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LINKED: Ashton General Store to close

The Ottawa Citizen reports on the closure of The Ashton General Store:

After a century-and-a-half as the place to pick up groceries, mail and any news neighbours are willing to part with, The Ashton General Store is closing its doors.

The lease is up and won’t be renewed, says Sylvie Pignal, who owns the business, but not the building.

“I was supposed to be in the black this year,” she says. “I have to get another job in May.”

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LINKED: Old barn moved from Wakefield to Ashton

CBC has a story today the Ashton Brewing Company buying a barn in Wakefield, Quebec and moving it to Ashton, just west of Stittsville.

“The weathered beams will be re-assembled to make a 6,000-square-foot addition to the existing building. The barn wood is worth thousands of dollars, and rebuilding it in Ashton will cost thousands more — but brewery co-owner M. J. Hodgins is gambling that access to the LCBO, and, eventually, Ontario grocery store shelves will be worth the expense.”

You can read the full story here…

CBC screen shot: Ashton Brewing Company moves barn from Wakefield for expansion


Weekend outage in Munster due to a ‘perfect storm’, says Hydro Ottawa

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Saturday, some residents in the Munster/Ashton area of Rideau Goulbourn were left without power for hours.  We asked Hydro Ottawa about why power went out and why here have been so many outages in the area.  Here’s the response from Morgan Barnes, a communications officer with Hydro Ottawa.

While our crews were prepping for a planned outage (scheduled for the evening of Saturday, March 21), our system was in an abnormal state, with customers transferred to a supply from Hydro One. That supply failed when Hydro One experienced a pole fire in nearby Carleton Place – resulting in a loss of supply (and our customers losing power). In an effort to restore our customers, we attempted to transfer customers back to our system, but that failed – causing one of our circuits to lose power. As a result, the planned work scheduled for March 21 could not go forward as we now had an unexpected outage to deal with.

We are currently evaluating if we will be rescheduling to the already communicated rain date of March 27. We understand that residents have had to deal with reliability issues of late and we want to be sensitive to their frustration and the need to do the work in order to prevent happenings such as this from occurring in the future. This past weekend was the perfect storm of a system made vulnerable due to an already planned outage and an unexpected loss of supply from Hydro One as a result of a pole fire. Restoration efforts were diminished, in part, due to the extreme high and low temperatures on Saturday that turned rain to ice.

We are actively working to bring the reliability in the area to the high standards other customers enjoy. Our crews are continuing their work in the region, including scanning for equipment that needs to be changed.


LETTER: Residents need better communication from Hydro Ottawa

Crews repair a hydro pole in Carleton Place on Saturday, March 21.  Hydro Ottawa says a supply outage at the Beckwith Station caused a widespread outage in Rideau-Goulbourn. Photo by Pam Wilcox.
Crews repair a hydro pole in Carleton Place on Saturday, March 21. Hydro Ottawa says a supply outage at the Beckwith Station caused a widespread outage in Rideau-Goulbourn. Photo by Pam Wilcox.

Re: Power outage in Munster/Ashton area due to supply issues from Hydro One

I understand estimated repair times but the lack of communication about what is happening and what’s being done to improve things from Hydro is sorely lacking. We hear from each other on Facebook more than we get from any direct Hydro source. Part of customer service is providing service number one, the second part is communicating when you fail in number one.

Looking at posts from yesterday and today there was a woman who had to cancel scheduled appointments with clients because she couldn’t meet them at her home. Homes and the children in them are cold. I can’t imagine what older folks in town are going through and just hope they got out of town or had people looking in on them.

I have a son with special needs who has been a nervous wreck since last weekend’s outage,  watching the trees constantly to see if it’s windy and then worrying about the power going out. After yesterday he’s a mess. He spent the day pacing the house and couldn’t sleep. It will take him weeks to feel safe in his own home again, and that’s only if nothing happens during those weeks.

As someone who does laundry weekends to take advantage of lower rate times on power, now I’ll be working at that into Monday, paying more because of the weekend’s outages. Who pays for that? Me. I also work from home so Friday had to make plans around the scheduled power outage and now tomorrow will have to do the same. Who loses work time?  Me.

What I’ll also be doing Monday is investigating generators, which I can’t afford but that I can’t afford not to look at if only to give my son peace of mind and to provide him the security and safety Hydro can’t.

Heather Seftel-Kirk, Munster


Power outage in Munster/Ashton area due to supply issues from Hydro One

Update 9:20pm:

Hydro Ottawa is experiencing a power outage in the Munster Village, Aston Village and surrounding s. area.
The cause of the outage is: Currently under investigation.
Hydro Ottawa crews are: Performing emergency switching to restore service to all possible affected customers.
The estimated time of restoration is: 2015-03-21 10:00 pm.
441 customers are affected.

Hydro Ottawa's outage map as of 7:55pm
Hydro Ottawa’s outage map as of 7:55pm

Power is out on a frigid Saturday night for over 1,200 customers southwest of Stittsville including Munster, Ashton and surrounding areas. Hydro Ottawa tells StittsvilleCentral.ca that the outage is due to Hydro One’s supply outage at the Beckwith Station. A pole fire in that area has left nearly 6,000 people in Carleton Place without power as well.

Some residents in Rideau-Goulbourn have been without power since around 10:00am this morning. Continue reading


Cycling from Stittsville to the Ashton Brew Pub

My neighbour Bill and I recently cycled to the Ashton Brew Pub.  Ashton is just west of Stittsville and the pub is located inside the town’s old mill.

It’s easy to get to from Stittsville, just head west down the Trans Canada Trail.  Before the trail passes under Highway 7, you turn off onto West End Way, then left on Ashton Station Road.  The mill is on the corner roughly where Flewellyn Road intersects. Continue reading