LETTERS: Todd and Sandra Brown make Stittsville a caring community

Todd and Sandra Brown of Brown's Independnt

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week, Todd and Sandra Brown (pictured above) from Brown’s Independent won a Celebration of People award,┬árecognizing their work to promote accessibility, inclusion and full community participation by citizens with disabilities. They’ve hired individuals with disabilities to work at the grocery store and provided co-op placements to high school students with physical and development disabilities. We’ve received several congratulatory letters from the community. Here’s a sample.

“Todd and Sandra Brown are truly a deserving couple for all they do in this community. In particular helping the less fortunate with disabilities … giving these citizens a reason to get out of bed and go do work. Folks like Todd and Sandra give the less fortunate among us a job, providing a visible indication of Stittsville being a caring community. ”
Howie and Helga Pierce, regular customers

“This is so wonderful to see. The Brown’s are wonderful supporters of the community as a whole but particularly great to see them helping out specific populations. These are the efforts we need to remember when evaluating where we shop. It isn’t just saving $1 on a particular grocery item.”
Lisa Manninen, Stittsville

“Mr. Brown approached us when our handicapped son finished his high school co-op. Adam has now been working there over 10 years and proudly wears his uniform every time he goes to work. Thank you Mr. Brown!”
Johanne Laforest

“The Brown’s deserve a lot of credit for seeing their potential. Having a job is a source of pride & accomplishment.”
Malcolm Lawrence

“One of the reasons you have my loyalty. Your inclusiveness and great customer service keeps me coming back.”
Tammy Kealey-Donaldson



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