Stalled Hyde Park development in Richmond sold to new developer

Stittsville isn’t the only community with a large unfinished residential project.  The Hyde Park project was supposed to be a 92-unit retirement residence. It went into receivership in the spring of 2014, although there was some done on the building after that.

Here’s an update from the Richmond Village Association:

The assets of the company known as “Hyde Park Residences Inc.” have been sold with the approval of the Ontario Superior Court.   The buyer, Silver Maple Developments, has taken over management of existing residences and is proceeding with plans to complete the construction of unfinished buildings on the site located just off Nixon Farm Road in Richmond.

Mr. Alan McCafferty, local resident and CEO of the company which now owns the property, stated they are in the early stages of securing and cleaning up the construction site.  This is an important part of the process of discovering what needs to be done before commencing construction.  Mr. McCafferty has taken steps to meet with existing residents of the Hyde Park community to answer questions and open lines of communication on plans going forward.   In the not too distant future there will be a formal “rebranding and launch” of the project.  At present, the goal is to continue cleaning and securing the site with hopes of having the apartment buildings at the back of the property ready for occupancy early in 2016.  Construction of the large concrete structure currently known as Immanuel House will not recommence before the spring of 2016.  More details will be forthcoming as plans are formulated.

Rebirth of this important facility is welcome news for Richmond!


Nathan Grenon part of first-ever U17 Team Canada Lacrosse squad

Nathan Grenon, a 16-year-old South Carleton High School student, will make history as a member of Canada’s first U17 lacrosse team.

The grade 11 student plays competitive hockey for the Stittsville Rams and his high school hockey team, but his true passion is  lacrosse.

He started playing in Comox, British Columbia when he was four years old, and has never looked back.  He was selected to represent Team Ontario at the national championships earlier this month.  That event featured a seven-day round robin tournament, leading to a gold medal victory for his team.

Other teams competing included Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and First Nations.

Bright an early at 8:00am on the morning after the gold medal victory, Grenon was among the 16-18 year-olds who competed for a spot on the Team Canada U17 team.  They’ll play during the Men’s World Box Lacrosse Championships in Syracuse, New York in September.

Grenon and three other boys from Ottawa made Team Canada U17 and will make history as this is the first U17 Team Canada Lacrosse team.

Grenon credits all the great coaches he’s had along the way and looks forward to representing his country.

His parents say they’re proud of the young man he’s become and look forward to many more great stories. They also thank the community for sponsoring young athletes and allowing them to live out their dreams.

“Without a great community,  youth sports would not be possible,” they said in an email to


Junior B hockey team will play as Royals, not RAMS this season

(Above: Stittsville Rams Junior B players salute their fans after losing to the Casselman Vikings in the EOJHL finals last April. Photo by Barry Gray /

Stittsville’s Junior B hockey team announced on Twitter today that they’ll be changing their name back to “Royals”, after playing as the RAMS last season. Continue reading


COMMENT: Safety campaign is a sign of failure

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “Please Stop For Us” signs are sprouting up like wild parsnip all over Stittsville and other parts of the city.  The sign pictured above is on a lamp post across the street from Par-La-Ville Park in Fairwinds, right under a stop sign that nearby residents say is routinely ignored by motorists. 

Here’s a guest post from Ottawa writer Jonathan McLeod, who says these signs are a symbol of failed policy and road design.  (This post was originally published on his blog on August 3.)   Continue reading


VIDEO: Aerial footage of the Upper Poole Creek Wetland

Here’s a mesmerizing video shared by Twitch, taken on Saturday high above the Upper Poole Creek Wetland at the observation deck on the Trans Canada Trail.

It’s long – over 13 minutes – but it’s a fascinating look at the wetland from a perspective the area. Most of the wetland is far from roads or paths and on private property, so this video gives a unique view. The video starts with a flight heading north west from the Trans Canada Trail towards Hazeldean Road. Continue reading


LINKED: Metro, Citizen profile Carleton riding candidates

Metro and the Ottawa Citizen each published their own mini-profiles of Carleton riding candidates this weekend.

Metro has four articles:

…and The Citizen has all in one post.

You can find all of’s election coverage here We’re also working on a questionnaire for the candidates. If there’s a question you’d like answered, please send it along to


Councillor wants your ideas for park improvements

(File photo / Photo by Barry Gray)

From Shad Qadri’s weekly newsletter:

Earlier this summer City Council approved the 2015 to 2018 Term of Council Priorities, including Strategic Initiative 35 – Parks and Recreation Facility Upgrades. This initiative provides $2-million in each year of the term of Council for capital projects.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Leverage other sources of internal or external funding;
  • Do not attract significant additional operating or maintenance costs for the City;
  • Are park based and address a gap in services for a community or restore a park amenity no longer meeting local needs;
  • Address safety issues;

I would like to receive your feedback for outdoor park amenities and outdoor park improvements to be considered for existing parks and open space located in Stittsville. Your feedback can include recommendations for a new park amenity or an improvement to an existing amenity.

Please provide your responses by Thursday September 4th via email to

Please be specific as possible and include the following information:

  • New park amenity or Improvement to existing amenity:
  • Park Location:
  • Brief Rational: (why do you think this is important?, Is there a specific age group this targets?, Potential organizations to be involved?)

Please note that I will review all feedback, however I cannot guarantee which projects will receive funding or the amount of funding available for Stittsville projects.

Responses by email are preferred, however if you know someone who does not have access to email please call my office at 613-580-2476.


Household hazardous waste depot on Sunday

(via the City of Ottawa)

The City will host a one-day Household Hazardous Waste Depot this weekend:

Date:  Sunday, August 23
Time:  8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: Waste Management
254 Westbrook Road (off Carp Road, near the Queensway)

The City of Ottawa is committed to helping residents dispose of their waste in the safest and most environmentally friendly way and reminds residents that some of the waste in garages, basements and sheds is hazardous and cannot be left at the curb for pickup or poured down the drain.

Household hazardous waste includes items such as:

  • Aerosol containers
  • Batteries (automotive/household)
  • Propane cylinders
  • Fluorescent bulbs/tubes
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Needles and syringes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paints and coatings
  • Pool chemicals

Residents can safely dispose of many kinds of household hazardous waste by returning them to participating local retailers during regular business hours. For a list of retailers who accept returns of household hazardous waste, please visit

Residents can drop off a maximum of 100 litres of household hazardous waste at no charge. No commercial waste will be accepted.

For more information on waste management and recycling, visit or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401).


Pipeline risks outweigh benefits, says Ontario Energy Board report

(ABOVE: Energy East pipeline route, looking south from Jinkinson Road. Via Google Maps.)

Last week, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) released a report on the proposed Energy East pipeline that raises numerous concerns about the project’s safety.  The pipeline would carry 1.1-million litres barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta to Quebec to New Brunswick. Continue reading


LINKED: Homeowner must repair damage to driveway caused by culvert on city property

From CFRA:

Susan Edmondson told CFRA over the years the culvert running under her driveway on Cloverloft Court has caused it to buckle.

“Obviously because of the hump here it was down. The grass came over it,” she said pointing to the damage on her driveway. “It slowly raised itself up and now we can take the bottom out of the car. In the winter it’s really, really bad. It’s thrown us almost into the ditch.”

Two houses across the street are experiencing the same problem.

It’s an issue Edmondson and her husband have had in the past and pre-amalgamation, Goulbourn Township came and fixed the problem.

“But after amalgamation … [the City] took down a great big tree over there because it was on their property, the easement and they suggest they’re responsible for it,” said Edmondson. “If they’re responsible for taking out a massive spruce tree and digging out a massive, massive stump, then they’re responsible for this also.”

However, the City of Ottawa says that’s not the case, thanks to “The Use of Private Approaches” Bylaw enacted in 2003, which puts the upkeep of any private access way on city property squarely on the shoulders of the home owner.

Stittsville Councillor Shad Qadri has visited the property.

“The culvert and asphalt are the responsibility of the abutting homeowner,” he said. “The only time the City would get involved in terms of repair or replacing it, is when the City does ditch maintenance for proper drainage.”

You can read the full article here…


West Ottawa Soccer players practice with Ottawa Fury

Boys and girls from the West Ottawa Soccer Club, including many players from Stittsville, welcomed players from the Ottawa Fury to a special practice on Tuesday night.

The Fury practiced alongside kids in a scrimmage, and ran drills during an hour-long practice at the Wesley Clover Park soccer field.  Then they signed autographs at the end of the night. Continue reading


Terry Restoule & Friends at Gaia Java August 21

Terry Restoule & Friends at Gaia Java August 21

Back again to entertain us is Terry Restoule (vocals and harmonica) and Richard Beres (guitar).  They began playing together four years ago in a classic rock band where Richard played bass.  In the fall of 2013, Terry and Richard formed “T n R” as an opportunity to expand their musical repertoire and embrace other musical styles. Continue reading


QADRI: Summary of conditions imposed for Stittsville South development

The lands are municipally known as 1845, 1877, 1883 and 1921 Stittsville Main Street, Part of 6070 Fernbank Road, Part of 5993 Flewellyn Road, and one additional unaddressed contiguous parcel.

City Councillor Shad Qadri posted this note to several local Facebook groups today. You can see background documents for the plan of subdivision here.

Stittsville South – Plan of Subdivision Approved

The Planning and Growth Management Department has approved the Draft Plan of Subdivision submitted by Novatech on behalf of Thomas Cavanagh Construction Ltd. and Stittsville South Inc. subject to the development conditions.

This site has been referred to as Stittsville South and Area 6 and is municipally known as 1845, 1877, 1883 and 1921 Stittsville Main Street, Part of 6070 Fernbank Road, Part of 5993 Flewellyn Road, and one additional unaddressed contiguous parcel. The application file number is D07-16-13-0033.

The site is the western portion of the lands within the Stittsville South Urban Expansion Area (Area 6). Surrounding the property, to the north is the Upcountry/West Wind Farms subdivision and to the west across Stittsville Main Street is the Traditions/Harris Lands subdivision. To the south is the Woodside Acres country estate. To the east is the remaining land of the Urban Expansion Area 6, this site is known as the Area 6 East (Davidson’s land) and a development application was recently submitted by Tartan Homes for these lands at the address of 5970 Fernbank Road (File number D02-02-15-0041 & D07-16-15-0008).

Over the years there has been a large amount of discussion regarding this proposed development and concerns have been expressed by residents in Upcountry/West Wind Farms Community and Woodside Acres. I am pleased that the following conditions have been included in this development as this should assist in addressing some of the concerns that were raised. I can appreciate that this may still not be ideal for all residents but I do feel a compromise was found.

  • No construction traffic of any kind will access this subdivision using Hartsmere Drive any time during the construction. There will also be no construction traffic using Poplarwood as there will not be a road connecting to this street.
  • Street Twelve and Street Thirteen will remain closed between Hartsmere Drive and Street One until such time as a collector road connecting to either Fernbank Road and/or Shea Road through the Area 6 East land (aka Davidson’s land) is available.
  • The owner will be required to install barriers and signage preventing vehicular access to this section of the road. These barriers will be designed to allow for emergency vehicles to access the subdivision, all to the satisfaction of the General Manager of Planning and Growth Management.
  • Prior to a road connection through the Area 6 East land (aka Davidson’s land) to Fernbank Road and/or Shea Road as shown on is constructed, no more than 350 building permits will be issued within this subdivision. Prior to the aforementioned collector road is connected, the Owner may request additional 50 building permits once 250 units are occupied and a traffic count is conducted for the intersection of Stittsville Main and Street One/West Ridge that confirms there is available capacity.
  • The Owner agrees to construct (and enter into cost sharing agreements with the other land owner) a collector road connecting to Fernbank Road and/or Shea Road through the Area 6 East land (aka Davidson’s land), under the circumstances that the aforementioned collector road is not built by the other land owner of Area 6 East land (aka Davidson’s land).

To review all the conditions and the approved plan please visit my website at:…/planning-dev/residential-development/

I am not aware of exact timelines for the development at this time but I do know that the owners will be planning to proceed with development now that they have been granted approval.


PHOTO: You never know what you’ll run into along the trail…

Deer on the Trans Canada Trail.  Photo by Lara Winnemore
Deer on the Trans Canada Trail. Photo by Lara Winnemore

Thanks to Lara Winnemore for sending along this photo she took along the Trans Canada Trail on Wednesday afternoon., between Beverly and Abbott.  This doe was accompanied by its mother, but mom ran away before Winnemore could snap the photo.

We love getting photos from readers. Please send them along to