Residents push for landfill accountability

EDITOR’S NOTE: is lending our support to a new community initiative called the Coalition for Landfill Accountability (COLA).  

It’s a group made up of residents and community associations who have concerns about the proposed expansion of the Carp Road Landfill.  

They’ve launched a web site, Twitter feed and Facebook page, and they are hoping to re-engage people in Stittsville, West Carleton and Kanata on the landfill issue.

With so many new people moving into our community, a lot of residents don’t know the details of the proposed landfill expansion, or about the problems with the existing landfill when it was in operation.  Take odour for example: between 2006-2009, there were 7,500 complaints about the smell.

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CANDIDATE Q&A: Pierre Poilievre (Conservative Party)

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve been publishing short Q&A’s with each candidate. We want to give our readers some background about each person and what motivates them to run for office.  In our final Q&A, we meet Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre.


Do you live in the riding?  What neighbourhood?
Yes, I reside in Greely.

Why are you running in this election?
 I’m running in this election because I believe that with the world economy in turmoil, our Conservative Party offers a low-tax, balanced budget plan to protect Canada and help people in Stittsville and across Canada get ahead.

You’ve been out knocking on doors and meeting people in the community – what would you say are the top three issues with Stittsville voters?
I’ve knocked on thousands of doors in Stittsville and I’ve been hearing that people want us to keep taxes low, maintain a balanced budget and protect the country from terrorist threats.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish during your term as MP for Carleton?
If elected, we will continue to keep taxes low for Stittsville families and local businesses.

Who is your political hero or role model? Why?
Winston Churchill

What’s the biggest challenge about campaigning in Carleton?
It has been a pleasure to get out to all parts of this new riding to meet voters on their own doorsteps.

In the past you’ve taken on some major responsibilities and high-profile positions with the government. How will you ensure that you have the time to effectively represent constituents in Carleton?
One of the best things about being a local Ottawa MP is that you never have to leave home. Besides attending riding events on evenings and weekends, I host monthly constituency days where I book full days of meetings with constituents to discuss their issues and priorities.



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