BITTERSWEET: Sobeys owner retiring after decades in grocery biz

(PHOTO: Tim Laplante is retiring after 47 years in the grocery business. Photo by Barry Gray.)

After nearly five decades in the grocery business, the owner of the Stittsville Sobeys is getting ready to retire.

Tim Laplante, 63, has owned the Sobeys on Carp Road in Stittsville since it opened five years ago. He says he’ll retire at the end of the fiscal year due to long-term health issues, on recommendation from his doctors. Continue reading


First-ever Jane’s Walk comes to Stittsville Main on May 7

Will Stittsville Main Street be Ottawa’s next great neighbourhood street?

That’s the question we’ll discuss on Saturday, May 7 as part of Stittsville’s first-ever Jane’s Walk. I’ll be leading a walking tour down Stittsville Main at 10:00am, starting from Village Square Park (Stittsville Main @ Abbott). The walk will last about 90 minutes.

Jane’s Walk Ottawa is a city-wide festival of neighbourhood walking tours led by locals who care passionately about where they live, work and play. The goal is to improve urban literacy by offering insights into local history, planning, design, and civic engagement through the simple act of walking and observing.

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UPDATE: No attempt to cover up Hazeldean bridge report, say councillors

When we published an engineering report last month on why the Hazeldean bridge failed, it was the first time Councillor Shad Qadri or Councillor Allan Hubley had ever seen the document.

Hubley, councillor for Kanata South, did not know the report on the Hazeldean bridge existed until it was made public last month on Continue reading


Police ask for public’s help after incident on OC Transpo route 262

(via Ottawa Police)

UPDATE, 9:20pm: “The Ottawa Police Service wishes to advise that the male has been identified and the matter continues to be investigated.”

The Ottawa Police Service West District Investigations Unit and the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Section are trying to identify a male involved in a suspicious incident on an OC Transpo bus last week. Continue reading


LETTER: Kids deserve to be safe from traffic on residential streets

I was hit crossing the street in Ottawa, at Richmond and Churchill in Westboro. I was between the white lines and I had the light. I made sure the car saw me (she looked at me and stopped so I began to cross). Sadly she did not register my presence, proceeded and hit the gas by accident when she realized she was going to hit me and the stroller I was pushing.
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GAIA JAVA: Singer/songwriter David daCosta on April 29

David daCosta plays Gaia Java on Friday, April 29 at 7:00pm.
David daCosta plays Gaia Java on Friday, April 29 at 7:00pm.

We are very much looking forward to having David back in the shop this Friday.

David daCosta is a singer/songwriter based in Ottawa, and he has entertained us well on several previous occasions here in Gaia Java. He attended the University of Ottawa completing his B.A. in Theatre and Music in 2009, and recently completed his Grade 10 piano (RCM). (In fact last time he came in the shop he played a great classical piece by Debussy!) Continue reading


LOSING STEAM: Limits on e-cigarettes threaten industry, users

(PHOTO: Patrick Riley, owner of VapeKing on Stittsville Main Street, is wary of the effect that new regulations may have on his business.)

As the Ontario government moves to impose restrictions on e-cigarettes, business owners, lawyers and users are contemplating the effects that regulations may have on the industry.

VapeKing, located at Stittsville Main and Hobin Street, is so far the only shop selling e-cigarette products in the community. The store, which belongs to a Quebec-based franchise, opened in Stittsville last November, the same month Quebec levied its own rules on the public consumption of e-cigarettes, essentially treating them the same as tobacco products. Continue reading


CHEERS! ALE aims to revive Amberwood golf club restaurant

(PHOTO: ALE general manager Sarah St. Michael (left) with Nicolle Carson, assistant / bar manager. They’re are holding ALE’s crab spring rolls. Photo by Barry Gray)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The restaurant space at Amberwood Golf and Country Club has been home to several different restaurants over the past few years, most recently Bistrofiftyfour and before that the Wild Wood Steak & Chop House.  A new team with deep roots in the Stittsville area, including the McConville family who run The Glen, think they’ve found the right concept with ALE.  Here’s an edited version of an email interview with general manager Sarah St. Michael.

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More about what the law says on street hockey

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

In a motion for Council consideration at its meeting of May 23, 2007, Councillor Doucet recommended that ball hockey on residential streets be permissible, as long as the free flow of traffic is maintained, and that staff consult with the public concerning what other child-friendly, community-friendly activities could be considered as acceptable public uses of city sidewalks and streets. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: “Welcome to Stittsville” mural update; OC Transpo cancels route 188

Earlier this week we published an article about the “Welcome to Stittsville” graffiti on Stittsville Main Street in front of the Harris law office. Turns out the majority of residents are quite fond of the painting.  I ran a follow-up poll on Facebook and 53% of the respondents favour keeping it as-is. Continue reading


Sharks head to World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando

(ABOVE: Photo taken at the Kicks Competition in Montreal on March 20 after the Finback and Pacific Sharks won their bids to represent Canada at the 2016 Worlds.  Back Row:  Kelly McCarney, Missy Prosper, Alexa Hadley, Jessica Gignac, Hannah Yeatman, Brooke Rousselle, Leo Tremblay, Austin Dagg, Paige Gervais, Trevor Schlarb, Stephanie Daoust, Vanessa Saniforth, Mackenzie Foulkes, Jacqueline Snow. Middle Row:  Paige Maclellan, Kurtis Lee, Claire Lanthier, Sophie Finucan, Dianna McAllister, Kaitlyn McCaughan, Abigail Stewart, Taylor St Louis, Kaitlyn Morgan, Casey Campbell, Victoria Rousselle, Anneka Ceresia. Front Row:  Julia Rachkovska, Rachel Latreille, Lily Angus, Lauryn Postma, Mckenna Clark, Katelyn Maclellan, Kennedee Abson, Nicola Christie, Amanda Mullan, Lauren Carroll, Lauren Edwards, Kaylea Donovan, Denise Guertin, Emma Caldwell, Jessica Samra,  Madeleine Morris, Jenna Arbuckle
Missing:  Jordyn Postma. Photo by Claire McCaughan.)

The Ottawa Cheer Sport Sharks have two teams heading to Orlando, Florida for the 2016 World Cheerleading Championships!

The Finback and Pacific Sharks both won their bids to Worlds at the Kicks Competition in Montreal on March 20, 2016.  They competed hard all season with the reward in their hands as they head to Walt Disney World in Florida to compete in the 2016 World Cheerleading Championships on April 22nd through to April 25th. Continue reading


Sacred Heart students present Canadian premiere of “Made in Dagenham”

(ABOVE: Shayna Douglas (left) plays Rita O’Grady and Aidan Saunders plays Eddie O’Grady in the Sacred Heart High School production of “Made in Dagenham”.)

Sacred Heart High School students are in the final stretch of rehearsals, getting ready to present the Canadian premiere of “Made in Dagenham” from April 27-29.

The musical is based on the true story of the Ford Motor Strike in England, 1968. The story follows the busy life of Rita O’Grady, mother, machinist & women’s equality advocate. Continue reading


GAIA JAVA: Crumble String Quartet on April 22


Crumble String Quartet
Crumble String Quartet

The members of the Crumble String Quartet (Margot Lange and Julia Sandquist on violin, Mary Young on viola and Catherine Campbell on cello) – started rehearsing and performing as a quartet about five years ago. They met as members of a larger string ensemble called “The Strings of St John’s”, which performs five sets of concerts a year in the Ottawa area. The quartet plays a variety of baroque and classical music, along with some more contemporary music,  depending on the venue. The group’s gigs have included Mayor Watson’s inauguration ceremony, a fundraiser for the Ottawa chapter of the IODE, as well as numerous shows at a the Gaia Java Coffee Company. Continue reading


DENLEY: Jack Maclaren should quit as MPP

MPP Jack MacLaren
MPP Jack MacLaren

Randall Denley writes in the Ottawa Citizen:

“Stittsville and Kanata are the two main centres in MacLaren’s riding, and he has let them both down. One of the biggest issues in Stittsville is the lack of a public high school. Although the western suburb is now the size of a small city, its students are bused to the village of Richmond. MacLaren did present a parents’ petition to the legislature, but then undercut it by saying he wasn’t enthused about the issue.

The expansion of Waste Management’s landfill on Carp Road is an issue for people in Stittsville, but MacLaren backed the bigger landfill. It’s a point of view that can be supported, but probably not if you are the representative of the people affected.”

Read the full article…


BUZZ OFF: Mosquito control measures begin soon in Kanata North

(via City of Ottawa)

To control nuisance mosquito growth in Kanata North and the surrounding areas, larvicide will be applied throughout the summer, beginning with ground applications April 21, and ending September 15.

Kanata North Nuisance Mosquito Control Program deals with treating mosquito larvae in wetlands so they won’t hatch. No part of the program involves targeting adult mosquitoes.

Contractors, hired by the City of Ottawa, will do daily ground applications of a liquid larvicide in selected areas throughout the program. The application of granular larvicides through the air, by helicopter, is expected to take place sometime in the next two weeks.

The program will use Bti, (Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis) and Bs (Bacillus Sphaericus), which are naturally-occurring bacteria, that is dropped directly into the water where the larvae are found. Feeding larvae draw it in with the water, which stops them from becoming adult mosquitoes.

The Health Canada Regulatory Agency states that Bti and Bs have no effect on humans, birds, fish, animals or other insects, but destroys the stomachs of mosquito larvae that hatch in water.

Quality control includes weekly monitoring at five sites. There will also be post-treatment larva surveillance and extra applications of larvicide if needed.

The treatment area map and program details can be found on For further information about the larvicide application contact GDG Environnement or call, toll free: 1-877-227-0552.


OC Transpo’s Campus Station will close and new spring schedules start April 24

(via OC Transpo)

Campus Station will close Sunday, April 24 to make way for construction of the O-Train Confederation Line coming in 2018. At the same time, OC Transpo will make spring schedule and routing adjustments. The Rack & Roll program also returns with bike racks reinstalled on more than 450 buses.

Campus Station and Transitway closure:

With the closure of Campus Station and a section of the Transitway, routing adjustments will be required, travel times and transfer points may change, and service at Lees Station will be modified.

  • A section of the Transitway will close from Laurier Avenue to Lees Station, along with the adjacent sidewalk.
  • Most bus routes will travel via Nicholas Street and Laurier Station, bypassing Campus and Lees stations.
  • Routes 95 and 98 will be modified to travel via King Edward and Laurier Avenue, plus Route 97 after 10 p.m.
  • uOttawa main campus will be served at Laurier Station and on King Edward and Laurier Avenues.
  • West-end afternoon peak period service will start at Mackenzie King Station instead of Campus Station.
  • Lees Station will remain open on the upper level, but service will be modified.

Spring service adjustments:

  • On a number of routes, the first and/or last weekday trips will be cancelled due to low ridership. Customers who travel at those times should check their schedule to see if their trip is affected.
  • Spring seasonal reductions will be made to reflect the lower ridership levels.
  • Route 9 will have a special school trip added, between Hurdman Station and De la Salle on St. Patrick, as an alternative to Route 602.
  • Route 116B will have several trips on Sundays adjusted slightly to better serve the Gurdwara Sahib Ottawa Sikh Society on Gurdwara Road and reduce walking distances for customers.
  • Route 182 will be modified in Kanata North for improved service to businesses along Terry Fox Drive.
  • Route 188 will be cancelled due to low ridership. Alternative service is available nearby on Routes 92 and 162. Park & Ride options are also available.
  • Some school routes will have trips adjusted or cancelled to better match ridership levels. for details.


2015-16 U-Pass Expires April 30 and new Summer U-Pass starts May 1

Students at Algonquin College, Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul University are reminded that their 2015-16 U‑Pass expires April 30, and will not be valid as a photo ID card during the summer. From May through August, eligible students in full-time studies can get a new Summer U-Pass. Students taking a break from studies can get a Presto card ($6 plus minimum $10 load), which can be set up to pay-per-ride or to hold a monthly pass.

Real-time schedule information is available 24 hours a day, up to six days in advance, by calling 613-560-1000or texting 560560 plus the four‑digit bus stop number. Register for alerts at to receive news or route-specific changes or detours by e-mail or text. Standard rates apply to SMS messages. New printed timetables are now available. For more details and travel planning assistance, customers should call OC Transpo at 613-741-4390 or visit