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LINKED: Cavanagh fined for discharging sediment into wetland

From CBC Ottawa:

An Ottawa construction company convicted of discharging construction sediment into a drain that flows into the Jock River in 2013 has been fined $275,000.

Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited was convicted in June of four charges under the Ontario Water Resources Act, according to Ontario’s environment ministry. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Farmers’ Market update, more thefts at Carp Road Park & Ride

There’s still no date set for the opening of the “official” Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Village Square Park, but Suzanne Bird is forging ahead anyways with a mini market next door at “The Barn”.  Bird owns the old log building on the east side of Village Square Park. The first event will be on Friday, June 30 from 4:00pm-7:00pm, and will feature two Ontario CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farmers. More info here…


Last month Devyn Barrie reported on a man who had all four of the wheels stolen from his car during the day while it was parked at the Carp Road Park & Ride. This week, there were reports of two thefts of catalytic converters from cars. In one case, thieves sliced through the vehicle and took the catalytic converter, a section of the exhaust system and cables from a 2017 Nissan Titan.

Councillor Shad Qadri wrote in his newsletter this week that city officials are looking into the feasibility of adding security cameras to the lot. (The lot is technically in Rideau-Goulbourn, not Stittsville.)

Meanwhile, the City is planning to pave the lot, and increase the number of spaces from 115 to 150.

The City of Ottawa has posted applications for a Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment for a new phase of the Blackstone subdivision. You can read about the plans here, and submit comments and questions to City of Ottawa staff.

The piece of land is at the southeast corner of the Fernbank area, adjacent to the Walmart. Cardel and Mattamy are the developers, and the plan is to develop 950 housing units, including detached homes and townhouses, and apartments. The proposed development includes two parks, a stormwater management block, a public elementary school site and a future Catholic high school site.

It’s probably worth pointing out that even though there’s land designated for future schools, there’s no guarantee they will ever be built, and there’s a window of at least seven years for the school boards to exercise their options on the land. The master plan for the entire Fernbank area includes land for 11 schools, including a public high school further west.

Plan of subdivision for 5505 Fernbank


MAY 15: First meeting of the Blackstone Fernbank Crossing Community Association

The Blackstone Fernbank Crossing Community Association (BFCCA) is holding their first Annual General Meeting on Monday, May 15 at 7:30pm. The meeting will be held at the Goulbourn Rec Centre, Meeting Room A.

For more email, contact BlackstoneFernbankCrossing@gmail.com or join the Blackstone / Fernbank Crossing Facebook Group.


NOTEBOOK: New RMT on Stittsville Main, a lost building’s rich retail history


Holly Milliner
Holly Milliner

Holly Milliner has moved her registered massage therapy practice, Syner-G Massage Therapy and Wellness Centre to the little white house at 1535 Stittsville Main Street, just south of Orville.

“It’s a great spot to catch the action on Main Street, and I’m really looking forward to the foot traffic that Quitters and Story Art will hopefully bring this summer,” she says.

“I grew up in Glen Cairn and always remembered Stittsville for the Sundays we’d spend at the Flea Market.  Then I moved with my folks in 2006 to Timbermere and started seeing this community a little differently, as an adult and thinking it would be a great place to raise a family.

“This location is also a bonus as I live on Elm – you can’t beat a 5 minute walk to work,” says Milliner.

Last month I wrote about the the property at 1520 Stittsville Main Street that’s up for sale. Until 2014, it was home to 19th century heritage building that most recently was home to the Louisiannie’s and NOLA restaurants.

John Bottriell fills us in on some of the businesses that called the building home over the years: “This building has had many uses over the years… The Royal Albert Tea Room, Pixie’s Florists, Toomey’s Photography and of course Bradley’s dry goods store. I have memories of the early 1980’s walking our children to the Stittsville Nursery School and stopping with them to view the stuffed animals displayed in the window.”

Bradley's General Store at 1518 Stittsville Main Street. Date unknown.
Bradley’s General Store at 1518 Stittsville Main Street. Date unknown.

Daniel Kucherhan lives in Arcadia and reports back from a meeting he had with Kanata North councillor Marianne Wilkinson:

  • Officially, we’re still looking at a 10-15 year horizon for the province to build pedestrian infrastructure across the Queensway at Huntmar. In the meantime, Kucherhan says Wilkinson is working on a plan to construct a pedestrian/bicycle overpass, and will ask the provincial and federal government to pitch in on the cost – roughly $15-million.
  • The Campeau Bridge over the Carp River, linking Huntmar all the way to Terry Fox, is likely still at least two years away.
  • The Arcadia Community Association is hoping to raise $50,000, 25% of the funds needed to build a splash pad in their community.
    More from Kucherhan’s meeting here (FB)…


Covered Bridge Brewing and Wiches Cauldron are teaming up for a St. Patrick’s Day party. featuring dinner (Irish stew, soda bread and stout cupcakes, 12 oz beer of choice, and live music. Tickets ($30) must be purchased in advance, available at the brewery. Email kathy@coveredbridgebrewing.com for details.

There’s a new site plan control application to build 20 freehold townhomes at 502 Dressage Street in the Blackstone subdivision, off Oxer Place. The City of Ottawa is accepting public comments on the proposal.  Click here for more info…

A social media post listing the new Hazeldean Road Shoe Company location as being in Kanata drew the ire of a few Stittsville residents, prompting the company to update their post.

“We’ve updated the location! Thanks for clarifying for us David! Sadly we’re not local to the store so didn’t realize it fell within Stittsville, not Kanata. What we do know is we are excited to be at our new location, and hope to see you soon,” they wrote.

That’s reminiscent of the situation a couple of years back when a couple of large home builders agreed to update their marketing that promoted Poole Creek Village as being “in the heart of Kanata”, when in fact they are a part of Stittsville.

For the record, Carp River is the boundary between Kanata South and Stittsville along Hazeldean Road.

Shoe Company Facebook post



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OC Transpo fall service changes will include service to Blackstone

Highlights:  30-minute service from Blackstone to Terry Fox; Tweaks to 92 evening schedules to match shifts at Tanger Outlets; New service to DND Carling Campus.

(Memo via OC Transpo General Manager John Manconi)

This memo provides an overview of the Fall 2016 transit service changes that will be starting on Sunday, September 4. These changes are part of OC Transpo’s regular schedule adjustments, which take place four times a year – April, June, September and December. Transit Commission and City Council members are provided with a summary of the service changes in advance of each new schedule period. Continue reading


Qadri wants Canada Post to address ‘mass confusion’

(ABOVE: Photo by Michael, used under a Creative Commons license.)

Councillor Shad Qadri will ask his colleagues at City Council to support a motion calling for Canada Post to recognize addresses in his ward as being in Stittsville, instead of Kanata.

Currently, a large segment of homes and businesses that are technically part of the City of Ottawa’s Stittsville Ward are still considered to be Kanata addresses by Canada Post, leading to what Qadri calls “mass confusion” for residents. Continue reading


Free ‘luxury’ shuttle bus starts August 31 for Blackstone, Fernbank Crossing residents

UPDATE (Sept 11): StittsvilleCentral.ca asked OC Transpo what route buses would take once OC Transpo starts serving the Blackstone community.  Here’s an email response attributed to Pat Scrimgeour, AGM, Customer Systems and Planning:

“OC Transpo’s goal is to provide safe, accessible and customer-focused transit that is responsive to the growing needs of the Ottawa community. The Blackstone community will be served by transit operating along the collector road network, using Robert Grant Way, Fernbank Rd, Rouncey Rd and Terry Fox Dr. These streets are being constructed by the developer as part of their community design plan. OC Transpo buses typically do not travel along local streets.”


The Blackstone shuttle bus hits the road on August 31, a joint undertaking by Monarch, Regional and Cardel, the developers of the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities. Continue reading


Blackstone bus expected to arrive in September

Better late than never?  People in the Blackstone neighbourhood will get a long-awaited shuttle bus starting in September 2015.

We originally reported on this back in February, when transit officials told StittsvilleCentral.ca that the shuttle service would begin by June. Currently residents have to walk nearly two kilometres to reach the nearest OC Transpo bus stop.


Blackstone bus service
It’s a 2-kilometre walk for Blackstone residents to the nearest bus stop in Glen Cairn.


This map shows the route the new shuttle bus will take this fall
This map shows the route the new shuttle bus will take this fall.

Shad Qadri provided this update in his email newsletter this week:

Transit service will first be introduced in September 2015 as a joint undertaking by Monarch, Regional and Cardel, the developers of the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities.

This service will operate Monday to Friday during peak periods as a shuttle from Blackstone/Fernbank Crossing to Terry Fox Station during the morning and from Terry Fox Station to Blackstone/Fernbank Crossing during the afternoon. At Terry Fox Station customers can connect to regular fare OC Transpo Routes 92 and 96 travelling to downtown. Operating the shuttle to Terry Fox Station allows the shuttle to operate frequently and reliably with one vehicle by minimizing trip times and facilitating an easy turn- around to make a return trip to Blackstone/Fernbank Crossing.

The details of the transit shuttle routing, start date, hours of operation and frequency will be provided by Monarch/Regional/Cardel once they have finalized their plans with a service provider. The service will operate from 6:00am to 9:00am and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm Monday to Friday with one trip every 30 minutes in the peak direction. The map gives an idea of the anticipated shuttle routing for reference only, to be confirmed by Monarch/Regional/Cardel.

In future years when the collector road network in the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing community is available for transit operation and there is sufficient number of residences to meet our minimum service thresholds, OC Transpo will operate bus service through the communities to replace the developer’s shuttle service.



Condo development proposed for Livery Street

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan and Plan of Condominium application to develop residential condominiums on Livery Street in the Blackstone area.

The plan calls for eight stacked townhouse blocks and three 3-storey low-rise apartment buildings.

So far that’s the only information posted to the City’s development application web site. We’ll post more info when it’s available.


Temporary road closed for good in Blackstone

(Update from City Councillor Shad Qadri.)

In the Blackstone subdivision a temporary road access has been closed and residents have been redirected to a new travel route. The road section closed was an extension of Westphalian Ave between Dressage Ave and Rouncey Road.

This section of road was always intended as temporary as the blocks are planned for walkway blocks in the subdivision. Temporary road connection was permitted along the blocks for construction traffic in Blackstone Phase 1, but has also been used public as well. The closing of the temporary road is required as the adjacent lots will be under construction soon; the close proximity between the construction site and travel traffic will make it unsafe for both the crew and vehicles.

The alternative route along Tapadero Ave, about 150 metres to the north, has been constructed with base course asphalt and this route will provide access for both public traffic and emergency services from Westphalian to Terry Fox. In the future, there will be another connection road along Groningen St. On-site signs will direct traffic flow to the right direction naturally.

There have been concerns that the new route on Tapadero is not currently lit and it is anticipated the lights (will be) energized in the near future. Monarch has also advised that some new stop signs have been installed, including making the Rouncey/Westphalian intersection a three-way stop, to encourage cars driving at a safer speed.

City staff have already been in contact with the developer regarding concerns with construction vehicles impeding traffic on the new road connection of Tapadero. If you encounter any difficulties please let me know.