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NOTEBOOK: Farmers’ Market update, more thefts at Carp Road Park & Ride

There’s still no date set for the opening of the “official” Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Village Square Park, but Suzanne Bird is forging ahead anyways with a mini market next door at “The Barn”.  Bird owns the old log building on the east side of Village Square Park. The first event will be on Friday, June 30 from 4:00pm-7:00pm, and will feature two Ontario CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farmers. More info here…


Last month Devyn Barrie reported on a man who had all four of the wheels stolen from his car during the day while it was parked at the Carp Road Park & Ride. This week, there were reports of two thefts of catalytic converters from cars. In one case, thieves sliced through the vehicle and took the catalytic converter, a section of the exhaust system and cables from a 2017 Nissan Titan.

Councillor Shad Qadri wrote in his newsletter this week that city officials are looking into the feasibility of adding security cameras to the lot. (The lot is technically in Rideau-Goulbourn, not Stittsville.)

Meanwhile, the City is planning to pave the lot, and increase the number of spaces from 115 to 150.

The City of Ottawa has posted applications for a Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment for a new phase of the Blackstone subdivision. You can read about the plans here, and submit comments and questions to City of Ottawa staff.

The piece of land is at the southeast corner of the Fernbank area, adjacent to the Walmart. Cardel and Mattamy are the developers, and the plan is to develop 950 housing units, including detached homes and townhouses, and apartments. The proposed development includes two parks, a stormwater management block, a public elementary school site and a future Catholic high school site.

It’s probably worth pointing out that even though there’s land designated for future schools, there’s no guarantee they will ever be built, and there’s a window of at least seven years for the school boards to exercise their options on the land. The master plan for the entire Fernbank area includes land for 11 schools, including a public high school further west.

Plan of subdivision for 5505 Fernbank


Names for recreation building and parks approved by committee

(press release via City of Ottawa)

The City’s Community and Protective Services Committee approved today a proposal to rename the Goulbourn Recreation Complex to “Cardel Rec – Goulbourn.” The new name is part of a sponsored naming rights agreement with Cardel Homes, a local home building company celebrating its 20th year in Ottawa. Continue reading


Cardel Homes seeks naming rights for Goulbourn Rec Complex

(Goulbourn Rec Centre, May 2015. Photo by Barry Gray.)

The GRC could soon be known as the CRG if city councillors approve a $600,000 naming rights deal with Cardel Homes.

Next week, the City of Ottawa’s Community and Protective Services Committee will consider a proposal to change the name of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex to “Cardel Rec – Goulbourn”.  In return, Cardel would pay the City $40,000 for the next 15 years. Continue reading


Free ‘luxury’ shuttle bus starts August 31 for Blackstone, Fernbank Crossing residents

UPDATE (Sept 11): StittsvilleCentral.ca asked OC Transpo what route buses would take once OC Transpo starts serving the Blackstone community.  Here’s an email response attributed to Pat Scrimgeour, AGM, Customer Systems and Planning:

“OC Transpo’s goal is to provide safe, accessible and customer-focused transit that is responsive to the growing needs of the Ottawa community. The Blackstone community will be served by transit operating along the collector road network, using Robert Grant Way, Fernbank Rd, Rouncey Rd and Terry Fox Dr. These streets are being constructed by the developer as part of their community design plan. OC Transpo buses typically do not travel along local streets.”


The Blackstone shuttle bus hits the road on August 31, a joint undertaking by Monarch, Regional and Cardel, the developers of the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities. Continue reading


Blackstone bus expected to arrive in September

Better late than never?  People in the Blackstone neighbourhood will get a long-awaited shuttle bus starting in September 2015.

We originally reported on this back in February, when transit officials told StittsvilleCentral.ca that the shuttle service would begin by June. Currently residents have to walk nearly two kilometres to reach the nearest OC Transpo bus stop.


Blackstone bus service
It’s a 2-kilometre walk for Blackstone residents to the nearest bus stop in Glen Cairn.


This map shows the route the new shuttle bus will take this fall
This map shows the route the new shuttle bus will take this fall.

Shad Qadri provided this update in his email newsletter this week:

Transit service will first be introduced in September 2015 as a joint undertaking by Monarch, Regional and Cardel, the developers of the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities.

This service will operate Monday to Friday during peak periods as a shuttle from Blackstone/Fernbank Crossing to Terry Fox Station during the morning and from Terry Fox Station to Blackstone/Fernbank Crossing during the afternoon. At Terry Fox Station customers can connect to regular fare OC Transpo Routes 92 and 96 travelling to downtown. Operating the shuttle to Terry Fox Station allows the shuttle to operate frequently and reliably with one vehicle by minimizing trip times and facilitating an easy turn- around to make a return trip to Blackstone/Fernbank Crossing.

The details of the transit shuttle routing, start date, hours of operation and frequency will be provided by Monarch/Regional/Cardel once they have finalized their plans with a service provider. The service will operate from 6:00am to 9:00am and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm Monday to Friday with one trip every 30 minutes in the peak direction. The map gives an idea of the anticipated shuttle routing for reference only, to be confirmed by Monarch/Regional/Cardel.

In future years when the collector road network in the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing community is available for transit operation and there is sufficient number of residences to meet our minimum service thresholds, OC Transpo will operate bus service through the communities to replace the developer’s shuttle service.