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PHOTOS: Sunday evening’s storm cuts power to thousands in Stittsville

High gusts of wind and torrential downpours hit Stittsville around 6:00pm on Sunday evening, cutting power to over 10,000 homes. About 20 minutes later, Environment Canada issued a wind warning for gusts up to 100km/h, and a gust of 97km/h was reported at the Ottawa Airport – the highest recorded wind speed in 20 years. Here are some of your photos from during and after the event.

Do you have a photo from today’s storm? Send it along to Continue reading


LINKED: Residents question Hydro One easement plans in Kanata

UPDATE (Sept 1): Hydro One commits to trimming trees in Beaverbrook


Jessica Cunha reports in the Kanata Kourier-Standard:

Many Beaverbrook residents are concerned after discovering Hydro One has marked trees on their properties. A number of homeowners discovered orange spraypaint on their trees last month. Neighbours, concerned about what the markings could mean, sent a flurry of emails back and forth. Continue reading


Sunday morning outage cuts power to 5,000 customers

UPDATE: Back on as of 11.07am. Outage lasted about 40 minutes.

Power is out for homes and businesses in and around Stittsville including Fairwinds, Jackson Trails, Granite Ridge, Amberwood, Wyldewood, Forest Creek. Also parts of Arcadia and Glen Cairn in Kanata.

One resident on Amberway (near the Hazeldean and Johnwoods intersection) told us she heard a loud bang just before the power went out.

Here’s an update from Hydro Ottawa around 10.45am:

Hydro Ottawa is experiencing a power outage in the Maple Grove, Hazeldean, Iber, Abbott area.
The cause of the outage is: Equipment related.
Hydro Ottawa crews are: Determining options available to restore service to affected customers.
The estimated time of restoration is: Undetermined at this time.
5000 customers are affected.


New hydro line on Abbott designed to improve reliability

(ABOVE: Map showing upcoming Hydro Ottawa projects in Stittsville.)

At a public meeting last Thursday, officials from Hydro Ottawa provided an overview of new infrastructure designed to improve reliability in Stittsville.

The main project for this year is along Abbott Street, where crews will add a new line from Stittsville Main Street to Granite Ridge Drive.  Most of the line will be on overhead poles except for an underground section adjacent to Village Square Park. Continue reading


Section of Maple Grove closed on Saturday for more hydro pole relocation work

(via Hydro Ottawa)

In May, Hydro Ottawa began conducting a pole relocation project to improve the reliability of the electrical service in the Stittsville and Kanata West area. Pole relocation involves excavating and moving existing poles located on your street and/or in your backyard. Continue reading


Hydro Ottawa hosts open house about Abbott power lines June 23

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

Over the next few months, Hydro Ottawa crews will be working in the Stittsville area making improvements and updating the area’s electrical distribution infrastructure. Plans include a new power line installed along the South side of Abbott Street, from Stittsville Main Street to Granite Ridge Drive. The goal is to increase the power supply capacity and improve reliability to Stittsville. Continue reading


VIDEO: How Hydro Ottawa moved 20 poles in a day along Maple Grove

(Editor’s note: Here are some photos, text and a video shared by Hydro Ottawa, with background on Saturday’s pole-moving project on Maple Grove. Hydro Ottawa is proactively moving the poles to accomodate future road widening, currently slated for after 2013 in the City’s transportation master plan.)

Twenty-five employees, six contracting staff, 20 poles, 12 hours, one Pole Claw, one day. These are the numbers required to successfully complete hydro pole relocation on Maple Grove Road on Saturday, May 14, due to a road widening project. Continue reading


Hydro poles to be replaced on Goulbourn and Norway

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

Hydro Ottawa will be undertaking electrical service improvements in Stittsville starting next month. The project involves replacing aging hydro poles on Goulbourn Street (between Cypress Gardens and Elm Crescent) and Norway Spruce Street (between Elm Crescent and Bell Street). This project will improve the reliability of the electrical distribution system in the Stittsville area. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Stittsville population tops 31,000; Petitions for photo radar & hydro rates

GROWING LIKE A WEED: Councillor Shad Qadri told the Fairwinds Community Association last week that the city’s latest population estimates put our ward at 31,841 people in 2015, up by 857 (or 2.77%) over the previous year.

Overall, the city’s population grew by just under 1% to 960,756 residents. The fastest-growing wards were Somerset (4.19%), Gloucester-South Nepean (3.53%), and Barrhaven (2.78%). Continue reading


Hydro One line clearing work starts March 14

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

Hydro One Forestry has informed my office that they will be performing important line clearing work through Stittsville. The work will consist of tree trimming, removal of dead, leaning or dangerous trees as well as those encroaching upon the line. Non-compatible brush beneath the line will be sprayed standing or cut and stump sprayed with Garlon RTU (PCP Registration # 29334) which is a federally and provincially approved herbicide. Continue reading


Proposed pipeline project would include 20 megawatt pumping station

Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa are planning extensive infrastructure upgrades to support the power requirements of the proposed Energy East pipeline, including 20 megawatts for a pumping station near Richmond.

“Initial plans to service this customer will require extensive infrastructure upgrades due to the proposed remote location of their station and the size of the load they require,” said Dan Seguin, a spokesperson with Hydro Ottawa.

He said it was too early to say how much those upgrades would cost, or who would pay for them. Continue reading


NO DEAL: Hydro Ottawa won’t be acquiring Hydro One customers

We’ve been waiting for a few months now to find out whether or not Hydro Ottawa could reach a deal with Hydro One to acquire about 45,000 customers who live in the Ottawa area.

A letter today from Hydro Ottawa’s president confirms that there’s no deal.

“Unlike previous efforts to acquire these customers, Hydro One staff were very open and transparent with their financial information and the modelling that underpinned their valuation,” wrote Bryce Conrad in an email to the mayor and councillors. “While the process and the final valuation remains covered by a confidential non-disclosure agreement, Hydro Ottawa is prepared to acknowledge that the valuation placed on these customers by Hydro One is both valid and defensible. Unfortunately, and with regret, we are unable to conclude a commercial agreement with Hydro One to acquire these 45,000 customers in the outlying areas of the City of Ottawa.”

“While we are disappointed with this outcome, I can assure the shareholder that every effort was made over the past 6 months to correct and remedy this historical mistake,” he wrote. The full letter is included below.

There are a few places in Stittsville (like in Fairwinds North and on Lloydalex) where one side of the street belongs to Hydro Ottawa, and the other side is in Hydro One  territory. In most cases, the Hydro One customers pay more for their electricity.

Earlier this fall, West Carleton councillor Eli El-Chantiry called the process “a complicated exercise”.

“Further complicated by changes to Hydro One’s governance model (the privatization of a portion of Hydro One) as well as the regulatory model within which the industry operates,” he said.


Councillor El-Chantiry provides update on Hydro One customer transfer

From West Carleton Councillor Eli El-Chantiry’s email newsletter:

This past June I updated residents with some favourable news regarding having 45,000 Hydro One customers transferred to Hydro Ottawa.

At that time, Jim Durrell (Hydro Ottawa Board Chair) addressed Ottawa City Council and noted he was hopeful to have a resolution of some kind by September 2015 to this longstanding issue.

As it’s now October and we haven’t received further updates, I connected with Hydro Ottawa to find out the latest on negotiations. Bryce Conrad, President and CEO of Hydro Ottawa, noted to me last week that both parties have had a number of positive meetings since June and both sides are engaged in good faith. At this point both parties have exchanged and are reviewing detailed financials underpinning any potential transaction.

This is a very complicated exercise – further complicated by changes to Hydro One’s governance model (the provincial government has made clear it plans to privatize a portion of Hydro One through an IPO process) as well as the regulatory model within which the industry operates. Discussions are expected to continue, and both parties will keep their respective shareholders fully briefed and informed as to the process and deliberations.

Mr. Conrad acknowledges that that process may seem like its taking longer than it should, but he reiterates that for a deal to happen, all parties need to be satisfied that it’s in the best interest of their shareholders and customers. I will continue to stay on top of this issue and will update residents as I know more.


Friday night power outage caused by loss of supply from provincial grid


A widespread west end power outage that briefly left 29,705 customers in the dark on Friday night was caused by a loss of supply from the provincial grid, according to Hydro Ottawa

“On July 31 at 11:18 p.m. Hydro Ottawa reported a power outage in the west end, affecting 29,705 customers in portions of Richmond, Barrhaven, Kanata and Stittsville. The power outage was restored for the vast majority after 5 minutes, with the remaining 8,625 customers restored by 11:42 p.m.,” wrote Hydro Ottawa spokesperson Rebecca Hickey in an email to

“This power outage was caused by a loss of supply from the provincial grid. It is suspected that weather caused the Hydro One circuit to trip.”


Planned power outage on Tuesday morning in Fringewood area

(via Hydro Ottawa)

On Tuesday, July 28, Hydro Ottawa will be in the Fringewood area neighbourhood to perform planned maintenance work. This work will maintain the reliability of the electrical distribution system.

In order to undertake this work safely, a planned power interruption will be required. The planned interruption will take place on Tuesday, July 28 from to 9am to 12pm.

Our qualified staff and contractors will conduct this work safely and efficiently, ensuring that any inconvenience is minimal.

In case of inclement weather, the tentative date to reschedule this work will be July 29, 2015 between the same hours.

Affected streets: Fringewood Drive, Cloverloft Court, Cripple Creek Crescent, Lazy Nol Court


VIDEO: Raising the hydro poles along Huntmar

“On my way to work yesterday, I noticed that Hydro One was in the process of erecting the replacement wood hydro poles along Huntmar,” says videographer Hien Hoang.

“I quickly pulled over and asked the crew chief if it would be ok if I captured some video of what’s involved in their task… and he agreed.” Continue reading