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Updated site plan control for a Jiffy Lube near Terry Fox & Fernbank

Fernbank Jiffy Lube
1180 Terry Fox Drive / 5357 Fernbank Road


The City of Ottawa has published an updated site plan control document for the development of a Jiffy Lube on Terry Fox behind the Walmart.

Documents describe it as a “Jiffy Lube service station of 223 sq m with 3 service bays, 19 parking spaces and a gateway feature.” The location will be on the north end of the site near Cope Drive.

You can read more here…

Fernbank Jiffy Lube site plan
Fernbank Jiffy Lube site plan


LETTER: Proposed development on Fernbank raises concerns about flooding

(ABOVE: Stittsville residents Ian McKim, Jillian McKim, Gerry Kroll and Keldine FitzGerald are concerned about a proposed 140-unit housing development on marshlands off Fernbank Road.  Photo by Barry Gray.)

Approximate location of the proposed development at 6279 Fernbank Road
Approximate location of the proposed development at 6279 Fernbank Road.


Editor’s note: Residents near a proposed development at 6279 Fernbank Road are hoping to engage with the community to keep people updated on an upcoming Ontario Municipal Board hearing expected in April.

As resident Jillian McKim  explains in her letter below, residents and the City of Ottawa are concerned about several aspects of the proposed development, including the effect it could have on stormwater drainage. Continue reading


Updated site plan for 630 Eagleson housing complex for people with dementia

Most site plan proposals that we see in this area relate to retail or housing developments.  This site plan is different. Here’s how it’s described in the site plan proposal:

“The purpose of this application is to allow for the development of a single-storey building 4,875 sq. m. in size containing 71 rooming units that will be used for residents suffering from dementia. Six courtyards will be constructed in the interior of the building to allow for secure outdoor spaces and natural lighting within. The site will be accessed from Eagleson Road along the southern property line sharing an access with the existing Tim Horton’s. Parking in the form of 24, at-grade spaces, loading, garbage and drop off areas will be between the front of the building and a retaining wall set back 3 metres from the property line abutting Eagleson Road.”

The facility is referred to in one document as a “Memory Care Facility”. There’s an PDF document about the proposed facility here. You can read the full site plan proposal here.

Concept plan for the Memory Care facility
Concept plan for the Memory Care facility


Plan of subdivision submitted for 5431 Fernbank

The City has received a plan of subdivision for the land at 5431 Fernbank Road, near the Blackstone community:

“The subject lands are currently vacant agricultural land. Two hydro corridors and the TransCanada Trail lie north of the site. There is a draft approved subdivision to the west, a site plan approved for commercial retail development to the south and vacant urban lands to the east of the property. The subdivision proposal is identified as Phases 2 through 4 of Blackstone Development. The draft plan shows 315 single family lots, 11 blocks for multiple dwellings one park block, one stormwater management block, 10 streets, 3 walkways blocks and the block for the hydro corridor. At total of 565 dwelling units are anticipated, with 97 street townhomes, 61 townhomes on private roads and 92 as stacked townhomes or low rise apartments units. The access will be from Terry Fox Drive and through the previously draft approved subdivision immediately to the west of this site.”

You can find more info here…

5431 Fernbank Road
5431 Fernbank Road


Plan of subdivision submitted for commercial/industrial development on Carp Road

The City of Ottawa has received a plan of subdivision for 3119 Carp Road, just north of Stittsville.

“The plan of subdivision features the creation of 12 lots for commercial/industrial uses. This subdivision will be accessed by two private common element roads. The lots will be serviced by individual well and septic systems, as well as individual stormwater management plans.”

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Site Plan Control submitted for Frank Nighbor Place / Silver Seven Road

Site plan map for the south west corner of Frank Nighbor and Silver Seven
Site plan map for the south west corner of Frank Nighbor and Silver Seven. Click for full size.

There’s a new collection of Site Plan Control documents posted for a development at the corner of Frank Nighbor Place and Silver Seven Road, across from the Costco in Kanata.    It’s currently undeveloped.

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Public notice re: 333 Huntmar Drive

Public notice from the City of Ottawa re: 333 Huntmar Drive

The Council of the City of Ottawa proposes to close a portion of Huntmar Drive that was dedicated as public highway in error by By-law 2014-154.

By-law 2014-154 was passed to establish Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 on Plan 4R 27297 as common and public highway. The described parts were not intended for public highway use, but were transferred to the City through a Site Plan Control application (City File No. D07-12-13-0027) as a stormwater management facility (Part 1) and creek block (Parts 2, 3 and 4).

The Planning Committee will hear, in person or by counsel or agent, any person who applies to be heard concerning this closure. If you have objections, please contact in writing the undersigned on or before October 7th, 2014.

To receive additional information or a copy of a map showing the proposed closure, please contact:

Sean Moore
Planning and Growth Management Department
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J1
613-580-2424, extension 16481


Moore explains: “The Road Closure is technical in nature, and has no impact on any actual part of road which is to be driven.  An error occurred when the Tanger Outlet Centre transferred a creek corridor and stormwater management pond to the City, and this corridor was accidentally classified as a public road.  Thus the notice to close road is to simply remove the classification of ‘road’ from the creek.  A formal process is required to remove the ‘road’ classification from these lands.”


New construction, fewer government moves, hurt Stittsville housing market

The average resale price of residential homes and condos in Stittsville was down by about 3% overall in August on a year-over-year basis compared to 2013.

Source: Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB) statistics for the month of August (year-to-date) 2014
Source: Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB) statistics for Stittsville for the month of August (year-to-date) 2014

 (Note: Stittsville North = north of Hazeldean, Central = between Hazeldean and Abbott, South = south of Abbott)

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Environmental compliance application filed for Carp Road landfill

Waste Management has submitted an Environmental Compliance Approval application to the Ministry of Environment for the Carp Road landfill. It’s the latest step in the process to get approval to expand the facility, located just north of Stittsville and the Queensway.

Officially known as the “West Carleton Environmental Centre”, the landfill expansion will cover an area of 38 hectares, will have a maximum volume of 6.5-million cubic meters and take up to 400,000 tonnes of garbage each year.

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When that blasted blasting near Johnwoods/Maple Grove will stop

Residents near Johnwoods/Maple Grove will be happy to hear that the blasting work is scheduled to end within a couple of weeks.

The latest estimate from Mattamy Homes is that the majority of the work will be completed by September 17, according to Daniel Potechin, a construction manager with the developer.

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Public Meeting re: 173 Huntmar on September 9

The City of Ottawa is holding a Public Meeting on September 9 to discuss a proposed plan of subdivision for 173 Huntmar Drive.  The property is just north of Fairwinds, on Huntmar Road between Maple Grove and Palladium.

The meeting is at 7:00pm at the Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena (10 Warner-Colpitts Lane, off Stittsville Main).

The plan of subdivision includes a mixed-use development with 13 low rise apartment buildings, 12 townhouses blocks and two four storey commercial buildings with retail on the ground floor and office uses above.”  (More here…)

The property includes a 19th century stone farmhouse known as “Boyd House” that would be preserved as a commercial building, along with the land immediately surrounding it. One of the reports recommends saving the trees around the house, as well as the long line of trees along the north lane way.

Boyd House, Fall 2013
Boyd House, Fall 2013. Photo by Glen Gower


Site Plan Control submitted for 109 Iber Road

A Site Plan Control has been submitted to the City of Ottawa for 109 Iber Road, just south of the building that’s home to Dragon’s Lair Beads:

“The building is proposed to be a one-storey structure 2,016 square metres in size. 53 at-grade parking spaces and 1 loading space are proposed. A fire access route will encircle the building. The stormwater management pond will be situated between the front of the building and Iber Road along which 6 deciduous trees will be planted.”

You can read more background and documentation here…

The City is accepting comments on the plan. You can contact Patricia   Macmillan at 613-580-2424 x13799.

109 Iber Road


City Council notes (August 27)

Ottawa City Council approved two Kanata zoning amendments and rejected a third at a council meeting on August 27:

  • 370 Huntmar Drive: Council approved an amendment to “permit a multi-building commercial shopping centre”.  The address is at the south-east corner of Campeau Drive and Huntmar Drive,  across the street from the Tanger Outlets. The proposed shopping centre would include approximately 10,500 square metres of retail and restaurant space in nine buildings, along with 525 parking spaces. The full report is here…
  • 5264 Fernbank Road
    Council approved a zoning amendment that would allow a car dealership including a gas station, service bays and car wash. The land is on the southeast corner of Fernbank and Eagleson. The land was previously zoned as “institutional”, which includes usages such as day cares, places of worship, retirement homes, schools and community centres.  The full report is here…
  • 19 and 23 Bachman Terrace
    Council rejected a proposed zoning change for this property near Hazeldean and Eagleson.  The zoning change would have permitted a higher-density townhouse development.  Council refused the development as being “too dense in light of the development in the surrounding community” and because it “does not ‘fit well’ within its physical context nor does it ‘work well’ with the existing and planned function of the surrounding community.” The full report is here…



31-unit townhouse development planned for 6371 Hazeldean

A Plan of Subdivision for 6371 Hazeldean Road has been submitted to the City of Ottawa:

“Proposal for Draft Plan approval for a 31-unit townhouse development on a private street. The private street will be cul-de-sac with access onto Kittiwake Drive. Visitor parking will be provided on the private street in accordance with the zoning for this property.”

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Here’s what’s in store for the old house and land at 173 Huntmar

173 Huntmar Aerial View
Photo via Bing Maps

A plan of subdvision has been submitted for the land at 173 Huntmar, including the old stone house known as “Boyd House”. The land is located just north of the Fairwinds neighbourhood and Maple Grove Road. You can read the plan and supporting documents here:

A public meeting about the development is planned for Tuesday, September 9 at 7:00pm at Johnny Leroux Arena (upper room), 10 Warner-Colpitts Drive.

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