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HAZMAT team responds to incident at Amberwood Golf Club pool

UPDATE: Statement from Amberwood Golf & Country Club:

This evening, June 23, there was a localized chemical reaction that caused toxic fumes at Amberwood, concerning management on site. The team evacuated the building as a precautionary measure and contacted the fire department. Five people were taken to hospital for further observations are are expecting to be just fine. There was no explosion or any other situation of note other than the fumes from the reaction.

The fire department called the Hazmat team, which has been checking the HVAC system and making sure that is operational.
We don’t yet know the status for the club for tomorrow (June 24) but will advise as soon as we do.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank the local Ottawa fire department for their assistance.


(via Ottawa Fire Services)

54 Springbrook Dr / Amberwood Golf Club.

At 20:11 Ottawa Fire Dispatch received a 911 from the Amberwood Golf Club for a Hazmat where Acid (unknown) was Mixed with Chlorine. Continue reading


GALLERY: Winter wonderland along Poole Creek

“I took these pictures on December 6  during my morning walk,” says Michelle Legault. “They were taken on the paths that connect Amberwood with Granite Ridge along Poole Creek.  It was really a winter wonderland after awful weather the day before.”

(We love seeing photos from in and around our community. Please send your best pics to us at feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca) Continue reading


Stitt Park snapping turtle is back!

Thanks to Karla Torres for the heads up about the return of the Stitt Park turtle, spotted by several people yesterday morning. The photo above is from Jean-Michel Bastien, via Facebook.

Could this be the same turtle who buried her eggs in the sand last summer? Torres and her family saw a turtle laying eggs, then helped build an enclosure to protect the nest.  A few weks later the community got involved to protect it after vandals destroyed the structure.  When the turtles hatched in September, neighbours helped move them to safety in nearby Poole Creek.  (Read more, plus cute baby turtle photos here…) Continue reading


CHEERS! ALE aims to revive Amberwood golf club restaurant

(PHOTO: ALE general manager Sarah St. Michael (left) with Nicolle Carson, assistant / bar manager. They’re are holding ALE’s crab spring rolls. Photo by Barry Gray)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The restaurant space at Amberwood Golf and Country Club has been home to several different restaurants over the past few years, most recently Bistrofiftyfour and before that the Wild Wood Steak & Chop House.  A new team with deep roots in the Stittsville area, including the McConville family who run The Glen, think they’ve found the right concept with ALE.  Here’s an edited version of an email interview with general manager Sarah St. Michael.

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Update on ash tree removal in Timbermere and Amberwood

We’ve had a few questions from readers about tree removal in Stittsville over the past couple of weeks.  City forestry crews cut down ash trees in Lady Bird Park in Timbermere and Amberwood that were infested with the Emerald Ash Borer.

Susan Goslin took this photo of tree removal in progress in Timbermere earlier this week. "We were told that only the ash trees were being cut down, but this morning all of our grape vines and new growth trees were taken too... I hope that the city is planning on replanting in this area," she wrote.
Susan Goslin took this photo of tree removal in progress in Timbermere earlier this week. “We were told that only the ash trees were being cut down, but this morning all of our grape vines and new growth trees were taken too… I hope that the city is planning on replanting in this area,” she wrote.


What's left after ash tree removal in Amberwood, next to Springbrook.
What’s left after ash tree removal in Amberwood, next to Springbrook.

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ASHES TO ASHES: Trees to be removed in Amberwood

(via Councillor Shad Qadri’s weekly newsletter)

In last week’s column, I shared news that Ladybird Park in Timbermere subdivision would undergo tree removal due to the hazard of the Emerald Ash Borer. Continuing in line with this program, removals will also be taking place in the parklands behind Springbrook Drive and Greer Street. Removals taking place along the pathway from the footbridge to Paul Lindsay Park will likely be done at a later date with smaller logging equipment. It is anticipated that the crews will commence removals in this area starting on February 16th, and it will likely take the full week to complete.

The Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native, highly destructive wood-boring beetle that feeds under the bark of ash trees. All species of ash are susceptible to attack, except mountain ash, which is not a true ash species. Since it was first identified in Michigan in 2002, EAB has killed millions of ash trees in Ontario and many parts of the United States. It poses a major economic and environmental threat to urban and forested areas. It was confirmed in Ottawa in 2008 and its impacts can be clearly seen spreading from the St. Laurent area. Since the insect spends most of its lifecycle under the bark of trees, it can be easily moved with firewood or other tree materials such as nursery stock, logs, brush and larger wood chips. This insect is able to fly, but since its spread has been primarily along major highways and transport routes, it is clear that humans are the main vector of dispersal.


To learn more about the Emerald Ash Bore and the City’s strategy you can visit here.


Thunderbird takes over management of Amberwood Village Golf Club

(Press release)

Thunderbird Management Services Inc. (TMSI) is pleased to announce, effective immediately, it has partnered with the Amberwood Village Golf and Country Club (AVGCC) to manage the entire golf operations for the 2016 season.

TMSI will be working with the Amberwood Board of Directors to develop and implement a strategic business plan to rejuvenate the golf, pool and tennis programs by bringing TMSI’s experience, expertise and proven formula for success to the beautiful nine-hole golf course, situated in the heart of Stittsville.

“We feel Amberwood has so much potential and we’re committed to putting the course back on the map,” explained Rob Knights, Vice President of Operations and Business Development at TMSI. “Amberwood is a scenic and challenging course, open to the public and provides golfers of all skill levels a great place to get in a quick nine holes of golf.”

While the perception of the golf industry is that it is struggling, TMSI has increased its presence in golf in the Ottawa area by 100% over the past 18 months and has seen steady growth at each of its facilities. Amberwood is a perfect addition to TMSI’s portfolio of courses.

“Amberwood has something to offer to everyone from golf, tennis and the pool to a great dining experience,” said Knights. “We will be changing the story at Amberwood as we have done at all the golf facilities we are involved with and are excited about the opportunity.”

TMSI is presently involved with the management of eQuinelle Golf Club, Perth Golf Course, Thunderbird Sports Centre, the Superdome at Ben Franklin Park, the Superdome Sports Centre, as well as the Tennis Centre West Ottawa.

The focal point of Amberwood Village, the Amberwood Golf and Country Club features a challenging layout for all skill levels, with water hazards on every hole, three tennis courts and a full-sized, outdoor, recreational pool.

“The AVGCC Board of Directors is pleased to be partnering with TMSI Sports Management to administer and manage the affairs of Amberwood Golf and Country Club in 2016,” said Ralph Milligan, President of the Amberwood Village Recreation Association, the group that owns the golf club. “We feel TMSI’s experience and expertise is exactly what the club needs to continue to improve our operations.”

Katharine Usher-Vollett, a 25-year employee of TMSI, will take on the position of full time, on-site General Manager for the club. Mrs. Usher-Vollett was the leader for TMSI at eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville since the club’s opening in 2009 and will bring her experience and expertise to Amberwood starting immediately.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge that Amberwood brings and I’m excited to be part of a great facility,” explained Mrs. Usher-Vollett.

Meanwhile, PGA of Canada professional Phil Rankin will take over as Director of Golf at eQuinelle, bringing his 23 years of experience in the golf industry to Ottawa’s premier golf facility. Rankin is familiar to the members and public players at eQuinelle, having been the teaching professional and involved in supporting member events and leagues since 2013.

Amberwood Village Golf and Country Club will be open for play once again in the spring, and will be featured at the Ottawa/Gatineau Golf Expo as part of the TMSI family (including Perth Golf Course)


MID-CENTURY MODERNIST: A look at the architecture of Amberwood Village

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article comes from Saul Svirplys, a PhD candidate in Geography University of Ottawa.  Svirplys blogs at Mid-Century Modern and 1970s-Era Ottawa, where this piece originally appeared. You can click on any image to enlarge.)

Located south of Hazeldean Road east of Stittsville Main Street is a very special “adult-lifestyle” neighbourhood begun in the late 1970s. The original phases of Amberwood Village consist of a series of houses built in clusters along the edges of the Amberwood Golf Course.

The development was originally built by a company called Jaric Developments Ltd. The architect of this original portion of the area was W.G. Mohaupt – who also designed the “courtyard singles” in Hunt Club (see my old post Favourite Plans South and scroll down to see these designs) – and also used to design houses for Minto.
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