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Book chronicles dreams and fears of original settlers

The life of 19th century Canadian immigrants was rough, and quite often deadly.  Their eventual triumph over natural and human-made adversity, and the foundation they laid for our community, is downright incredible.  That’s my takeaway from Olive Caldwell Lee’s 2015 book, “Living Out The Dream” .

The book is historical fiction, but has a solid footing in fact.  Lee weaves together her own family’s oral history with letters, official documents and heaps of genealogical research to tell the stories of George Argue and Forest Caldwell as they escaped brutal conditions in Ireland for the promise of a better life in Canada in the early 19th century.

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Little Free Library opens on Friendly Crescent

Amanda Faulkner and her daughter Maëlle. Photo by Christine Vezarov.

Make a left turn from Hartsmere Dr. onto Friendly Crescent and you’ll see the bright yellow picnic table and turquoise mailbox with painted butterflies that are visited by members of the community every day.

A few weeks ago, Amanda Faulkner and her family filled their take-a-book-leave-a-book exchange with over a dozen books in front of their home on 9 Friendly Crescent. Continue reading


Book release and signing on August 5

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Book junkies take notice. Long-time writer of short stories, a successful memoir and several children’s books, Molly O’Connor, will be featuring her new novel, When Secrets Become Lies, in Brown’s Independent Grocer’s Community Room, on Wednesday, August 5. She will be joined by Diane LaRocque, author of Daniel Martin and the Sea Devil’s Playground. Both authors will be speaking of their novels and avid readers can acquire signed copies. Continue reading