deaths and serious injuries for all people in the City of Ottawa, through culture change, community engagement, and development of a sustainable safe transportation environment.

Also participating in the Safer Roads Ottawa Program are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Sureté du Québec, Department of National Defence’s Military Police and Gatineau Police Service to improve road safety for all residents of the national capital region.

Ottawa residents have identified traffic safety as a top priority. The Safer Roads Ottawa Program is committed to using available resources to make Ottawa roads safer for residents.


Bus trips to the slots on Wednesday

A bus trip to the Rideau Carleton Raceway will take place Wednesday, September 2. The bus leaves Johnny Leroux Arena at 12 noon and returns at 5pm. Cost is $10.00. If not a Winners Circle member, bring photo ID to join at no cost and enjoy $5.00 off lunch, and $10.00 play money. Everyone is welcome. Contact Marion Gullock 613 836-5254,


Site of demolished home was once “Glen Eden”, home to champion Clydesdales

“WE BOUGHT A BEAUTIFUL SEVEN-GABLE FARMHOUSE ON THE PROPERTY IN 1975  with a view to upgrading it however, we found the frame too far gone. We have some photos and some history of the farmhouse and its owners, the James family,” wrote Gordon and Heather Walt in an email to me earlier this month, after the home they lived in at 180 Huntmar was demolished to make way for a private school and medical offices.

“We moved out in 1978, had the farmhouse demolished by a friend and built the new house ourselves in 1979.  We lived there with our four sons until 2003.  It was bought by the Nautical Land Group and used as an office. We managed to rescue a stained glass window from the house on Tuesday morning as a souvenir of our 24 years in the house which we built. There are lots of good memories of our time there.”

I wanted to hear more about those memories, and what they knew about the history of the property. So I got in touch with the Walt’s and had tea with Gordon at the Walt home in Amberwood last week.

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PHOTOS: Family Day at Carp Airport

Thanks to Jiyun Shin for sending along these photos from Saturday’s  Family Day at the Carp Airport.  Shin is the Ottawa Bureau Chief for Korean Newsweek, and the young man featured in some of the photos is Steve Shin, a Grade 8 student at Goulbourn Middle School. (And yes, he landed safe and sound!)

We love getting photos from readers. Please send them along to

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.

Family Day at the Carp Airport. Photo by Jiyun Shin.


Free ‘luxury’ shuttle bus starts August 31 for Blackstone, Fernbank Crossing residents

UPDATE (Sept 11): asked OC Transpo what route buses would take once OC Transpo starts serving the Blackstone community.  Here’s an email response attributed to Pat Scrimgeour, AGM, Customer Systems and Planning:

“OC Transpo’s goal is to provide safe, accessible and customer-focused transit that is responsive to the growing needs of the Ottawa community. The Blackstone community will be served by transit operating along the collector road network, using Robert Grant Way, Fernbank Rd, Rouncey Rd and Terry Fox Dr. These streets are being constructed by the developer as part of their community design plan. OC Transpo buses typically do not travel along local streets.”


The Blackstone shuttle bus hits the road on August 31, a joint undertaking by Monarch, Regional and Cardel, the developers of the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities. Continue reading


Part of GRC closed for maintenance August 29-September 6

(Above: File photo by Barry Gray.)

Part of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (GRC) will be closed for annual maintenance from Saturday, August 29 to Sunday, September 6.

The “dry land” area will be closed, including the middle foyer, halls, gyms, cardio and fitness room as well as the fitness change rooms.

The GRC will be operating on a holdiay schedule for Labour Day Monday, September 7 from 7:00am-4:00pm, then will resume regular schedule on Tuesday, September 8.



FIELD TRIP: Carp Airport Family Day this Saturday

This Saturday, August 29 from 9:00am-2:00pm is Family Day at the Carp Airport, featuring bi-plane rides (for a fee), free food samples from Carp restaurants, warbird and vintage aircraft static displays as well as newer aircraft on display, a charity BBQ raising money for Roger’s House, and lots of other family activities. Continue reading


Developer exasperated by vandalism to heritage home

The owner of a 19th century stone farmhouse on Huntmar Drive says he doesn’t know what else he can do to stop vandalism on his property.

Robert Karam has owned the property for nearly ten years.  The house, which dates back to 1887, has been listed on the City of Ottawa’s heritage register since the fall of 2013. (You read more about the history of the home here.)   Continue reading


Guitar stolen from Kathleen Edwards’ home in Stittsville

UPDATE: By Thursday at 9:30pm, Edwards’ post on Facebook had been shared an incredible 14,390 shares.

Musician Kathleen Edwards, owner of Quitters Coffee on Stittsville Main Street, posted on Facebook today about a 1957 Les Paul Junior guitar stolen from her home:

This one hurts. Bad. 
My 1957 Les Paul junior was stolen from my home in Stittsville, Ontario. I can only guess that someone came in through the back door when it was unlocked, picked it up, without a case, and walked out. 

I am hoping that this post will circulate in the Ottawa area and come across the person responsible, or someone who has noticed a friend or relative with a new instrument kicking around: 

Be very VERY sure, a 1957 les Paul doesn’t just get resold online, in a pawn shop, at a guitar store without gaining attention. You won’t be able to play it in front of people. It will draw attention, someone will notice. People who buy and sell valuable instruments know exactly what they are, and when they are stolen. 

You will be caught if you try and sell it. I have tons of images of it, and documented serial number. So you have no chance to sell it and make money. And worse, you will be charged for a significant theft, and linked to a break and enter. 

If the guitar is returned, I can accept a “no questions asked” agreement. Whether that means the guitar is returned to my business, Quitters coffee, to my home, or through a mutual acquaintance. I can accept a foolish drunken teenage lapse of judgement, a momentary hiccup in your moral being. 

I can promise you that the instrument will not make you money, it will not go unnoticed and you will at some point be caught. 

Do the right thing. 

And thanks for keeping your ear to the ground.


City staff rejects roundabouts for Carp Road

(Photo: Phil Sweetnam and the Stittsville Village Association supported roundabouts for at least some of the intersections on Carp Road. He told earlier this summer that roundabouts work well in other communities, and would work well along Carp Road as well.)

At next Wednesday’s Transportation Committee meeting at City Hall, staff will recommend traffic lights instead of roundabouts along Carp Road. Continue reading


Tow truck driver hit on Queensway while responding to collision

UPDATE SEPT.  1: CBC reports that the tow truck driver is still in hospital, and that a woman from Smiths Falls has been charged with having worn tires after Aug. 26 crash in rainy conditions.


(Media release via the Ottawa Paramedic Service)

Paramedics responded to a call for a pedestrian struck on the 417 Eastbound at the Palladium On-ramp. The Communications Centre received the call at 16:53 hrs today August 26, 2015  Paramedics treated a male tow truck operator.

The tow truck operator was outside his vehicle when struck by a passing vehicle  That car then struck one of the vehicles from the initial collision.

Patient 1 – Tow truck operator, 46 yr old male –  severe life threatening multi-system trauma – closed head and abdominal injuries. Unconscious and being ventilated by paramedics enroute to hospital

Patient 2 – Male age 30 , with neck and back pain,  was struck sitting in his parked car, not wearing seat belt as vehicle was not drivable following initial collision

Patient 3 – Female 19, with neck and head pain, Spinal immobilized; Front seat passenger

Patient 4 – Female 19, driver of vehicle that struck the parked vehicle, spinal immobilized
The Tow truck operator is in critical condition at the Ottawa Trauma Unit all other patents were distributed to Ottawa Hospitals.

Ontario Provincial Police Service is investigating the incident.


City Council approves Stittsville Main Street community design plan

(Photo: City of Ottawa planner Mark Young presented the new draft plan for Stittsville Main Street at a public meeting on May 20.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: City Council approved the Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan today, and we asked councillor Shad Qadri to comment on what the plan means for the community.  Here’s his response.   Continue reading


PHOTO: Gas station on Palladium changes from Ultramar to Esso

The gas station at the corner of Palladium and Huntmar has been temporarily shut down as crews convert it from an Ultramar to an Esso. We tried calling the gas station today but we keep getting a busy signal.  Will the Country Style donut shop be converted to a Tim Hortons?

UPDATE: Like a really efficient pit stop, the gas station was open again as of Wednesday evening as an Esso.


Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority set to expand wetland regulation

(Article adapted from the MCVA web site. Photo above: Autumn in the Marsh, September 2013 / photo by Glen Gower.)

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) is getting set to extend regulation and protection of wetlands within their watershed, part of which includes Stittsville.

The MVCA is working towards regulating and protecting wetlands in the watershed that meet various criteria, as mandated by the provincial government in 2006.

To date, MVCA has applied provincially mandated regulations to provincially significant wetlands (PSW) only. This is being extended to other wetlands that are not provincially significant.

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Making scarecrows at the Goulbourn Museum September 13

Every September children come to the Goulbourn Museum for a day of festive fall crafts and to make scarecrows for the Museum’s booth at the Richmond Fair. Over the years, little hands have designed everything from classic scarecrows to pirates and fairies, and everything in between. And each year Museum staff carefully transport the finished masterpieces to the Fair where they proudly take center stage on their table in the Agriculture Building.

This year’s scarecrow assembly session will take place during Pumpkin Spice, the Museum’s next Family Craft Day on Sunday, September 13 from 1-4 p.m. The activities are geared to ages 4 -11, cost is $4 per child, and parental accompaniment is required. To register please call 613-831-2393 or email:

Children are encouraged to come dressed in plaid or bright autumn colours. And if their name is selected, one lucky participant will go home with a $25 gift card for Toys R Us, courtesy of Minto Potter’s Key.

Goulbourn Museum is a registered charity located at 2064 Huntley Road in Stittsville. It tells the story of Ottawa’s oldest military settlement and offers interactive and hands-on exhibits. The grounds offer picnic tables with shade umbrellas, and a large checker board. Admission to the Museum is free, but donations are always appreciated.


Singer-songwriter Vincent Bishop at Gaia Java August 28

Vincent Bishop is a Canadian musician aiming at a solo career as a singer-songwriter. Very early on he developed an affinity and talent for composing complex yet well-balanced harmonies. When playing solo on stage he is able to showcase these harmonies by layering vocals on the spot with his beloved loop pedal.

Vincent is releasing a debut album in the fall called “Out of the Dark” crossing various influences of genres, such as reggae, rock, hip-hop, jazz and folk all fusing with a taste of pop. The album is a journey through and out of difficult times and emotions, largely inspired by the author’s passage through his teenage years. The album is primarily targeted to a late teen and young adult audience but is likely to attract some older listeners because of the maturity of some of the emotional content. It could also potentially attract a younger teen audience as an introduction to the early phases of “growing up”.

Vincent’s album was a seven-month project that involved 20 musicians and singers as well as himself. All songs in this album showcase his talent for arrangements of vocals and instrumentation. If you want to hear an example of Vincent’s work visit his website at: where you can listen to or download his track “Single Life”. You could also visit the events page at and hear a combination of some of his tracks.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no music planned for the Friday of Labour Day weekend (Sept 4), but we resume the trend on Sept 11. Have a great holiday weekend.

Vincent Bishop plays Gaia Java on Stittsville Main Street on Friday, August 28 at 7:00pm.