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Power outage in Munster/Ashton area due to supply issues from Hydro One

Update 9:20pm:

Hydro Ottawa is experiencing a power outage in the Munster Village, Aston Village and surrounding s. area.
The cause of the outage is: Currently under investigation.
Hydro Ottawa crews are: Performing emergency switching to restore service to all possible affected customers.
The estimated time of restoration is: 2015-03-21 10:00 pm.
441 customers are affected.

Hydro Ottawa's outage map as of 7:55pm
Hydro Ottawa’s outage map as of 7:55pm

Power is out on a frigid Saturday night for over 1,200 customers southwest of Stittsville including Munster, Ashton and surrounding areas. Hydro Ottawa tells that the outage is due to Hydro One’s supply outage at the Beckwith Station. A pole fire in that area has left nearly 6,000 people in Carleton Place without power as well.

Some residents in Rideau-Goulbourn have been without power since around 10:00am this morning. Continue reading


Saturday’s power outage may have been caused by road salt

UPDATE: Here’s a statement from Rebecca Hickey in Hydro Ottawa’s media an public affairs department:

The outage on Saturday March 14th affecting Stittsville, Kanata, Richmond and Munster was caused by a Hydro One pole that caught fire. The pole, located along Highway 417 near Huntmar, is the main source of electricity from Hydro One’s provincial high-voltage transmission grid to the local grid managed by Hydro Ottawa.

Pole fires can take place, particularly in late winter, when salt spray from passing cars builds up on the electrical infrastructure. This build up, paired with moisture in the air, can allow the electricity to travel through the insulator and energize the wooden pole, causing it to catch fire.

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POWER OUTAGE: Kungfu Bistro cooks up soup by flashlight for charity event

We got an email this afternoon from Margarita at Kungfu Bistro. They are trying to cook 30 litres of soup for Great Bowls of Fire, a charity event tonight to raise money for the Ottawa Food Bank. But with the power out they have to do it by flashlight!

“With the power outage hitting us this afternoon, we desperately in the dark (with flashlights) made our Thai coconut curry soup for the Ottawa Food Bank. Weeks ago we agreed to donate 30 litres of our gluten free thai soup to support the Great Bowls of Fire which would go towards fundraising for the Ottawa food bank. The outage was a surprise challenge but we are determined to see this through. It’s the only food we will prepare tonight (if the outage continues) as it would be too dangerous go attempt anything else.”

UPDATE: About 400 people attended the charity event on Saturday and at least $15,000 was raised through ticket sales.

Staff at Kungfu Bistro cook soup by flashlight.

Staff at Kungfu Bistro cook soup by flashlight.

Staff at Kungfu Bistro cook soup by flashlight.

Staff at Kungfu Bistro cook soup by flashlight.


Snapped hydro pole cuts power to 12,000 customers on Saturday afternoon

Power’s out for about 12,000 customers in Stittsville, Munster, Richmond and Kanata on Saturday afternoon due to a broken hydro pole.  Hydro Ottawa crews are responding.  As of 3:15pm, the estimated restoration time was 7:00pm.

The power outage includes a number of stores and businesses in the area on a busy Saturday afternoon, including the Hazeldean Mall and Tanger Outlets.

It’s not clear what caused the hydro pole to break. From the photo it looks like the pole snapped in two. Sgt. Iain Pidcock of the Ottawa Police says the pole that broke is in a field, and not near vehicle traffic.

Hydro Ottawa outage map as of 4:00pm
Hydro Ottawa outage map as of 4:00pm


Stittsville family hit by huge Hydro One bill

The Ottawa Sun has a story today about the Garby family who live on Lloyadex Crescent in Stittsville.  The Hydro One bill for their bungalow was $333. Meanwhile, residents who are on Hydro Ottawa’s distribution system pay a substantially lower price for electricity.

“The delivery charge alone for Garby’s last bill was $140. The delivery charge for a nearby home in a Hydro Ottawa neighbourhood was about $36. Nearly 50,000 city property taxpayers are getting service from Hydro One and not from their own municipally-owned utility because of where the boundaries are drawn. Hydro Ottawa wants to acquire those city-based Hydro One customers but the two sides can’t agree on a price,” writes Jon Willing in the Sun.

You can read the full article here…


Hydro outage planned for Wildpine Court on September 12-13

From Hydro Ottawa:

On September 12, 2014, Hydro Ottawa will be upgrading transformers in your neighbourhood to improve the reliability of the electrical system.

In order to undertake this work safely, a planned power interruption will be required. The planned interruption is scheduled to take place Friday, September 12, 2014 from 11:45pm to Saturday, September 13, 6:00 am.

Affected streets: Wildpine Court

Project start date: September 12, 11:45pm

Project completion date: September 13, 6am


Planned power outage on September 4 and 5 in Fringewood area

From Hydro Ottawa:

On Thursday, September 4th, and Friday, September 5th, Hydro Ottawa will be installing new conductors on existing overhead lines in your neighbourhood to improve the reliability of the electrical system.

In order to undertake this work safely, two planned power interruptions will be required. The first interruption will take place on September 4th, between 8:30am and 3:30 pm. The second interruption will take place September 5th, between the same hours.

In case of inclement weather, the tentative date to reschedule this work will be September 5 and September 8, between the same hours.

Affected streets: Fringewood Drive, Cloverloft Circle, Cripple Creek, Lazy Nol Crescent and Orchard Drive

Project start date: September 4, 8:30am

Project completion date: September 5, 3:30pm