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Some simple precautions to keep bears away as hibernation ends

(ABOVE: Black bear near Hazeldean Road and Jinkinson Road, June 4, 2015. Photo by Kenny B Images.)

(We haven’t heard of any bear sightings in our area yet this season, but it wouldn’t be unusual for this time of year. Here’s a public advisory release by the Ontario Provincial Police.)

The Ontario government and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are reminding people to take extra care not to attract bears to their neighbourhood.

In some parts of the province, this year’s mild winter means black bears are coming out of hibernation early. Taking simple precautions can help prevent black bears from visiting your community. Continue reading


Bear sighting near Abbott and West Ridge

Kathleen Edwards: coffee shop owner, dog walker, and bear sighter.

Here’s her warning on Friday morning about a bear along the Trans Canada Trail.


PHOTOS: Black bear near Hazeldean and Jinkinson

These photos are from Kenny B, who spotted a black bear just off Hazeldean Road near Jinkinson, just past West Ridge on Thursday, June 4.

He tells us: “I was with a friend we went for a drive with her dog to take him for a walk… About 500 yards in the distance from the road he was just there grazing.  So I hopped into action got my camera and got some shots before he disappeared back into the woods. He was a big boy anywhere from 400-500 lbs.”

It’s the latest in a series of bear sightings in the area over the past month.

Black bear near Hazeldean Road and Jinkinson Road, June 4, 2015. Photo by Kenny B Images.
Black bear near Hazeldean Road and Jinkinson Road, June 4, 2015. Photo by Kenny B Images.


UPDATE: Bear may be looking for honey in Richmond

Here’s a note posted to the Richmond Facebook Group.

“There has been an adult male bear in the woods, back of the houses at Ottawa and Fowler Streets. It may be interested in the bee hives there but there is now an electric fence around the hives which should deter it once it’s snout has been zapped. It has also pulled down a bird feeder. It was seen about 3 days ago and has been seen today as well (Tuesday). Bear sightings do happen around Richmond every year so it likely will leave soon.”

A bear (maybe the same one) was spotted near South Carleton High School and Richmond Public School earlier this week.

Richmond bear sighting, via Facebook


Bear sighting near South Carleton High School


South Carleton High School was briefly under a “Shelter in Place” status this morning after a bear was spotted near the school.

“A community member contacted us and Richmond Public to indicate a bear had been sighted near the Jock River earlier this morning,” principal Colin Anderson told StittsvilleCentral.ca. Continue reading