OCT 25: Information session about Huffing And Puffing Ottawa Seniors Fitness

Huffing And Puffing Ottawa Seniors Fitness Association (HAPO SFA), in conjunction with Ale Amberwood Lounge & Eatery, are Hosting a Coffee & Tea Information Session, to be held @ the Ale Lounge on the 25th of October 2017 @ 2:00pm.

HAPO SFA is affiliated with Huff N’ Puff SFA which is a Non Profit Association for Seniors providing both numerous social & fitness programs. HNF SFA in London, Ontario is a highly successful SFA which provides programs and Fitness facilities to over 2000 London Ontario Seniors. The North London Optimist Centre has just undergone a refurbishment of their facilities, which is to a great extent been made possible by the money generated by the HNP patronage. London HNP uses 3 major facilities and numerous other facilities, including ice rinks, sports parks, schools, legions, curling arenas, etc. Please visit thier web site to see more about thier programs and facilities: http://www.huffnpuffsfa.com/

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One thought on “OCT 25: Information session about Huffing And Puffing Ottawa Seniors Fitness”

  1. Would love to learn more about this but unable to attend this afternoon info session. Are there any evening info sessions in the works?

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