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Huntmar-Campeau roundabout and Huntmar overpass open today

(Press release from the City of Ottawa)

Residents travelling along Huntmar Drive will experience two permanent changes in traffic flow beginning today.

First, Huntmar Drive, north of Palladium Drive, is again open to traffic. This section of Huntmar Drive has been closed due to construction since June 9.

Second, the intersection of Huntmar Drive and Campeau Drive has been turned into a roundabout. The roundabout will be expanded to a two lane roundabout in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it will be operated under construction conditions.

In recent years the City of Ottawa has installed a number of roundabouts, in place of traditional intersections. Roundabouts are easy to use and, more importantly, safer than traditional intersections.

How to use a roundabout (drivers)

  • Reduce speed and watch for pedestrians and cyclists when approaching a roundabout.
  • Look to the left for approaching traffic within the roundabout and be prepared to stop as vehicles already in the roundabout have the right of way.
  • Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in traffic and proceed through the roundabout to your exit.
  • Use your right turn signal to indicate your exit.
  • Watch for pedestrians and cyclists when exiting a roundabout and be prepared to stop if necessary.

Pedestrians are reminded to walk on the sidewalk or path and cross only at the designated crosswalks. Look in the direction of the oncoming traffic and wait for a sufficient gap before entering the crosswalk. Pedestrians should never cross the circular roadway to the central island.

Cyclists have two options for navigating a roundabout. Cyclists may operate as a motor vehicle and take control of the lane by riding in the middle, obeying the same rules as motorists. Otherwise, cyclists may dismount at the crosswalk and use the sidewalks and crosswalks as a pedestrian.

Residents can also visit to learn how to properly navigate through roundabouts.


Less than a month until annual 9 Run Run fundraiser

This year’s 9 Run Run event is on Saturday, October 18.  It’s a running event that doubles as a fundraiser for The Daron Fund at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. Over 1,800 people are expected to participate in the events, including half marathon, 10k, and 2k races.

The race director is Brenda Tirrell, a long-time Stittsville resident and volunteer firefighter in the community.  She sent along a preview of this year’s event.

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Can anybody identify these planes?

Stittsville resident B. R. Ravishankar took these photos early on Tuesday evening.  He’s wondering if anyone knows what the planes were doing:

This evening as I was walking in my neighbourhood in Stittsville, I noticed several long contrails from airplanes. This is nothing unusual, but beautiful to see in clear blue skies. But what intrigued me today was that out of several planes with contrails, only one had another plane traveling right above it, at the same speed, with a much smaller contrail. It looked like a much smaller jet.

Jet contrails on September 24 over Stittsville. Photo by B.R. Ravishankar.
Jet contrails on September 23 over Stittsville. Photo by B.R. Ravishankar.

This is quite unusual, at least to me, since I believe no two planes are allowed to cross paths at the same time even at different elevations. I was curious about whether the media is aware of plane(s) being escorted by NORAD or Canadian airforce jets.


If you know what these planes were up to, leave a comment below or email us at


One-day Etsy marketplace at Sensplex this Saturday

(Photo courtesy of Emily Arbour / Hello Yellow.)

This Saturday, Bell Sensplex (1565 Maple Grove Road) will host a one-day marketplace featuring nearly 200 sellers from Ottawa showcasing their handmade and vintage goods.

It’s one of 23 locations across Canada hosting a one-day marketplace, bringing together local Etsy sellers and communities in celebration of the country’s maker movement. The Kanata event have the most Etsy sellers of any marketplace across the country.

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Behind-the-scenes tour of Tanger Outlets

Grace Odumo of local fashion blog 613 Style recently got a behind-the-scenes look at the Tanger Outlet stores under construction.

We asked her what stood out the most during her visit.

“I think it’s going to be a major hit.  There’s something for men, women and children there to enjoy and if you get bored there’s a lot of seating and an outdoor fireplace to keep you warm,” she said.  “The general layout and canopies will keep the majority of snow away.”

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City of Ottawa facilities offer free “Try It!” passes until September 28

(Press release from the City of Ottawa.)

The City of Ottawa is offering free passes for City fitness facilities and various classes during the Try It! campaign from September 22 to 28. The free passes can be used for aquafitness, cycling and group fitness classes or access to City fitness centres.

This is the perfect opportunity to check out participating fitness facilities or try a Bootcamp, Zumba or Yoga class. Our affordable prices and convenient locations throughout the city make it easy to adopt a healthy lifestyle, stay active and get fit.

Participating facilities near Stittsville include:

  • Goulbourn Recreation Complex
  • Kanata Leisure Centre
  • Richcraft Recreation Complex – Kanata

For more information, visit


Stittsville Ward candidates debate on Rogers 22 on Sept 28

SET YOUR PVRs! David Lee and Shad Qadri, the two candidates in Stittsville Ward, will be debating on Rogers 22 on Sunday, September 28 at 7:00pm.  The one-hour debate will be moderated by Mark Sutcliffe.

The debate will be replayed again on:

  • Monday, Sept. 29 @ 9AM
  • Wednesday, Oct. 1 @ 10:30PM
  • Monday, Oct. 20 @ 9:30PM

As part of their extensive local election coverage, The Local Campaign, Rogers TV gives you clear-cut and comprehensive information on candidates for Mayor, Councillor and School Board Trustee. Plus, when the candidates meet to debate the issues, Rogers TV will have it covered. Watch candidate debates to see where each one stands on the issues that matter most to you and your community.

On election night, Monday, October 27, Rogers TV covers the vote with the most comprehensive coverage of the vote and final numbers on The Local Results.

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Fancy yourself an artist? Subway is hiring for new Tanger Outlet location

The new Subway location is looking for people with customer experience to staff their new Tanger Outlet location.

A job fair will take place at Subway’s Kanata Centrum store on Monday, September 22 (5:30pm-8:30pm) and on Tuesday, September 23 (4:30pm-7:30pm).

Interviews will be held on the spot. “Please bring your resume with three references.  We are looking for serious applicants with customer service experience.”


Round-Up: The Stittsville election on Twitter this week

What were Dave Lee and Shad Qadri tweeting about this week?  And what were Stittsville residents saying about the campaign? Here’s a sampling of tweets from the past week.  A few photos of lawn signs, and a little bit of discussion about election issues.


Public school board trustee “meet the candidates” event on Sept 22

The Stonecrest Elmentary School Council is hosting a “meet the candidates” event on Monday night, featuring the four candidates for Zone 1, the area that includes Stittsville.

The four candidates in Zone 1 include:

 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Date: Monday, September 22, 2014

Location: Library of Stonecrest Elementary School (3791 Stonecrest Rd, Kanata)

“A free information session for parents/guardians. No registration required.”

More info:


Top 10 stories on this week

These were the most-read stories on this week:

  1. EXPLAINER: When will Stittsville get a public high school?
  2. The race is on: New candidate in Stittsville Ward election
  3. Kathleen Edwards is opening a coffee shop called Quitters on Stittsville Main
  4. Kathleen Edwards’ Quitters coffee shop is hiring
  5. Grand opening of Pho TJ on Stittsville Main Street
  6. New construction, fewer government moves, hurt Stittsville housing market
  7. Endangered snapping turtle back home after stint in Peterborough trauma hospital
  8. Reader mail: Your comments about the Stittsville public high school
  9. Shop til you drop: A full list of Tanger Outlet stores (so far)
  10. Stantec employees help with the harvest at Black Family Farm


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New exhibit celebrates 50 years of Lions in Stittsville and Richmond

(Photo courtesy of the Goulbourn Museum)

The Goulbourn Museum launched a new exhibit this week commemorating the Richmond and Stittsville Lions’ 50th anniversary. Both clubs received their charters in 1964 beginning their years of service and involvement in the community. Continue reading


City’s fall clean-up campaign kicks off

Residents of Fairwinds take part in Cleaning the Capital last spring
Residents of Fairwinds take part in Cleaning the Capital last spring

(Press release from the City of Ottawa)

Tim Hortons Cleaning the Capital program was officially launched at City Hall this week by the Mayor, the Chair of Transportation Committee, and by Christopher McCluskey of Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons Cleaning the Capital is a city-wide event that brings together neighbours, communities and friends to help keep Ottawa clean and green. Last year alone, 80,000 volunteers collected almost 140,000 kilograms of litter from 1,400 locations. That’s enough to fill 150 garbage trucks.

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Glass Tiger, Brett Kissel headline Richmond Fair this weekend

The 170th edition of the Richmond Fair happens this weekend from September 18-21.

The event includes a full slate of musical entertainment including 80’s pop band Glass Tiger (above) on Friday night and country star Brett Kissel (below) on Saturday night.

The Richmond Fair is the largest spectator event held annually within the surrounding community. It promotes agricultural awareness within the City of Ottawa.

The fair offers a venue for those in the community to showcase their arts, crafts, livestock and produce. Although the fair’s mandate has been to promote agricultural awareness within the community, the other non-agricultural events such as the demolition derby, live music shows, aerial shows, rock climbing, reptile shows, BMX bike shows, etc. provide a vast array of entertaining events for the whole family.

For more info, visit

Brett Kissel
Brett Kissel


CIBC hosts fun day fundraiser on September 20

(Pictured above: CIBC staff including Andrea Strayer, Jennifer Holmes and branch manager Sufwan Atiyat.)

CIBC at 5527 Hazeldean Road is hosting a Run for the Cure fun day on Saturday, September 20.

“We are overwhelmed by the amount of community support we have received and cannot wait to raise some money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation,” says Jennifer Holmes, who works at the bank.

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Gaia Java hosts Open Floor Readings starting September 16

This Tuesday, September 16 is the debut of the “Open Floor Readings” series at Gaia Java (1300 Stittsville Main Street).  Writers of all types – prose,  poetry, or lyrics – will each have 8-10 minutes to read their work.

Vivien Taylor came up with the idea.  She’s a retired librarian who moved to Stittsville last March to be closer to her grandchildren. She lied in Wellington in Prince Edward County (near Picton) and was involved in several poetry workshops and open floor events there.

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