New OC Transpo route 196 will serve Tanger Outlets on evenings and weekends

UPDATE (October 14): We asked the City of Ottawa about the details behind the new bus route that’s being at least partially funded by Tanger Oulets.

Here’s what Mikael Leroux, Acting Assistant General Manager, Customer Systems & Planning for the City of Ottawa, told us:

  • Tanger Outlets is the first example of a major retailer in Ottawa who is funding transit service to their location.
  • How much will Tanger be paying?  It’s complicated.  Tanger and RioCan will share the costs to pay Ottawa for the new Route 196 service.  They’re responsible for all costs associated with the service, but their bill will be off-set in part by fare revenue received.
  • “This service is an early servicing agreement which is scheduled to run, at this time, until December 21, 2015, at which point the demand is expected to meet the City of Ottawa’s service standards,” says Leroux.  In other words, once ridership reaches a high enough threshold, Tanger/Riocan would stop contributing to the cost for the service.



(Press release from the City of Ottawa.)

New OC Transpo service to Tanger Outlets mall in Kanata will be available seven days a week.

Currently, Route 96A is providing weekday service to Tanger Outlets every 30 minutes. Connections to Route 96A can be made downtown, along the Transitway and in Stittsville.

For weekday late evening and weekend service, new Route 196 will be available starting Friday, October 17. Funded by Tanger Outlets, Route 196 will provide a connection between Terry Fox Station and Tanger Outlets every 30 minutes during weekday late evenings and weekends. Continue reading


Audience gets feisty at candidate debate

Thursday night’s Stittsville ward debate was full of interruptions, accusations and arguing. And that was just from the audience.

About 150 people filled the community hall at Johnny Leroux Arena to watch the first live public debate between Dave Lee and Shad Qadri, the two men running to represent Stittsville on city council. The debate was organized by the Stittsville Village Association (SVA). Continue reading


Plan of subdivision submitted for 5431 Fernbank

The City has received a plan of subdivision for the land at 5431 Fernbank Road, near the Blackstone community:

“The subject lands are currently vacant agricultural land. Two hydro corridors and the TransCanada Trail lie north of the site. There is a draft approved subdivision to the west, a site plan approved for commercial retail development to the south and vacant urban lands to the east of the property. The subdivision proposal is identified as Phases 2 through 4 of Blackstone Development. The draft plan shows 315 single family lots, 11 blocks for multiple dwellings one park block, one stormwater management block, 10 streets, 3 walkways blocks and the block for the hydro corridor. At total of 565 dwelling units are anticipated, with 97 street townhomes, 61 townhomes on private roads and 92 as stacked townhomes or low rise apartments units. The access will be from Terry Fox Drive and through the previously draft approved subdivision immediately to the west of this site.”

You can find more info here…

5431 Fernbank Road
5431 Fernbank Road


Candidate Q&A: French public board (CEPEO)

Here’s the next in our series of questionnaires from the candidates in the upcoming city council and school board elections.  (Click here for all of our election coverage.)

Stittsville is in Zone 12 of the French public school board (le Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario).  Elementary students attend Maurice Lapointe in Bridlewood and high school students attend Omer-Deslauriers in Nepean near Merivale Road and Viewmount (the former J.S. Woodsworth high school).  A new french public high school is scheduled to open in Bridlewood next fall.

The candidates in this district are Patricia Chehadé and Linda Savard. We’ve included their answers in the languages that they provided below.

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Candidate Q&A: French Catholic board (CECCE)

Here’s the next in our series of questionnaires from the candidates in the upcoming city council and school board elections.  (Click here for all of our election coverage.)

Stittsville is in Zone 4 of the French Catholic school board (le Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est).  The only school in the Stittsville area is Saint-Jean-Paul II (elementary school).  High school students go to Collège catholique Franco-Ouest in Bells Corners, although a new high school in the Fernbank area is scheduled to open in September 2015.

The candidates in this district are Jacques Boyer and André Thibodeau, but only Thibodeau replied to our questionnaire. Continue reading


Westbound Queensway lanes to re-open by Friday

Most of the lane reductions on the westbound Queensway between Moodie and Eagleson will be removed by October 10, and the Carp Road overpass will re-open by the end of the month.

Those two updates and more were provided in an update today from  Andrew MacHardy, from McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers.   Here’s his full email, sent to media and city officials. Continue reading


Work in progress: Photos of the Tanger Outlets dining hall

Here’s another look behind-the-scenes at the new Tanger Outlets, dining hall courtesy of Grace Odumo from local fashion blog 613 Style.

A dining hall is what we used to call a food court, and they’re becoming an important tool that mall owners use to entice customers to visit, eat, and shop for longer.  Rideau Centre and Bayshore Shopping Centre both recently completed major renovations of their eating areas. Continue reading


Residents encouraged to test smoke alarms monthly

(Press release from the City of Ottawa.)

Ottawa Fire Services wants to remind residents that it’s the law to have a working smoke alarm outside every sleeping area and on every storey of the home.

In one out of three fatal home fires, there is no working smoke alarm. That’s why, during Fire Prevention Week in Ottawa, which takes place October 5 to 11, Ottawa Fire Services encourages everyone to test their smoke alarms and to make plans to test them again every month. Continue reading


Grade 10 student by day, rock/punk impresario by night

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a busy guy.  He’s 15 years old,  in Grade 10 at Sacred Heart High School, has a paper route, plays guitar and sings. And in his spare time, he also runs a music promotion company.

Fitzpatrick has been playing guitar for the past five years. He started The Indie Scene to promote local rock and punk bands in Ottawa. Continue reading


Stittsville singer Abigail Moffitt wins top prize at Carleton Place competition

Abigail Moffitt
Abigail Moffitt

Abigail Moffitt, an 11-year-old Stittsville singer, won $500 at a singing contest in Carleton Place on Saturday morning.

“Well, she was pretty thrilled,” said her mom Barb. “$500 cash is the most money she has ever had personally.  She really really wanted to win, but we prepared her for the fact that singing competitions are not based on fact. They can be subjective, and sometimes biased.” Continue reading


Rogers customers frustrated by poor cell service

(Photo: Peter Hanschke in front of his home west of Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Glen Gower.)

Peter Hanschke has been a Stittsville resident for 31 years and a Rogers customer for over a decade.  He says he’s never been impressed with their cell phone service.

“To get reception, you have to be at the front of the house, near the bay window, angled just properly, so that people can hear you clearly. I started a consulting business out of my home here, and trying to do calls on my cell for business is embarrassing, it just doesn’t work,” he says.

“It’s always been poor quality, but back when it first came out you could understand it, Stittsville was a pretty small community,” he says.
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Top ten stories on Sept 27 – Oct 3

Top Ten

Here are the top ten most-visited stories on for the week of September 27 to October 3.

  1. Shop til you drop: A full list of Tanger Outlet stores (so far)
  2. Lee, Qadri square off over Orgaworld in Rogers 22 tv debate
  3. How is Rogers cell phone coverage in your neighbourhood?
  4. Covered Bridge Brewing plans collaboration with ‘Wiches Cauldron food truck
  5. Beautiful aerial video shows a Stittsville neighbourhood like you’ve never seen it before
  6. One-day Etsy marketplace at Sensplex
  7. Kathleen Edwards is opening a coffee shop called Quitters on Stittsville Main
  8. The race is on: New candidate in Stittsville Ward election
  9. Kathleen Edwards’ Quitters coffee shop is hiring
  10. Candidate Q&A: Zone 1 English Catholic Board


Plan of subdivision submitted for commercial/industrial development on Carp Road

The City of Ottawa has received a plan of subdivision for 3119 Carp Road, just north of Stittsville.

“The plan of subdivision features the creation of 12 lots for commercial/industrial uses. This subdivision will be accessed by two private common element roads. The lots will be serviced by individual well and septic systems, as well as individual stormwater management plans.”

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Site Plan Control submitted for Frank Nighbor Place / Silver Seven Road

Site plan map for the south west corner of Frank Nighbor and Silver Seven
Site plan map for the south west corner of Frank Nighbor and Silver Seven. Click for full size.

There’s a new collection of Site Plan Control documents posted for a development at the corner of Frank Nighbor Place and Silver Seven Road, across from the Costco in Kanata.    It’s currently undeveloped.

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UPDATE: Tees For The People wins Canada Post start-up award

(Photo: Derek Donaldson (left). Pat Sullivan (right) and host Michael Landsberg at the awards show in Toronto.)

Tees For The People won the title of “Most Innovative E-Commerce Platform” at Canada Post’s e-commerce innovation awards last week in Toronto.

We featured Tees For The People last month on  It’s a start-up company run by Stittsville’s Pat Sullivan and Derek Donaldson. Continue reading


Candidate Q&A: Dave Lee and Shad Qadri (Part 1)

We sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates for city council and school board in Stittsville.  We’ve already published answers from the English Public Board and Catholic Board candidates, and today we have Part 1 of the answers from Dave Lee and Shad Qadri, the two candidates running in Ward 6 for Ottawa City Council. (Read Part 2 here.) Continue reading