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Food Bank abuzz about partnership with Gees Bees Honey

(ABOVE: Matthew Gee, Co-Founder of Gees Bees Honey Company, holding up part of a bee hive. Photo by Barry Gray.)

The Ottawa Food Bank unveiled a new beehive on Wednesday at their Community Harvest farming project on Mansfield Road near Stittsville.

Thanks to a grant from JustChange Ottawa, the Gees Bees Honey Company has teamed up with the food bank to install the beehive. The honeybees who call this new hive their home will help pollinate the crops and will also produce honey that Gees Bees will sell to benefit the food bank. Continue reading


Cupcake Fairies deliver pick-me-ups to deserving families

(PHOTO: Jordan McNichols (left) and Jan Campbell, the Cupcake Fairies. Photo by Barry Gray.)

Jordan McNichols and her mother, Jan Campbell, the force behind the magical Cupcake Fairies, have delivered hundreds of cupcakes to scores of houses over the past few months.

The idea for the Cupcake Fairies started with a Secret Santa group that originated from the Buy Nothing Stittsville Facebook group. At a reveal party in January to find out who your Secret Santa was, Campbell brought some cupcakes. Campbell is a pastry chef who runs a home-based businesses called Sweet Amelia Bake Shop. McNichols said the cupcakes were a hit at the party, and when people began asking how to get some, she said: “you never know, they might just show up on your doorstep.” Continue reading


PIECE OF CAKE: Best-of photos from school cakewalk fundraisers

It’s cake walk season! Several schools in our area have been holding their annual cakewalk fundraisers, where parents and students exercise their artistic cake-making skills.

And the icing on the cake? The creations get auctioned or raffled off to raise money for the schools.  Continue reading


BITTERSWEET: Sobeys owner retiring after decades in grocery biz

(PHOTO: Tim Laplante is retiring after 47 years in the grocery business. Photo by Barry Gray.)

After nearly five decades in the grocery business, the owner of the Stittsville Sobeys is getting ready to retire.

Tim Laplante, 63, has owned the Sobeys on Carp Road in Stittsville since it opened five years ago. He says he’ll retire at the end of the fiscal year due to long-term health issues, on recommendation from his doctors. Continue reading


CHEERS! ALE aims to revive Amberwood golf club restaurant

(PHOTO: ALE general manager Sarah St. Michael (left) with Nicolle Carson, assistant / bar manager. They’re are holding ALE’s crab spring rolls. Photo by Barry Gray)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The restaurant space at Amberwood Golf and Country Club has been home to several different restaurants over the past few years, most recently Bistrofiftyfour and before that the Wild Wood Steak & Chop House.  A new team with deep roots in the Stittsville area, including the McConville family who run The Glen, think they’ve found the right concept with ALE.  Here’s an edited version of an email interview with general manager Sarah St. Michael.

Continue reading


West end finally gets a vegan restaurant

Above: Melanie Boudens from Grow Your Roots. Photo via Pamela Tourigny.

UPDATE: Grow Your Roots will open on Saturday, August 6 at 220 Terence Matthews Crescent in Kanata South, not on Hazeldean Road. You can find more info on their Facebook page.

After selling her wares at farmers’ markets and via catering for several, Melanie Boudens has signed a lease on a permanent spot in Kanata for Grow Your Roots.

The vegan restaurant will be opening later this spring at 474 Hazeldean Road, at the corner of Hazeldean and Castlefrank.  This interview originally appeared on Pamela Tourigny’s blog.

Pamela Tourigny: Describe the Grow Your Roots restaurant concept for readers.  What is it?? 

Melanie Boudens: I’ve wanted my own restaurant since I was 12. I use to draw up blueprints and designs dreaming how it would look. I want the Café to feel very organic and raw. We’ll have a mixture of industrial, rustic and natural elements. I’ve been collecting a lot of antiques from family members, friends and shops over the years so I’m super excited to finally have a permanent home for a lot of those pieces. There’s something about a cozy little Café that I’ve always just adored, so I really want to bring that friendly, comfortable vibe into the space. It will be the perfect place to have a coffee with an old friend for hours chatting, have a great lunch, grab something quick to go or do some work on your laptop while eating some GYR treats! Continue reading


New cafe wants to be grounded in the community

(Above: left to right, the owners of the Grounds include Robert Kinsman, Donna Kinsman, Patrick Caicco, and Marlene Caicco (absent). Photo by Barry Gray.)

When dropped in at The Grounds Cafe on Friday, they were dealing with a broken coffee grinder and an unruly (and expensive) espresso machine… just a few of minor issues in the final few days before the grand opening.

Pending permit approvals and some last minute touch-ups, the spacious restaurant next to the Food Basics in the Fairwinds Plaza (Huntmar at Hazeldean) will have a soft launch on Sunday for family and friends, and then officially open on Monday or Tuesday morning. We spoke to two of the owners, Patrick Caicco and Robert Kinsman, who call themselves “The Groundskeepers”.  All photos by Barry Gray.

UPDATE (MARCH 13): Caicco  says they’re planning to be fully open on Tuesday this week. Continue reading


UPDATE: Community garden to be built at Carleton Apartments

Above: Logan Primeau holds a handful of cherry tomatoes from his garden last year.

It has been a few months since I announced my intention to start a community garden in Stittsville and a lot has happened. Just before the holidays I started to collect bottles to raise money for the garden and received loads of donations from many people. All together $33 was raised during the first push, almost enough to build one raised bed. We will continue to collect bottles to fundraise for the project and welcome anyone who would like to donate empty containers to message us on Facebook or email us. Continue reading


COMMENT: Seven reasons why a proposed drive-thru doesn’t fit on Stittsville Main

Is a drive-thru appropriate on a traditional main street? In some places yes, but the drive-thru proposed for Stittsville Main Street falls far short of what city planners say should be allowed.

A fast food drive-thru is proposed for Stittsville Main in front of Brown’s Independent. It will be the first real test of the new Stittsville Main Community Design Plan (CDP). Approved in 2015, the CDP (and its cousin, the Stittsville Main Street Secondary Plan) is supposed to provide a framework for development over the next few decades on our traditional main street. Continue reading


PHOTOS: Celebrating Chinese New Year at Kungfu Bistro

Margarita Chen and her staff at Kungfu Bistro celebrated the Chinese New Year, marking the arrival of the Year of the Monkey on Monday night.

Celebrations featured a traditional Chinese Loin Dance, a 25-foot dragon, plus drums, cymbals and a gong.  (Not to mention some delicious food.)

Photos by Barry Gray. Continue reading


Fast food restaurant proposed on Stittsville Main near Brown’s

There’s a new site site plan control posted to the City’s web site with a proposal to “construct a one storey fast food restaurant with associated drive through”.

“The requested application would allow for the development of a one (1) storey fast food restaurant with approximately 2,950 ft² (274 m²) of gross floor area and a drive-through,” according to the documents. Continue reading


SWEET! New bakery set to open this week on Stittsville Main

UPDATE, JANUARY 16: A note from Renee: “We’re training in the kitchen and on the tills today (Saturday) from 10am onward, so come on by and put us to the test! We won’t have our full range of products, but we will have some of the sweetest treats imaginable for you to enjoy. Hope to see you here!”


“I have always wanted a little bake shop and Stittsville’s perfect… Everyone we’ve met in the last three years here are so friendly, and so nice. It’s a nice place to start building down the main street…”

In just a few days, the sweet smells of freshly baked bread, cookies and cakes will waft out of The Sweet Room Bakery Boutique on Stittsville Main Street. Wyldwood resident Renee Saunders is nearly finished setting up the shop, located in thesame plaza as the Main Street Pub, and hopes to have it open by the end of the week, pending some last minute setup and approvals. We talked with her just before Christmas about what she’s cooking up. All photos by Barry Gray.

Continue reading


Bee hives go missing from Arcadia neighbourhood

A pair of bee hives — each one containing up to 15,000 bees – were taken from a field near the Arcadia subdivision in Kanata before Christmas, and their owner is asking the public for help find them.

Here’s part of an email interview with Marianne Gee, one of the owners of Dunrobin-based Gees Bees Honey Company. Continue reading


Vintage Richmond Bakery sign uncovered during renovations

“Coolest find ever! Painted on the block under the old sign,” wrote Deb Mallett on a Richmond community Facebook group where this photo was posted.

It was uncovered when the “old” back-lit Richmond Bakery sign was removed during renovations. Mallett is converting the old bakery building into a pub-style restaurant to be known as Danby’s Road House.

Do any of our readers know how old the uncovered sign may be?

Richmond Bakery
Richmond Bakery / Photo from Google Streetview


Brown’s among first Ontario grocery stores to sell beer

(Photo: Todd Brown, owner of Brown’s Independent, in front of the new beer display.  Photo by Barry Gray.)

A sign went up on the outside of Brown’s Independent Grocer Monday night: “Beer Here!”

They’re among the first grocery stores in the province to sell beer in-store.  Sales started Tuesday morning at 9am after weeks of behind-the-scenes preparation by store staff. Continue reading