LETTER: Time for some research into the Bradley/Craig farmstead

Re: Boyd House: The old stone home at 173 Huntmar (Part 1)

Thank you for your artistic treatment (photography) of this wonderful old home and property.

I would love to see the same treatment, (before it’s too late!) for the property on Hazeldean Road, which I believe is called the Bradley/Craig farmstead. The barn behind the home is a classic!

It is across from Grant Crossing and now seeming to be so unappreciated… with bulldozers sifting soil beside it!

Thanks again,
Margaret Bryan


Editor’s note:¬†Photos and history of the Bradley/Craig farmstead will be coming soon! In the meantime, readers may be interested to know that the house and farm do have heritage designation. ¬†The house is in good shape but the barn is not.



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