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UPDATE: Police seek two “persons of interest” in Tanger shooting

The two people arrested yesterday by Ottawa Police after the Tanger Outlets shooting have been released without charges.  Police are looking for two “persons of interest” in connection with yesterday’s events.

You can read eyewitness reports from yesterday’s events as they unfolded here.


Here’s how you can help with winter road maintenance

Report potholes and any other road or sidewalk deficiencies by calling 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401).

Clear snow on your property. The Use and Care of Roads By-Law No. 2003-498 and Parks and Facilities By-Law No. 2004-276 prohibit the disposal of snow or ice on roadways or in any park. When clearing snow from your driveway or walkway (even if a contractor is doing it for you), snow and ice may not be pushed, thrown or otherwise deposited on the street, sidewalk or park. Anyone charged with an offence may be subject to a fine. Continue reading


Councillor says public info session with OC Transpo to be held in New Year

OC Transpo has announced several service changes that take effect January 4. New timetables go into effect the same day. But other than different routing for some 96A trips, there is no change to the frequency of routes for Stittsville residents.

In October, Shad Qadri said that he was working with OC Transpo staff to increase service as of January.  But it now looks like the earliest residents will see additional bus service will be in April. Continue reading


Residents invited to make comments regarding Carp landfill expansion

From the Ontario government:

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change received a submission for a multi-media Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) under Part II.1 of the Environmental Protection Act from Waste Management of Canada Corporation (WMCC) for a proposed landfill capacity expansion of Ottawa Landfill Site. Continue reading



Where are the best Christmas light displays in our community?  Send us a note or send a photo to

Thanks to Barry Gray for sending along these photos of a house on Renshaw Avenue that’s all lit up for the holidays. There are a few other handsome houses nearby that have nice light displays as well.

Christmas lights on Renshaw Avenue. Photo by Barry Gray.
Photo by Barry Gray.
Christmas lights on Renshaw Avenue. Photo by Barry Gray.
Photo by Barry Gray.


Stittsville’s craft brewery celebrates one year in our community this Saturday

(Above: Kathy and John vanDyk, owners of Covered Bridge Brewing)

Covered Bridge Brewing on Iber Road is celebrating their first anniversary this Saturday with an open house from 12:00pm-4pm.

Covered Bridge first anniversary "ONE" beerThey’re releasing a one-year anniversary beer called “ONE”,  a bourbon barrel aged version of our sweet stout.

They’ll also set up tasting stations featuring samples from a variety of Stittsville and Kanata businesses:

  • Beer and some Serious Cheese
  • Beer and Jojo Coco chocolates
  • Beer and Double-Double cupcakes (courtesy of Wiches Cauldron)
  • Beer and Double-Double chocolate cake and coffee from Gaia Java
  • Wiches Cauldron is making us some chili samples too

Customers are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item or cash donation for the Stittsville Food Bank.  Anyone who brings in a donation will have their name entered into a draw for some brewery swag.

There’s also a raffle with prizes including:
  • Paddle + 4 glasses
  • Gift certificates from Covered Bridge and Wiches Cauldron
  • Chocolate from JoJo CoCo
  • Coffee from Gaia Java
  • Brew Donkey prize pack (shirt, coaster, glass and discount code for two tour tickets.)

Happy birthday Covered Bridge


PHOTOS: Demolition of a fire-damaged home on Bell Street

Rolly Renaud took these photos of a demolition on Bell Street. The house was destroyed by fire way back in June.

There were no injuries in the fire but neighbours did have to rescue the family’s dog, a chocolate lab.  Firefighters said the fire was due to worn electrical wiring in a gazebo on the rear deck. It caused an estimated $475,000 in damage. Continue reading


Deadline for the Carp Landfill Community Liaison Committee extended to January 5

The deadline to apply to become a member of the Carp Landfill Community Liaison Committee (CLCLC) has been extended to January 5, 2015.

The CLCLC provides members of the community the opportunity to question, comment and provide suggestions on Waste Management’s landfill facility and operations on Carp Road.

Click here for more info…


“Overwhelming response” from Stittsville Public School and community

(Above: Stittsville Public School student Ella S. helps sort some of the many donations received.)

When my eight year old daughter suggested that we “adopt-a-family” from the Food Cupboard on behalf of her grade three class at Stittsville Public School, I thought to myself: “Sure! Why not! What a great little project to do with her classmates”.

Her teacher was immediately supportive, and the initiative grew to include over half the classes at SPS, with nine families being “adopted” by our school. The “little project” became a task of gargantuan proportions, but the payoff was priceless.

I strive to teach my children by example. I hope that they grow into giving, thoughtful and compassionate adults, with a strong sense of social responsibility, and an understanding of the important role of community in an individual’s life. The idea of “adopting” a family appealed to me as a way to include my children in giving to others, and in understanding how very lucky we are.

I started by sending a note home to the parents in each of the classes who had adopted a family. My email was quickly bombarded with offers, sentiments of support, and gratitude that the students were being exposed to something so important. Donations started to flood in faster than I could pick them up, and I was making stops at the school almost every day to pick up items from the classrooms. I had parents emailing and offering to shop for me; to come over and organize groceries in my basement; to have their children take notices door to door to the neighbours to get the community involved too.

Courtney B. and Cole B.
Courtney B. and Cole B.

I was touched to receive an email from a mom who told me that her grade 5 twins, Courtney B and Cole B, had enthusiastically gone out and purchased items for their families with their allowances.

When my neighbour found out what I was up to, he dropped four frozen turkeys off to be given to the families. I told my doctor what my daughter had started, and her office staff held a bake sale to contribute funds to the purchase of the Christmas dinners.


Grade 5 student Marie H. with a scarf that she knit.
Grade 5 student Maria H. with a scarf that she knit.


Another grade 5 student emailed me with a heartwarming question: would it be okay if she knit scarves to donate to the grandma and grandpa who had been adopted in her classroom? She worked very hard to complete gorgeous, handmade items to be included in her basket My fourth child’s preschool teacher volunteered herself and her two sons to do the grocery shopping for the baskets, as well as to help me pack the items and deliver them to the Food Cupboard.

A member of a church in our community showed up on my porch with a $400 donation. Another SPS student donated a $100 gift card for groceries from her church as well. I was contacted by two local banks who found out about what we were up to, and wanted to donate funds to our cause. A local baker brought me nine dozen cupcakes for the families’ desserts. A fellow Stittsville mom spent her Sunday baking meat pies.

A grade three student came to my house, held out her mittened hand and gave me a twoonie that she had just received from her Grandma. She wanted to know if she could help me sort food, instead of give money, as they did not have much to give. She, her Mom and her Grandma came back after school the next day, and saved me hours of work in sorting, had I had to do it on my own.

A mom and her grade three son came to help and I overheard her tearing up as she hugged her son and told him: “what we are looking at here is Christmas for nine families. Can you just imagine how wonderful this will be for them?” As they left, the mom thanked me for providing them with the opportunity to help.

Who could have imagined the response would be so great? I was nervous to send my letters home to the SPS families, hoping that no one would feel I was forcing them to donate to my cause. I would never have predicted that not only would I receive overwhelming response from the school, but that the community would reach out to me, unprompted, and provide more than I could have asked for.

As for my desire to lead by example and teach my children through my actions? My children have been witness to this outpouring of kindness. They helped me carry and sort the donations. They welcomed strangers into our home, and assisted with whatever tasks these people had come to do. They saw their peers and their community giving so much to those in need, and they have learned even more than I could have hoped.

In the words of some of our grade six students: “It is great to help families in need… it inspires everyone. It is not just for the families who need help, but also for us, because it inspires us to help others. It helps our community and school to understand the importance of giving to others. Stittsville Public School is PROUD to support adopt-a-family for the Food Cupboard!” –Sabrina L., Ally G., Grace M., Tanner G.

The staff, students and parents at Stittsville Public have overwhelmed me with their support and generosity. This year we are supporting nine families: who knows how many we will be able to help in the future! I would like to extend a sincere “Thank You!” to all the SPS staff, students and families, as well as those in the Stittsville community as a whole, who have made this possible.


Parking reduction at GRC on Tuesday due to pool renovations

Part of the parking lot at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex will be closed on Tuesday, December 16.

Ruiter Construction will be having steel delivered for the ongoing pool renovations.  There will be a crane and two 50-foot trailers. Signage will be posted to notify clients of reduced parking for that day, according to city councillor Shad Qadri.


LETTER: Fernbank and Flewellyn have always been wet

Re: Property values drained by wetland designation

I’m 60 years old. I grew up in Stittsville. When I was a young boy we didn’t have garbage pick-up in Stittsville. On weekends I would often go with my father in the family car on Fernbank Road west of Stittsville to a Goulbourn Township dump in the far west part of Lot 16, Concession 10, on the northerly side of Fernbank Road to get rid of our garbage. Continue reading


PHOTO: Fire Station #46 makes a donation to the Stittsville Food Bank

The crew from Fire Station 46 on Iber Road visited the Stittsville Food Bank earlier this week to make a donation. The holiday season is one of the busiest times for the food bank, and any non-perishable items or cash donations are appreciated. For more info visit