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Helicopter fly-by over Canadian Tire Centre on Monday night

(Via the City of Ottawa)

West end commuters and residents around the Canadian Tire Centre can expect to see a Canadian Armed Forces CH-146 Griffon flying over the area between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. tonight. A member of the Canadian Armed Forces will be rappelling from the helicopter. The activity is being filmed for the Ottawa Senators annual celebration of Canadian Armed Forces night on November 2.


BATTLE BUDDIES: How Stittsville fundraising is helping veterans with PTSD

(PHOTO: Shawna Church Roy with her second service dog, Loki.)

SHAWNA CHURCH ROY WAS WALKING BACK FROM SOME ERRANDS WHEN SHE SAW IT: flames shooting out the roof of her family’s house.

She dropped her bags and ran up to the driveway. That’s when her biggest fear was confirmed – her kids were still inside, screaming for help. The doors were locked and the windows too hot to touch. As the tower of smoke rose into the air and the screams became louder, Roy realized she was completely powerless to save them. Continue reading


Imjin Classic to commemorate historic Korean War hockey games

During the Korean War, Canadian soldiers played hockey on the frozen Imjin River whenever they were given time away from their front-line duties.

The Imjin flows from North to South across the Demilitarized Zone of Korea, and the hockey-playing tradition culminated in 1953 when the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade held its hockey championship finals. Continue reading


Retired military medic trains for fundraising bike tour from Vimy Ridge

(Above: Matt Muzzi on Juno Beach, June 2014.)

Stittsville resident Matt Muzzi is training to take part in his second Battlefield Bikeride, a fundraising bike tour to raise money and awareness for Canadian Armed Forces veterans who face challenges from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other injuries. Continue reading