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Heritage enthusiasts encouraged to join museum board

(Press release from the Goulbourn Museum.)

Combine a love of heritage with your personal skills and play a role in the success of Goulbourn Museum.

The Museum is governed by an elected Board of Directors which meets in the morning on the second Thursday of every month. The Board currently has two vacancies and is seeking members of the community who share a pride in Goulbourn’s heritage to join the Board, or to nominate someone else for candidacy.

A Call for Nominations explaining the application process and a copy of the Museum’s By-laws have been posted to the Museum’s website ( The website also contains a list of current Board members.

To apply, candidates are asked to provide a statement describing the skills, knowledge and experience they can offer the Goulbourn Museum. This should be addressed to the attention of the Nominating Committee and submitted to the museum by April 1, 2015. Elections will take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Museum on the evening of Thursday April 23, 2015.

If you would like more information or have any questions about joining the Goulbourn Museum Board of Directors, please feel free to contact Curator-Manager Kathryn Jamieson at 613-831- 2393 or

Goulbourn Museum shares the story of Ottawa’s oldest military settlement and early life in the former Goulbourn Township. Located just south of Stittsville in Ottawa’s west end, Goulbourn Museum houses a diverse collection of artefacts and many interactive exhibitions. These include The 100th Regiment of Foot, dedicated to the soldiers who settled Goulbourn Township in 1818; Goulbourn Township’s Pioneers, about early life in the communities; and The Village Store where children can dress in costume to barter or shop for supplies.


Citizen Advocacy looks for volunteers to make a difference in the lives of Stittsville residents

Citizen Advocacy is a small, but powerful, registered charity in Ottawa. It establishes matches between volunteers and people living with a disability to ensure participation in weekly activities, offer companionship, involvement in community life, provide emotional support and practical everyday help.

As a result, those supported through a match experience reduced isolation and vulnerability. This has a positive and profound impact on everyone involved. Citizen Advocacy supports people with all types of disabilities: physical, intellectual, mental, psychiatric or age-related disabilities.

In Stittsville there are three residents with disabilities who are currently matched with volunteers who meet with them in the community each week. However, Citizen Advocacy is now looking for more volunteers to be matched with people in Stittsville on their waiting list.

For example, Pete is 30 years old; he lives in Stittsville and is well supported by his mother and personal support workers. However, he does not have what we all take for granted, a friend to spend time with him outside his home. Although he has limited communication abilities, he loves people and would really benefit from hanging out with a buddy who shares some of his interest such as playing Nintendo games, music, swimming and animals. Pete has been waiting over four years for a volunteer.

If you enjoy spending time with people and have an hour or two a week to spare Citizen Advocacy would love to hear from you. As a volunteer you need to be over the age of 18 and be able to make a minimum commitment of 12 months to this role.

For the person with a disability, being matched results in increased self-esteem, higher participation in community life and a reduction in isolation. They feel accepted for who they are.

If you are interested in being becoming a volunteer the first step is to attend a one-hour, no-commitment information session at Citizen Advocacy’s office at 312 Parkdale Ave. The next few sessions are as follows:

  •  Thursday February 26th – 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday March 10th – 12:30 pm
  • Monday March 23rd – 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday April 8th – 6:00 pm

 Visit Citizen Advocacy’s website for more information or contact Maria Redpath, Community Engagement Coordinator, at or 613-761-9522 ext. 222.

(Maria Redpath is a Community Engagement Coordinator with Citizen Advocacy, and a Stittsville resident.)


New board for the Fairwinds Community Association

A new board of directors was chosen last night at the Fairwinds Community Association Annual General Meeting:

President – Glen Gower
Vice-President – Debby Jo Hill
Secretary – Candace Carson
Treasurer – Alex Chen

Samantha Ball
Pauline Bond
Joe Boughner
Jennifer Holmes
Mark Kew
Kim Prachar


(Note: Glen Gower is also the editor/publisher of


LETTER: Support Stittsville for Kraft Hockeyville 2015

Stittsville is the best community to live, work and play in. The evidence is all around you.

Take a drive down Stittsville Main Street and see all the local history and businesses, go to Brown’s Independent for a couple of things and come out an hour later as you stopped and talked to all your neighbors. Go to Holy Spirit Church and pray with your community and go to the Stittsville & District Community Centre (better known as the Johnny Leroux Community Centre) on any given day and see kids from any age group hard at work in practice or the stands full of parents clutching their coffee cups trying not to spill them as they cheer on their child, the chant of Go Rams Go! echoing through the oldest arena in Stittsville. On most days Johnny Leroux himself is there shaking hands with the kids and talking to parents

This is Stittsville. My Stittsville. Our Stittsville.

This weekend I decided to enter Stittsville into the Kraft Hockeyville 2015 search. I registered along with almost 900 other communities across Canada to win the title as Kraft Hockeyville 2015 and the $100,000 prize to upgrade the JLA so it is hockey ready for generations of kids to come.

First to jump on board was my wife Cindy who is a proud hockey parent as well and Shad Qadri who even before he became our city councillor ran a small business on Stittsville Main Street, and David Joseph who is not only done countless hours of coaching at the rink but also is the Director of Player Development for the Stittsville Rams Hockey Organization

At this time I ask everyone to share this link on Facebook or via e-mail and use the hashtag when posting on Twitter and other social media and talk, talk about what Stittsville, the JLA and hockey means to you, to your street, your neighborhood, your community. There is no voting yet, this is just to show Kraft Hockeyville that how passionate we are about hockey. After all we already have Ville in our name, lefts put the word hockey before it!
Use the custom hashtag #khv_stittsvilleramshockey when posting on Twitter or Instagram

I feel if we talk about this enough we can set ourselves apart from the 900 other communities and have a shot of cracking the top 10. The top 10 cities will be announced on March 14.

If we don’t make the top 10 or win, we did win. We shined a light on something we already knew, we are a great, strong caring community and hockey is what we do!

Domenic Fiorenza


Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society holds annual photo contest

2014 winning entry by Marise Dube
2014 winning entry by Marise Dube


The Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society is running their annual photo contest again this year.


  1. Photos will be accepted in original (CAMERA) .jpg or print format. Photo prints can be dropped off at the Stittsville, Richmond or Munster public libraries. Digital photos can be e-mailed to One e-mail entry clearly named and numbered with photo attachment per class. Please provide a self-addressed envelope (if you want to submit off line) your disc, memory stick or pictures to be returned.
  2. Memberships for new entries must be purchased before the deadline of 15 February 2015. Memberships must be in good standing for entry and include all rights and privilege for individual fee of $15.00 or $25.00 per family. Can be included with photo submission.
  3. We reserve the right to show entered images at our meetings, in our newsletters or on display in the Goulbourn Recreational Centre Trophy Case or at other public events. Used for the promotion of the Society only.
  4. Entries will be judged by an independent judge according to 40% horticultural value, 40% photographic value, and 20% impact and appearance.
  5. One entry per image.
  6. Colour and balance can be enhanced, removal or addition of images into a photo results in disqualification.
  7. The Judge’s decision is final.


  1. “Greenhouse Delights” –A plant guide to pre-season seedlings or extended season growth.
  2. “Garden Proud: A look at my garden” – Selfies accepted.
  3. “Faded Blooms” – Twisted petals, twigs, wilted or dried flowers from back, front or side view. Macros accepted.
  4. “Creations Constructed” – Flower or other seasonal arrangements.
  5. “Pollinators” – Bees our endangered friends busy at work.
  6. “Panorama” – A panoramic view of a field of any season in the Ottawa Valley.
  7. “Oh My Gourd!” – Jack O Lanterns, bumpy, knotted gourds of any size or colour.
  8. “Autumn Joy” – The best of a fall harvest….veggies.
  9. “Waves of Green” – Leaves of curly, round, light green, dark green stripes, dots on any plant, tree or bush.
  10. “Winter Scene” – Your best snow or ice covered plant, tree, leaf or bush in snow.


A-MAZE-ING: Stittsville’s Rotary Club raises funds for a Peace Park… including a labyrinth

Rotary Peace Park map and plan
Click for full size

(Press release from the Rotary Club.)

The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Stittsville is seeking donations to help build Ottawa’s first Peace Park with a labyrinth. In recognition of your donation of $200, you will be recognized by an inscription on a brick which will be part of the pathway to the labyrinth. Leave a lasting mark for generations to come with an engraved brick in Stittsville’s beautiful Bell Memorial Park.

Each brick will have 2 lines with each line fitting 12 characters (including spaces). Inscription could be a thoughtful way to celebrate  a loved one, children/grandchildren, group/organization.

For donation info, contact:
Theresa Qadri 613-620-6245

Leo Maiorino 613-371-6975

Eligible for tax receipts.

Check out our website :


Youth Connexion connects youth and gives back to the community

EDITOR’S NOTE: We asked Aleisha Kerr, the Youth Director and Mentor at Youth Connexion & R.E.A.C.H., to tell us more about the organization’s programs in Stittsville.  The group is currently working on a project to re-vamp their lounge.  Kerr says there’s still a lot of work to do, but thanks to motivated students and donations from the community, it’s coming along.

Youth Connexion is a youth initiative through the Goulbourn and West Carleton Recreation Staff with City of Ottawa. It’s a FOR Youth BY Youth Program in Stittsville with weekly drop-ins and monthly events for all youth in grades 5+. Continue reading


New community association being formed for Cypress Gardens and area

Monday, February 23, 2015, 7 to 9 p.m.
Stittsville United Church
Cypress Gardens & Fernbank Wetlands

This meeting will initiate the formation of a Community Association for residents of Stittsville west of Main Street and south of Abbott, including the neighbourhoods of Cypress Gardens, Fernbank Road, Etta Street, Westridge Drive, and other Stittsvillians concerned about the proposed development of the wetland area called Cypress Gardens 3, posted as 6279 Fernbank, to build some 150 housing units. All residents of the area are invited to attend. This meeting will also provide an update of where the application and OMB case stand.  Continue reading


Crossing Bridge Residents Association elects new executive committee

The Crossing Bridge Residents' Association (CBRA) has elected a new Executive Committee. From left to right are Emily Farr (Treasurer), Cheryl Noll (Vice-President), Elad Lahv (President), Melanie Bailey (co-Secretary) and Deb Grant (co-Secretary).
The Crossing Bridge Residents’ Association (CBRA) has elected a new Executive Committee. From left to right are Emily Farr, Cheryl Noll, Elad Lahv, Melanie Bailey and Deb Grant.

The Crossing Bridge Residents’ Association (CBRA) has elected a new Executive Committee. Members are Emily Farr (Treasurer), Cheryl Noll (Vice-President), Elad Lahv (President), Melanie Bailey (co-Secretary) and Deb Grant (co-Secretary).

The Association has been in existence for over 20 years and the new Executive Committee is excited to carry on the tradition of supporting this dynamic community. The Association will be recruiting new street representatives in the year ahead to help with various community initiatives – the first one being the CBRA Winter Carnival to be held at the Crossing Bridge rink on Saturday, February 14th (Hockey Day in Canada).

If you are interested in becoming a street representative, or volunteering in any other way, please contact the Association via Facebook or at


“Overwhelming response” from Stittsville Public School and community

(Above: Stittsville Public School student Ella S. helps sort some of the many donations received.)

When my eight year old daughter suggested that we “adopt-a-family” from the Food Cupboard on behalf of her grade three class at Stittsville Public School, I thought to myself: “Sure! Why not! What a great little project to do with her classmates”.

Her teacher was immediately supportive, and the initiative grew to include over half the classes at SPS, with nine families being “adopted” by our school. The “little project” became a task of gargantuan proportions, but the payoff was priceless.

I strive to teach my children by example. I hope that they grow into giving, thoughtful and compassionate adults, with a strong sense of social responsibility, and an understanding of the important role of community in an individual’s life. The idea of “adopting” a family appealed to me as a way to include my children in giving to others, and in understanding how very lucky we are.

I started by sending a note home to the parents in each of the classes who had adopted a family. My email was quickly bombarded with offers, sentiments of support, and gratitude that the students were being exposed to something so important. Donations started to flood in faster than I could pick them up, and I was making stops at the school almost every day to pick up items from the classrooms. I had parents emailing and offering to shop for me; to come over and organize groceries in my basement; to have their children take notices door to door to the neighbours to get the community involved too.

Courtney B. and Cole B.
Courtney B. and Cole B.

I was touched to receive an email from a mom who told me that her grade 5 twins, Courtney B and Cole B, had enthusiastically gone out and purchased items for their families with their allowances.

When my neighbour found out what I was up to, he dropped four frozen turkeys off to be given to the families. I told my doctor what my daughter had started, and her office staff held a bake sale to contribute funds to the purchase of the Christmas dinners.


Grade 5 student Marie H. with a scarf that she knit.
Grade 5 student Maria H. with a scarf that she knit.


Another grade 5 student emailed me with a heartwarming question: would it be okay if she knit scarves to donate to the grandma and grandpa who had been adopted in her classroom? She worked very hard to complete gorgeous, handmade items to be included in her basket My fourth child’s preschool teacher volunteered herself and her two sons to do the grocery shopping for the baskets, as well as to help me pack the items and deliver them to the Food Cupboard.

A member of a church in our community showed up on my porch with a $400 donation. Another SPS student donated a $100 gift card for groceries from her church as well. I was contacted by two local banks who found out about what we were up to, and wanted to donate funds to our cause. A local baker brought me nine dozen cupcakes for the families’ desserts. A fellow Stittsville mom spent her Sunday baking meat pies.

A grade three student came to my house, held out her mittened hand and gave me a twoonie that she had just received from her Grandma. She wanted to know if she could help me sort food, instead of give money, as they did not have much to give. She, her Mom and her Grandma came back after school the next day, and saved me hours of work in sorting, had I had to do it on my own.

A mom and her grade three son came to help and I overheard her tearing up as she hugged her son and told him: “what we are looking at here is Christmas for nine families. Can you just imagine how wonderful this will be for them?” As they left, the mom thanked me for providing them with the opportunity to help.

Who could have imagined the response would be so great? I was nervous to send my letters home to the SPS families, hoping that no one would feel I was forcing them to donate to my cause. I would never have predicted that not only would I receive overwhelming response from the school, but that the community would reach out to me, unprompted, and provide more than I could have asked for.

As for my desire to lead by example and teach my children through my actions? My children have been witness to this outpouring of kindness. They helped me carry and sort the donations. They welcomed strangers into our home, and assisted with whatever tasks these people had come to do. They saw their peers and their community giving so much to those in need, and they have learned even more than I could have hoped.

In the words of some of our grade six students: “It is great to help families in need… it inspires everyone. It is not just for the families who need help, but also for us, because it inspires us to help others. It helps our community and school to understand the importance of giving to others. Stittsville Public School is PROUD to support adopt-a-family for the Food Cupboard!” –Sabrina L., Ally G., Grace M., Tanner G.

The staff, students and parents at Stittsville Public have overwhelmed me with their support and generosity. This year we are supporting nine families: who knows how many we will be able to help in the future! I would like to extend a sincere “Thank You!” to all the SPS staff, students and families, as well as those in the Stittsville community as a whole, who have made this possible.


Richmond Village Association announces new grocery van service

Gateway to groceries van

(Press release from the Richmond Village Association.)

The Richmond Village Association is proud to announce a partnership with Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS) which will bring a grocery van service to Richmond residents.

This new program called the Gateway to Groceries is a free home pickup/return service for seniors and adults with physical disabilities who require transportation to the grocery store and other essential services in Richmond. The RVA is subsidizing the cost of the program which will run twice a month on the second and fourth Friday of the month – from 9am – 12pm.

Residents in need of this service and volunteers wanting to assist can register at 613-692-4697.  Please note all riders MUST register no later than the Tuesday prior to the pick-up date.

Residents will see the big white Gateway to Groceries bus wearing the ROSSS logo, RVA’s logo, pictures of black and white grocery carts on the side doors and a sign in the front window that says, “Gateway to Groceries”. The service will begin September 26, 2014 (Fourth Friday), October 10th (Second Friday),  October 24th (Fourth Friday) and so on.

The complete schedule is available for online viewing at –


Ottawa Sport Council announces charitable endowment fund

(Press release from the Ottawa Sport Council.)

The Ottawa Sport Council today announced their Charitable Endowment Fund – the Ottawa Sport Council Foundation – established in partnership with the Community Foundation of Ottawa and True Sport. The Ottawa Sport Council (OSC) is passionate about sport and its new endowment fund will enhance sport excellence in the City of Ottawa.

Sports organizations in communities like Stittsville will have a new source of grant funding available to them with the creation of the endowment fund, which will allow more Stittsville residents to get involved in sport. That’s important for families and athletes who face barriers to entry due to limited funding.

The Endowment Fund will support local community sporting organizations through grants.  Grants will be available on a yearly basis and will adopt key focus areas each year. In this first year, grants will work to empower organizations to establish new programs in underserviced neighbourhoods in Ottawa. All donations to the Ottawa Sport Council Foundation quality for a tax receipt.

Marcia Morris, Executive Director of the Ottawa Sport Council, said “Sport has the potential to enrich the lives of everyone. No one should be excluded. In all our work, we will promote inclusiveness and integration in the development and practice of sport.”

Granting opportunities for 2015 will be announced at the inaugural Ottawa Sport Summit on November 1, 2014 at Ben Franklin Place. Ian Mendes from TSN Radio Ottawa will kick off the event with a panel discussion of sport experts including Valerie Hughes, Ottawa General Manger, FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 and John Brooman, CEO/President, Tim Horton’s Ottawa Dragon Boat.


Ottawa community sport organizations are invited to this signature event to learn, connect and engage in discussion. The Summit will touch on a mixture of management and athlete-oriented organizational and developmental topics. Engaging speakers will lead discussion, offering insight and best practices in sponsorship, fundraising, and social media.


The mandate of the Ottawa Sport Council is to provide support to the citizens of Ottawa and its sport sector through improved facilitation of knowledge, skill transfer, increased program and investment focus, organizational sustainability and integration of planning, funding and service delivery.


About Ottawa Sport Council Foundation

The Ottawa Sport Council acts as the united voice for sport for all.  Its mission is to increase access to active, healthy living and celebrate sports excellence in Ottawa in an environment that is rich in accessibility, excellence and sustainability.



Stittsville Scouts, Cubs and Beavers donate over $2,000 to Stittsville Food Bank

From left to right: Jackson Lauzon, Theresa Qadri, Ryan Palardy, Robin Derrick, Zackery Ducas
From left to right: Jackson Lauzon, Theresa Qadri, Ryan Palardy, Robin Derrick, Zackery Ducas


The Stittsville Food Bank received a donation of over $2,000 from the First Stittsville Scouts, Cubs and Beavers.  The proceeds came from their annual apple day fundraiser.

“Scouts, Cubs and Beavers do a tremendous job in volunteering their time in collecting and sorting food for the Stittsville Food Bank,” says Theresa Qadri, chair of the Stittsville Food Bank. “I am amazed at all their hard work and all of us at the food bank are very grateful.”

“They will be starting up their winter drive in November and the Girl Guides will be joining them again this year.  Stittsville is very fortunate to have these groups.”
If you have a community photo or story to share, please email


City of Ottawa declares October “Lions of Ottawa Month”

(Press release from the Stittsville District Lions Club)

The Stittsville District Lions Club has worked with the City of Ottawa to declare the month of October ” Lions of Ottawa Month“.

We would like to extend a special welcome to our partners and friends in community service and charitable endeavors to attend this special ceremony to lend support to the city wide contribution of Lions members. The Lions motto is “We Serve” and a good representation of Lion members and their supporters at this event should ensure positive media communication of our long standing presence and commitment to service in the Ottawa community.

A flag raising ceremony and the reading of the proclamation will take place at Ottawa City Hall on Friday October 3, 2014 at 11:30AM. It is planned to have the mayor, our Charter year Lion President and other invited dignitaries participate in the ceremony.

The purpose of the Proclamation and Flag Raising is to promote the rich heritage of community service delivered by 16 separate Lions Clubs within the City of Ottawa since the initial club was founded in 1922. A number of Clubs are enjoying milestone anniversaries in 2014 or the current 2014/15 period of office.

Ottawa-area Lions Clubs and their charter years (first year in operation)
Ottawa-area Lions Clubs and their charter years (first year in operation)


Of special note are the 50th Anniversary of Charter membership being enjoyed this year by the Stittsville District Lions Club and the Richmond and District Lions Club. All 16 Clubs have been encouraged to participate in this special flag raising ceremony with a view to giving recognition to the significant achievements of Ottawa Lions in the areas of community projects, charitable causes and humanitarian efforts.

Until November 16, The Goulbourn Museum launched a new exhibit this week commemorating the Richmond and Stittsville Lions’ 50th anniversary.  More info here.