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NOTEBOOK: Infill on Jonathan Pack, Haliburton Park plans, noise bylaw changes

On June 7, Ottawa’s Committee of Adjustment will consider a request to subdivide a piece of residential property at 28 Jonathan Pack Street. Currently it’s a large lot with a single home, and the proposal seeks to divide the property in half, keeping the house on one lot and using the other for a new house. (You can find more info here…)

The property in question is typical of many on Jonathan Pack, with large lots about 30m wide at the front stretching back about 60m. The lots on Forest Heights and Stitt Street, which run parallel to Jonathan Pack, are quite a bit narrower and considerably denser.

I don’t know enough about this application to say if it’s good or bad for the street, but I do know that we’re seeing more and more large, older properties in Stittsville been subdivided for infill development. If you’re not a fan of endless suburban sprawl, infills like this one can be a way that sprawl can slowed. What’s important is getting the design right, and ensuring that the scale of the infill is compatible with the existing neighbourhood.

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Parking tops the list of Stittsville bylaw complaints in 2014

The total number of bylaw calls made by Stittsville residents was down slightly in 2014. With 1,383 calls made, that’s the lowest since 2009. Every category is down slightly except for “Parks” and “Signs”.

Parking issues continue to top the list of complaints, with 536 calls made in 2014. There were only three calls about graffiti in 2014, the lowest of any category. Continue reading