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VIDEO: Wrestler Erica Wiebe trains at the WWE Performance Center

Olympic gold medalist and Stittsville native Erica Wiebe was featured in a video produced by the WWE: “The top women’s freestyle wrestler in the world talks about her experience watching the Mae Young Classic and training with NXT Superstars at the WWE Performance Center.”


Sacred Heart student hits the road for Montreal Rubik’s cube competition

Matthew McMahon, 17, is a student at Sacred Heart High School with an interesting hobby – Rubik’s cubes. He is a certifiable cubing fanatic and it is rare to not see him fiddling with one of his cubes, wherever he may be.

He’s entered to compete in an official World Cube Association event, the Montreal Open Winter 2017, on Feb. 4. We caught up with him recently to chat about the hobby. Continue reading


METRO: Stittsville musician gains Vine fame with six-second videos

Metro Ottawa reports on Mark Flesch, who has attracted 1.3 million Vine followers and earned an award nomination at the iHeart Radio Much Music Video Awards on Sunday:

His loops include music samples and what Flesch calls “in-the-box electronic instruments.” They are synced with little intriguing videos – of Flesch playing an instrument, or looping an animation – that are so seamless you can watch one multiple times without realizing it’s a loop.

“It’s almost like you’re hypnotizing people with a little video clip,” he said.

One video, called “Encore,” shows Flesch strumming a sweet guitar melody before throwing the instrument in a firepit and smashing it with an axe.

Although he has been playing guitar, piano and drums for years, he never signed up for Vine to promote his music, but to get better at producing. He would play around with samples from other artists and show them the end product.

Eventually, he started attracting followers and then scored a couple of advertising gigs with Gatorade and HTC.

Read the full article here…

You can also read the MMVA profile of Flesch here…

Here are couple more of his Vines:


Section of Maple Grove closed on Saturday for more hydro pole relocation work

(via Hydro Ottawa)

In May, Hydro Ottawa began conducting a pole relocation project to improve the reliability of the electrical service in the Stittsville and Kanata West area. Pole relocation involves excavating and moving existing poles located on your street and/or in your backyard. Continue reading


VIDEO: How Hydro Ottawa moved 20 poles in a day along Maple Grove

(Editor’s note: Here are some photos, text and a video shared by Hydro Ottawa, with background on Saturday’s pole-moving project on Maple Grove. Hydro Ottawa is proactively moving the poles to accomodate future road widening, currently slated for after 2013 in the City’s transportation master plan.)

Twenty-five employees, six contracting staff, 20 poles, 12 hours, one Pole Claw, one day. These are the numbers required to successfully complete hydro pole relocation on Maple Grove Road on Saturday, May 14, due to a road widening project. Continue reading


FOOD TRUCKS: Sandwich sorcery at The ‘Wiches Cauldron (with video)

(Above: Monique Haugen and Craig Beaudry from The Wiches Cauldron. Photo by Jordan Mady.)

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Stittsville’s The ‘Wiches Cauldron  is in its third season and business is bubbling. In this issue, the first in a series about Stittsville food trucks, you’ll meet the married, university-educated duo behind the delicious sorcery.  The couple pumps out sandwiches and soups on the daily, and they’re constantly brewing up something new. Visit them at their Carp Rd. location just south of Hazeldean Road  and you’ll find yourself wanting to be friends with them instantly.) Continue reading


MUST WATCH: Cool video of city snowplow operations

Who knew snow clearing could be so dramatic?  Hien Hoang put together this video of city snow removal in the Fairwinds neighbourhood from earlier today.

It’s full of dramatic shots of heavy equipment, phalanxes of dump trucks, and sweeping aerial shots of plows in the neighbourhood.

“I came home for lunch and got trapped in by the whole production,” he says. “So I decided to capture some ground and aerial footage of it all. Its pretty amazing!”

Continue reading