Low enrolment puts Munster Elementary School at risk of closure

EDITOR’S NOTE: Low enrolment at Munster Elementary  is putting the facility at risk of closure.  The school board is holding a public meeting in December to discuss options to keep the school open, including introducing a new french immersion program.

Any changes would trigger new school boundaries, which could affect students and schools in Stittsville. Options being considered by the school board including sending Munster students to A. Lorne Cassidy school as early as 2015-2016.  Another option to add a french immersion program could mean some students currently attending Westwind or A. Lorne Cassidy schools would be moved to Munster instead.

We want to hear from parents who may be affected by these changes. Send us a note a feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca or leave a comment below.


(Press release from the Ottawa District School Board)

Parents and interested community members are invited to attend a public meeting. Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Munster Elementary School, Gymnasium
7816 Bleeks Road
Presentation at 7:00 p.m.

Munster Elementary School is located in the Hamlet of Munster (7816 Bleeks Road) and currently offers a Regular English program to students residing in the western portion of the former Township of Goulbourn. The school’s enrolment has decreased significantly for the 2014-2015 school year and currently stands at 58 students.

The Board is seeking community input regarding increasing the current low enrolment at Munster Elementary School with the introduction of a new Early French Immersion program and whether or not that option is viable. Some action is likely required at the school for the 2015-2016 school year.

Following the Public Consultation Meeting on December 3rd and a review of input received from the community, a recommendation by staff will be brought forward to the Board’s Committee of the Whole in early 2015.

The report will provide the Board of Trustees with information regarding the viability of introducing a new Early French Immersion Program, including community input, and a recommended course of action for the accommodation of Munster Elementary School students in September 2015. A final decision by the Board of Trustees is scheduled to take place in early 2015.

More information can be found at


Santa’s coming to Stittsville on November 29

All photos by Danielle Barabé-Bussières

Come join your neighbours for Stittsville’s Annual Parade of Lights.

The parade will start at 6:00 pm on Saturday, November 29th on Stittsville Main Street

As a result Main Street will be closed to traffic from approximately 5:30pm to sometime between8:00pm & 8:30pm.

This promises to be the biggest and best parade yet with many new entrants and the return of many favorite participants.

Please plan on joining everyone at Village Square Park after the parade for cookies, proved by Farm Boy and hot chocolate. As well there will be a Christmas carol sing-a-long lead by special guests the Canadian Military Wives Choir and  the Grace Baptist Church choir.

More info about the parade…

Photo courtesy of Danielle Barabé-Bussières

Photo courtesy of Danielle Barabé-Bussières

Photo courtesy of Danielle Barabé-Bussières


Fishing and hunting store Cabela’s coming to Kanata

(Press release from Cabela’s)

A 70,000-square-foot Cabela’s store will be located near the intersection of Palladium Drive and Highway 417. It will anchor the newly planned Kanata West Centre, which is being developed by Taggart Realty Management. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2015, and Cabela’s plans to open the store in the spring of 2016. Continue reading


West Ottawa Ladies Chorus bring Christmas carols to Gaia Java this Friday

Thanks to the tireless energy of their Leader Robert Dueck, the West Ottawa Ladies Chorus has acquired a great reputation since their relatively recent creation. They have a couple of great concerts coming up in December, and this Friday they are coming to Gaia Java to sing some preview pieces for you. Continue reading


Winter overnight parking restrictions in effect from November 15 until April 1

(Press release from the City of Ottawa.)

The City of Ottawa is reminding residents that winter overnight parking restrictions are in effect beginning Saturday, November 15. These restrictions ensure that the City’s snow-clearing crews are able to keep Ottawa’s roads safe and clear for pedestrians, cyclists, public transit, and motorists. Continue reading


LETTER: Time for some research into the Bradley/Craig farmstead

Re: Boyd House: The old stone home at 173 Huntmar (Part 1)

Thank you for your artistic treatment (photography) of this wonderful old home and property.

I would love to see the same treatment, (before it’s too late!) for the property on Hazeldean Road, which I believe is called the Bradley/Craig farmstead. The barn behind the home is a classic!

It is across from Grant Crossing and now seeming to be so unappreciated… with bulldozers sifting soil beside it!

Thanks again,
Margaret Bryan


Editor’s note: Photos and history of the Bradley/Craig farmstead will be coming soon! In the meantime, readers may be interested to know that the house and farm do have heritage designation.  The house is in good shape but the barn is not.


Jackson Trails residents unhappy with road plan for proposed Minto subdivision

The Stitsville Village Association (SVA) says they want to work with Jackson Trails residents to come to an agreement on the best way to get cars in and out of a planned subdivision on Hazeldean Road.

Minto submitted a site plan application last spring for a development just west of Jackson Trails that would include 234 townhouses and 220 single-datached homes.

Minto's original site plan map, showing connections to three streets on the east in Jackson trails, but no connections to the west or south.
Minto’s original site plan map, showing connections to three streets on the east in Jackson trails, but no connections to the west or south.


The plan for roads connecting the new subdivision to existing developments is causing some contention:

  • Under Minto’s plan, traffic would enter the subdivision via Hazeldean Road in the south, and from Jackson Trails via Bandelier Way, Kimpton Drive and Eagle Crest Heights.  There’s no connection to the subdivision in the west towards Carp Road.
  • The City’s Transportation Master plan calls for a east-west connection from Kimpton Drive to Echowoods Avenue, connecting Carp Road to Stittsville Main Street, parallel to Hazeldean.
  • The SVA supports this east-west connection, but some Jackson Trails Residents are concerned about cut-through and speeding traffic through their neighbourhood. They say drivers will use it as a short-cut to bypass Hazeldean Road.
  • Shad Qadri says some business owners on Carp Road favour the east-west connection, because it would encourage residents in Jackson Trails and the new subdivision to visit their businesses, as opposed to shopping on Hazeldean Road or Stittsville Main.
  • Minto does not own the land adjacent to Hazeldean Road, so it’s unclear if they’ll be able to provide road access to the south.

The issue was discussed on Thursday night at the SVA’s monthly meeting.

Prior to the meeting, Tim Larocque, the president of the Jackson Trails Community Association (JTCA), sent a letter to SVA president Phil Sweetnam.

In the letter, Larocque said the JCTA does not support connecting Kimpton and Echo Woods, and said that additional traffic analysis is required.

“Our single most important issue of the proposed design is traffic flow and safety. The JTCA supports connecting to Hazeldean as the primary access road for the Minto development. While connecting Kimpton to Echowoods is a possible option to consider, we believe it is a temporary or alternative solution that does not fully address resident concerns including pedestrian safety, speeding, traffic congestion and a secondary emergency route,” he wrote.

Jackson Trails resident Dan Scott attended the meeting, and said that while residents are concerned about cut-through traffic, they also recognize the new subdivision should have more than one exit point, to ensure safety and proper traffic flow.

No decisions were made at the meeting, but Sweetnam said that both the SVA and JTCA should meet and make sure that the needs of the entire Stittsville community, and the needs of residents in the new subdivision, are both addressed.

The City of Ottawa is still waiting for Minto to come back with changes to their proposed site plan, based on comments received earlier this year at a public meeting in June.

At the meeting, Qadri also said that city staff are reviewing an option to connect Stittsville Main Street to Maple Grove Road, at least temporarily. This would provide Jackson Trails with a second access point to their neighbourhood.

Jackson Trails only has one way in and out of the subdivision, at Stittsville Main and Hazeldean Road. Under the current TMP, there’s a plan to connect Stittsvile Main Street to Palladium Drive, but not until 2026-2031.

There’s a long-standing promise between the City of Ottawa and residents of Bryanston Gate near Johnwoods not to connect Maple Grove to Stittsville Main. That promise is reflected in the city’s official plan.

Qadri says he’s asked City staff to review that agreement to see if a temporary connection can be made until the future link to Palladium is completed.  He says a full environmental assessment would be required before work proceeds.

We’d like to hear from residents about your thoughts on the traffic plan for the new subdivision. Add your comments below or email feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca


Boyd House: The old stone home at 173 Huntmar (Part 1)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This series originally appeared a year ago on OttawaStart.com.  Over the next few weeks we’ll update and republish the research on this site. There’s currently a site plan proposal to redevelop the land at 173 Huntmar for townhomes, apartments, and commercial space.  The heritage home would be preserved. Photos and research by Glen Gower.

Continue reading


Goulbourn Girls Hockey teams win gold and silver

The Goulbourn Girls Hockey teams won gold and silver in the 31st Annual Cornwall Girls Hockey tournament this past weekend

It was a huge success for the Goulburn Association.  Four of the six teams made it to Sunday playoff action.  That is outstanding, considering we are just in our third year of our program.

That is a huge testament to our development and dedication from everybody involved.

The Novice 1 team won a Silver medal finish and the Atom 2 team won a Gold medal.


LETTER: Watson thanks voters for re-electing him

On October 27th I was given the great honour of serving as your Mayor for 4 more years.

Today, I am writing to say thank you.

The support I have received from Ottawa’s residents over the past year has been nothing short of extraordinary. As a candidate for Mayor this year, I canvassed in all 23 wards, participated in more than a half-dozen debates, worked hard to put forward a platform that would move our city forward while living within our means, and all while continuing on with my usual Mayoral duties.

What made campaigning so rewarding for me was the chance to speak with Ottawa’s residents 1-on-1 at their doors day after day. My job as Mayor puts me in touch with tens of thousands of residents each year through different events and programs but it doesn’t leave me much time to visit residents at their doorstep to hear their ideas and concerns firsthand. Doing so during the campaign reminded me again how compassionate and diverse our city’s residents are and the support I received at the door was what kept me working hard every day.

The campaign, in combination with my job as Mayor, made for some very long days for me and for my campaign team. Despite the positive response we received from the outset, we took nothing for granted and made sure that come election night we could look back and honestly say that we gave it everything we had.

As the results came in on election night I felt truly honoured to have received the largest percentage of the votes cast and the highest number of total votes in Ottawa’s amalgamated history.

This is a mandate for progress in our city and as I set out to lead this new term of Council I promise not to forget this support.

I have been hard at work since the morning after the election finishing this first term while planning the coming four years. These years will see us open the first phase of our LRT system, clean up the Ottawa River, make the key investments in our city’s future while being fiscally responsible in the present, and celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

I look forward to working collaboratively with my council colleagues to push our great city to new heights.

I am forever grateful to be your Mayor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.


Jim Watson
City of Ottawa


100th Regiment of Foot is holding an open house on November 23

(Press release from the 100th Regiment of Foot.)

The 100th Regiment of Foot is pleased to announce an open drop in day for visitors on Sunday November 23rd from 2pm to 4pm.

If you are interested in the regiment’s history, would like the opportunity to have a look at the equipment we use or maybe tryout some Napoleonic era drill then Sunday the 23rd is the perfect day to visit.

We will be at the Richmond Memorial Community Center in the upstairs hall which is reached through the doors marked A1 on the left as you enter through the front. There is plenty of free parking.

More info…


The Bridge church in Kanata plans expansion at 285 Didsbury Road

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to amend the existing Site Plan Control Approval to allow for the construction of an addition to the existing church at 285 Didsbury Road. The new building will serve as a reception area, meeting rooms and a lounge area for the existing structure.

The Bridge, just north of the Queensway across from Canadian Tire Centre, is a Wesleyan church.


Multi-musician Ceilidh at Gaia Java this Friday

Musician Kevin Dooley was going to perform with his daughter Deirdre and their friend Susan Sweeney Hermon (harpist with Acacia Lyra, whom you heard a couple of months ago in the shop), but sadly he got called away at short notice to a family funeral in Ireland. Susan and I spoke about this, and she kindly put out a call to the Irish music community around Ottawa, encountering a tumultuous response of willingness to fill the space left by Kevin’s unforeseen absence.

So we do still have an event, and on a scale never before witnessed at Gaia Java, so the competition for seats may be even more vigorous than normal! In terms of musicians it seems we will have:

  • Dierdre Dooley,  percussion
  • Steve Renahan, vocals, mandolin, bodhran
  • Pat Donnelly, vocals, guitar, fiddle
  • Scott Donnelly, vocals, accordion, whistles
  • Brendan Ryan, vocals, mandolin
  • Jes Alexant, whistles
  • Aharon Zohar, accordion
  • Susan Sweeney Hermon, vocals, Celtic Harp, bodhran

We are anticipating around eight musicians – a small orchestra! The evening will be an exciting exploration of many dimensions of Irish and Celtic traditional music – small ensembles or the massed forces, and plenty of opportunities for the audience to tap their toes and join in the singing.

Come along and experience the spirit of one of the richest traditions of folk music emanating from Europe, and meet some great local exponents of it. No entry charge for purchasing customers, but remember the best seats go first, and we put out a ‘donations’ jar so that appreciative customers can contribute to the well-being of the marvellous musicians who come to entertain us.

See more details at www.gaiajava.ca where you can also review the listing of upcoming music night performers over the next couple of months.

Next week’s planned performance of the ‘Crumble Quartet’ will be postponed to the New Year while Mary (their viola player) repairs her broken finger. Meanwhile the wonderful West Ottawa Ladies Chorus are coming in for ‘Sing with Christmas Carollers at Gaia Java’; an evening of sing-along Christmas music (including your requests) and a preview of their upcoming Christmas concert, for which we have tickets on sale in the shop.