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Following Poole Creek, Part 2

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Poole Creek may be Stittsville’s most important natural feature. It meanders from west to north east, crossing through neighbourhoods old and new, playing a crucial role in our community’s ecology. In the second part of this series, ecologist Nick Stow follows the creek as it heads east of Stittsville Main Street, entering a stretch that remains largely unsurveyed and uninventoried. All photos by Nick Stow.)

JUST EAST OF MAIN STREET, POOLE CREEK TURNS NORTH AND DISAPPEARS into a large remnant of Stittsville’s once extensive wetlands.  Almost inaccessible, the wetland remains largely unsurveyed and uninventoried.  However, I suspect that an bioinventory would likely reveal several species at risk, especially Blanding’s turtle, which is known from the Goulbourn Wetland Complex and several isolated observations elsewhere in the village. Continue reading


A FINE BALANCE: Study looks at why Goulbourn wetlands are changing

(ABOVE: Looking north from the Trans Canada Trail, west of Stittsville, June 2016. Photo illustration.)

“No interrupting, no swearing, no shouting. We’re all here to be heard, and this is a professional meeting,” said the moderator.

She was laying down the ground rules for a public meeting on Monday about the results of a long-awaited study looking at wetlands in the area. Continue reading


LINKED: Stittsville resident helps taxi a sick beaver

Several media outlets have stories today about Stittsville resident Mary Herbert, and how she volunteered to chauffer a sick beaver 400km from the Rideau Valley Wildlife Centre to a rehabilitation clinic in Rosseau, Ontario. Continue reading


Jackson Trails resident Omar Sultan receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

(Photo: Omar Sultan (middle) receives the Mayor’s City Builder Award from Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Shad Qadri. Photo and text via the City of Ottawa.)

Mayor Jim Watson and Stittsville Ward Councillor Shad Qadri presented a Mayor’s City Builder Award to Omar Sultan at today’s City Council meeting, recognizing his continued leadership and dedication to his community. Continue reading