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PHOTOS: Magical mystery walk through Bell Park

“I have been walking in Bell Park admiring the trilliums and ferns but this weekend I discovered an added attraction,” writes Janice Blain, who sent along the photos you see on this page.

“Someone has, or some people have, turned the woodland walk into a magical mystery tour with pretty painted stones placed along the paths.  I imagine they are the work of at least two children and would like to thank them for sharing their artwork and adding such a lovely surprise to my walks.” Continue reading


PHOTO: With thanks to the bird feeder

Thanks to Janice Blain for sending along this photo. She says:
“Stopped to watch the chickadees and nuthatches today on the Trans Canada Trail west of Westridge. I am sure many people are familiar with these feeders which are constantly filled by a devoted bird lover, who is unknown to me. Would like to take this opportunity to thank them.”

(We love seeing photos from in and around our community. Please send your best pics to us at feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca)

Stopped to watch the Chickadees and Nuthatches today on the TCT west of Westridge. Photo by Janice Blain
Photo by Janice Blain