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Responsible Dog Owners of Canada plan poop clean-up Oct 10

The Responsible Dog Owners of Canada are planning a fall clean-up along the Trans Canada Trail on Abbott Street, near the “unofficial dog park” on October 10.

The clean-up happens from 9:00am-11:00am. Bags and gloves will be handed out to dog owners. The reward is a much cleaner park and dog cookies will be provided.

For more information visit


LOST & FOUND: Has anyone seen Arthur the cement dog?

Heather Davis lives in Katimavik and asked us if we could help find Arthur.  It’s a cement lawn ornament that she’s had for years.

“Someone took him for a ‘walk’ a couple of weeks ago in the dark, and hasn’t brought him back. If you have any info on his whereabouts, could you please return him,” she asks.

If you know about Arthur’s whereabouts you can contact us at

We’ve heard about a number of small lawn ornaments and decorative that have gone missing from Kanata and Stittsville over the past few months.  Let us know if you’ve had anything “go for a walk” recently.

Arthur the cement dog lived in Katimavik next to his friend the potted plant.
Arthur the cement dog lived in Katimavik next to his friend the potted plant.


PHOTO: You never know what you’ll run into along the trail…

Deer on the Trans Canada Trail.  Photo by Lara Winnemore
Deer on the Trans Canada Trail. Photo by Lara Winnemore

Thanks to Lara Winnemore for sending along this photo she took along the Trans Canada Trail on Wednesday afternoon., between Beverly and Abbott.  This doe was accompanied by its mother, but mom ran away before Winnemore could snap the photo.

We love getting photos from readers. Please send them along to


“Finding Holly” trail cam damaged… and the culprits are caught on camera

UPDATE – JULY 14: Volunteer Lisa Gallant tells that as of this afternoon, volunteers believe that they’ve identified three of the four people in the photos, thanks to tips from social media. It’s still unclear if charges can or will be laid.

“We would like to see restitution for the cam as well as some labour,” she says, such as clean up services or providing help to an animal rescue organization.



Posted today to the Finding Holly Facebook page:

We have a couple of trail cams up in different locations hoping to get a glimpse of the elusive Holly. One of those cams was located on private property belonging to Sunset Farms. They have graciously allowed us to place the cam there, leave a food cage, and periodically check it. Continue reading


Hubley: Province, not city, responsible for wildlife calls

(ABOVE: Photo by April Boomer, via Facebook.)

Kanata councillor Allan Hubley commented on this week’s deer incident in Glen Cairn on the Glen Cairn Residents Facebook group today.  Some residents were concerned about the amount of time it took officials to help the deer, which ended up being put down.  Here’s the text of Hubley’s Facebook comment. Continue reading


PHOTOS: Black bear near Hazeldean and Jinkinson

These photos are from Kenny B, who spotted a black bear just off Hazeldean Road near Jinkinson, just past West Ridge on Thursday, June 4.

He tells us: “I was with a friend we went for a drive with her dog to take him for a walk… About 500 yards in the distance from the road he was just there grazing.  So I hopped into action got my camera and got some shots before he disappeared back into the woods. He was a big boy anywhere from 400-500 lbs.”

It’s the latest in a series of bear sightings in the area over the past month.

Black bear near Hazeldean Road and Jinkinson Road, June 4, 2015. Photo by Kenny B Images.
Black bear near Hazeldean Road and Jinkinson Road, June 4, 2015. Photo by Kenny B Images.


What can be done about Stittsville’s dog waste problem?

This image was shared by Stittsville resident Kristin Harcoff.  It shows a pair of concrete barriers at the end of Maple Grove Road near Alon Street, at the edge of the Jackson Trails and Bryanston Gate.

Harcoff writes:

“Dear neighbours of Bryanston Gate and Jackson Trails.  This is not a garbage can, and especially not one for your dog’s shit. Take it home with you.  Not only am I embarrassed, being a dog owner myself, I am completely disgusted that I had to move your dog’s shit bags so I could just barely squeeze my stroller between these cement blocks.  You can’t possibly live far if you are waking here, and since you have been so kind to bag your poop, perhaps you could be so kind not to leave it on a path I regularly use.”

Improperly disposed dog waste is a big stinking problem in Stittsville and across Ottawa — this is just one example.  Not only is it unpleasant to look at, but it’s also a health issue too.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM OUR READERS: What constructive ideas do you have to deal with the problem? Have you seen solutions that work in other communities? Share your comments below or email us at

Dog waste at the end of Maple Grove.

Cheryl Dewar via email:
“I was in the UK recently and noticed they have containers for bagged dog waste.  They are a dog friendly nation. This is an interesting site.

A few comments so far from Facebook and Twitter:

  • Tim Harcoff: People just need to be more responsible for their own mess. Put your own dog’s crap in your own garbage like I do.
  • Melissa Paterson: Having waste disposal receptacles at popular dog walking spots around Stittsville would at least ensure that dog waste is contained and not left around.
  • Sandy Reely: NOT putting “no dog waste” on already available garbage cans in parks would help.
  • Suzanne Bird: There is an awesome company that puts up stations with biodegradable bags and trash cans. Would love to see the city work with them at dog parks more.
  • Wendy Killeen: I am also embarrassed by this since I have two dogs. What is also disgusting is when people bag the poop and hang it in a tree, I see this a lot along the trails. What’s the point of that?


MAPPED: A list of (legal) off-leash dog parks around Stittsville

(Photo: At the dog park by Michelle Tribe. Used under Creative Commons license.)

Here’s a map showing parks in Stittsville and surrounding wards where dogs are allowed off-leash. Dogs always have to be under the control of their handler, even if a leash is not required.

This map is from list of parks from the City of Ottawa.


UPDATE: One of our readers asked about the status of the park on Hartsmere. Although the City’s web site (and this map) lists it as off-leash allowed, there a signs posted at the park indicating that dogs need to be leashed.

Roger Chapman chief of by-law and regulatory services explains:

As a result of a re-designation process undertaken at the request of the community, Trustee M. Curry Park, at 85 Hartsmere Drive, has a mixed designation.

Dogs are allowed on leash from May to August, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to noon.  Dogs are also allowed on leash from September to April, Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dogs are allowed off-leash all other times.  The signage is currently being designed and fabricated. The website will be updated to reflect the changes.


Holly the lost Goldendoodle may be hiding near Timbermere area

Last Sunday, about a dozen volunteers searched the fields west of Timbermere between Hazeldean and Rothbourne for Holly the Goldendoodle.

She’s the dog who went missing back in December on the Trans Canada Trail near Abbott Street. Her owners, the Rennie family, have put up posters, placed ads in newspapers, and contacted Humane Societies all over eastern Ontario in an effort to find her.

Lisa Gallant is one of the volunteers helping with the search. She set up a Finding Holly group on Facebook to help organize the efforts, which now include trail cameras and even drone videography. Continue reading


Search party on Sunday for Holly the goldendoodle

There’s a search party today for Holly, the 7-year-old goldendoodle. The dog went missing in December along the Trans Canada Trail in Stittsville.  The search party is heading out in the area west of Timbermere between Hazeldean and Rothbourne, and includes an aerial photographer.

(Previously: Stittsville family wages campaign to find lost dog)


CITIZEN: Stittsville family wages campaign to find lost dog, happy Holly, a Goldendoodle

Egan: Family wages campaign to find lost dog, happy Holly, a Goldendoodle
Ottawa Citizen, Monday April 13

Kelly Egan from the Ottawa Citizen writes about Stittsville’s Rennie family, who are looking for their lost Goldendoodle Holly, last seen in December near the Trans Canada Trail.

The Rennies have advertised in newspapers over and over, postered the suburb, travelled to Ashton, Carleton Place, the Glebe, contacted Humane Societies in Ottawa and Arnprior, taken calls from Brockville, had tips from psychics, appealed to every veterinary office they could find, connected with an online network of lost pets.

When asked how much they’ve spent on classified ads in newspapers big and small, Rob, 53, would only say: “Thousands.”

Laura, 50, is particularly upset, as she was walking Holly at the time.

“Every time I walk in the house, I still expect to see her coming running up,” she said wistfully in her sunny kitchen, a photo of Holly on the fridge, her untouched toys visible in the backyard.

They walked the dogs together every morning. That day, they were skiing on the Trans-Canada Trail, which is accessed near Abbott Street and West Ridge Drive, a route the dogs knew well.

As they were wrapping up and loading equipment into the car, the dogs, as though on a scent-hunt, both took off toward the wooded area.

They sometimes chased critters, so panic did not set in. But they didn’t come back, at least not for an hour or two when Beau came ambling back alone. No Holly.

So the foot search began. Up and down the trail, along neighbouring fields, until they hit a bit of luck. A farmer reported he had seen the dogs chasing a deer. They did all they could, until it was dark. They began the poster campaign, knocked on every door they could.

Read the full article…


Firefighters save a cat from fire on Pretty Street

(Photo via Ottawa Fire / Todd Horricks.)

Ottawa firefighters responded to a fire on Pretty Street early Monday morning.

Todd Horricks from Ottawa Fire says that two occupants were displaced.  The fire was under control by 5:30am and a cat was rescued.

Police and firefighters are still on the scene this morning investigating as of 7:45am.

Fire on Pretty Street, March 30
Photo via Ottawa Fire / Todd Horricks



That’s a latte dogs: Dog Dayz at Quitters

Dog Dayz held a “Pack Walk” around Stittsville today, starting at Quitters Coffee on Stittsville Main Street.

Dog Dayz is a dog training and care company based in Kanata. Owner Janet Burns says that group walks like this one are a great chance for both owners and canines to socialize and exercise.

Burns hosts a group walk every other Sunday. For more info check out their Facebook page.