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DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDER: Carp Road shoulder paving starts Friday

(via Stittsville councillor Shad Qadri)

I am pleased to share that the City will be paving the shoulders on Carp Road from Kittiwake Drive to Westbrook as of tomorrow, November 17th. This is a project that has been greatly anticipated by residents for some time. Originally, the shoulder-paving project was only planned from Rothbourne to Westbrook but working with the City, I was able to extend the project to start at Kittiwake as the shoulder was needed to be done in this section as well.   Continue reading


LETTER: “We thought it was an earthquake”

Re: NOTEBOOK: Mystery blasting could be from nearby quarry

I am a new resident with a house on Carp Road near Rothbourne. Two weeks ago, the house shook and we thought it was an earthquake. However it was too short and no after shocks.

Last Friday I noticed that the drains in the house were making strange noises. On the weekend, the kitchen sink would not empty so I went downstairs and it looked like the septic tank was backing up. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Carp-Hazeldean collision stats, 2011-2015

(ABOVE: Collision at Carp and Hazeldean on September 25, 2017. Photo via Wendy Wright / @wrightofwayCFRA)

Stittsville Councillor Shad Qadri says he’s asked the city’s traffic department to review resident concerns about the Carp-Hazeldean intersection.  But if you read between the lines, it doesn’t look like this intersection is dangerous enough to warrant any immediate changes.

In his weekly newsletter published on Thursday, Qadri shared the most recent collision data available from 2015.  The Carp-Hazeldean intersection had 10 reported collisions, ranking it 167th on the list of intersections with the most reported incidents. (By comparison, the intersection of Hunt Club and Riverside was the worst in the city with 60 collisions.) Continue reading


COMMENT: Fix the Carp-Hazeldean intersection

(ABOVE: Photo via Wendy Wright / @wrightofwayCFRA)

Yet another collision at the intersection of Carp Road and Hazeldean Road, and residents are again calling for safety fixes at the intersection.

Is there any reason to believe the City will respond any differently this time?

Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: A fenced dog run, more cash for road repairs, ice cream at Quitters


Valecraft Homes recently tweeted out the design of a park and stormwater pond in their new Rathwell Landing neighbourhood, (located south of the existing Westwind neighbourhood). Continue reading


Carp Road Park & Ride upgrades include 35 new spaces

(press release from the City of Ottawa, photo via Google Maps)

Sections of Carp Road Park and Ride will be will be closed intermittently from August 2 to early September 2017, due to upgrade work being done at the facility. The work will take place in stages during the daytime, and the facility will remain operational at reduced capacity throughout. The upgrades include surface paving, additional lighting, concrete repairs, a new bus pad and bike racks. Directional signage will guide pedestrians during sidewalk repairs. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Farmers’ Market update, more thefts at Carp Road Park & Ride

There’s still no date set for the opening of the “official” Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Village Square Park, but Suzanne Bird is forging ahead anyways with a mini market next door at “The Barn”.  Bird owns the old log building on the east side of Village Square Park. The first event will be on Friday, June 30 from 4:00pm-7:00pm, and will feature two Ontario CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farmers. More info here…


Last month Devyn Barrie reported on a man who had all four of the wheels stolen from his car during the day while it was parked at the Carp Road Park & Ride. This week, there were reports of two thefts of catalytic converters from cars. In one case, thieves sliced through the vehicle and took the catalytic converter, a section of the exhaust system and cables from a 2017 Nissan Titan.

Councillor Shad Qadri wrote in his newsletter this week that city officials are looking into the feasibility of adding security cameras to the lot. (The lot is technically in Rideau-Goulbourn, not Stittsville.)

Meanwhile, the City is planning to pave the lot, and increase the number of spaces from 115 to 150.

The City of Ottawa has posted applications for a Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment for a new phase of the Blackstone subdivision. You can read about the plans here, and submit comments and questions to City of Ottawa staff.

The piece of land is at the southeast corner of the Fernbank area, adjacent to the Walmart. Cardel and Mattamy are the developers, and the plan is to develop 950 housing units, including detached homes and townhouses, and apartments. The proposed development includes two parks, a stormwater management block, a public elementary school site and a future Catholic high school site.

It’s probably worth pointing out that even though there’s land designated for future schools, there’s no guarantee they will ever be built, and there’s a window of at least seven years for the school boards to exercise their options on the land. The master plan for the entire Fernbank area includes land for 11 schools, including a public high school further west.

Plan of subdivision for 5505 Fernbank


Familiar face, unique experience at Red Gables on Carp Road

Margarita Chen (pictured above) still doesn’t know exactly what made her buy a 60-year-old house on Carp Road and open a café, but one day she knew she had to do it.

“It was an uncontrollable urge to buy it,” she told StittsvilleCentral.ca on the rear deck of the fixed-up house, just a few days before opening on Fathers’ Day Sunday. “It was meant to be.” Continue reading


HIGHWAY ROBBERY: Wheels stolen from car at Carp Road Park and Ride

(PHOTO: When Jeff Levere arrived back at his car after work, he discovered that all four wheels were stolen.)

Imagine getting dropped off at the Park and Ride following a long day of work, only to see you don’t have a set of wheels waiting for you.

No, your car is still there. But someone, it appears, has made off with all four of your wheels.

That was exactly the situation Jeff Levere found himself in on April 27. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Trespassing, parking tickets and bike lanes


No trespassing oil barrel along the Trans Canada Trail.
No trespassing oil barrel along the Trans Canada Trail.

Finally had a chance to talk to Gerry Stephens from Stephens Auto Wreckers about the massive “NO TRESPASSING” sign he’s placed at the edge of his property near the Trans Canada Trail. He says he’s tried smaller signs, but they keep disappearing.

Continue reading


FUTURE STITTSVILLE: Lots of new roads planned for our area


Remember that scene in Back to the Future, when Doc says to Marty: “Roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”  

The opposite is true for Future Stittsville. Our village is expanding from about 30,000 today to over 70,000 in 2031, and the rapid growth here and in areas south like Richmond is already putting a strain on road infrastructure.  Continue reading


LETTER: Roundabouts are great for cyclists

Re: City staff rejects roundabouts for Carp Road

Reading the article, the comment about them being worse for cyclists is ridiculous. I am a cyclist and a motorist and roundabouts are fantastic for cyclists as they allow for quick, easy fluid travel and no worries about cars accelerating to run red lights. Roundabouts take up more room but that is the only drawback as they are great at solving all other problems.

Steve Drennan


Gendron Antiques to close as owners get set for retirement

(Above Marc and Line Gendron in front of the bright red-and-green barn near Hazeldean Road.  Photo by Barry Gray.)

Another local business with deep roots in Stittsville has announced it will be closing its doors. Gendron Antiques and Productions will cease operations at the end of November this year. The company will then have until December 31 to move out and pass the building on to new ownership.

“The whole reason behind the sale is retirement,” says owner Marc Gendron.  Despite continued success for the business, he and his wife Line are ready for the next chapter in their lives. “We’re getting up to the age where we really want to take time for ourselves and we had an offer for the property we couldn’t refuse.”

The company has been family owned and operated since 1965. Marc Gendron’s parents started the company a half-century ago, with his father purchasing items and his mother refinishing them. The company grew slowly at the old Stittsville Flea Market across the street from their current location. Since 2002, Marc and Line have operated out of their current location at 1145 Carp Road near Hazeldean.

The Gendrons might have decided it is time to move on, but they insist that they are not closing the business entirely. “We’re not going to open another store, we’re just going to ‘wheel and deal’ a bit, probably going to go to the old flea market and sell stuff off, maybe put some in consignment somewhere. But we really want to reduce the scale.”

Moreover, Marc ensures the family tradition will live on through his son Nicolas.

“My son is going to be renting the workshop in the back of the property from the future owner. He’s going to be using that shop for a year; he may renew it after that. He’s going to continue building things, new and reclaimed wood, fireplace, mantel, stuff like that. He’s also going to be doing furniture repair and refinishing.”

Whether or not Nicolas decides to get into the antiques remains to be seen. As it stands, his role will focus strictly on reproduction.

The familiar green and red barn will remain at its current location and the new owners have plans to renovate the interior in 2016.

“Unfortunately I’m not at liberty, from the new owners, to say what’s going in there yet because it could jeopardize the plans. But the people were customers of ours and they always liked the building. They have a business and they decided that this would be perfect for it,” said Marc.

Marc and Line Gendron recently purchased a property in Carleton Place and have plans to settle down there. They may continue to sell some antiques, hoping to eventually dissolve their vast inventory that has been collected over decades in the business. Marc says he and his wife look forward to retirement. “We are able to enjoy life and do some traveling. Plus we’ve been working weekends since we were 15 years old – we want to have a bit of a life, you know!”

The business has been getting plenty of feedback from the community, with some people expressing their disappointment about the closure. “It’s sad. We have mixed feelings,” Marc agrees.

Yet with his tentative plans to operate part time in Carleton Place and his son carrying the torch in Stittsville, he ensures that people won’t be hearing the last of the Gendron family.

“We won’t be far away.”


City staff rejects roundabouts for Carp Road

(Photo: Phil Sweetnam and the Stittsville Village Association supported roundabouts for at least some of the intersections on Carp Road. He told StittsvilleCentral.ca earlier this summer that roundabouts work well in other communities, and would work well along Carp Road as well.)

At next Wednesday’s Transportation Committee meeting at City Hall, staff will recommend traffic lights instead of roundabouts along Carp Road. Continue reading


FOOD TRUCKS: Jolly Hog serves up a belly full of laughter (with video)

(Above: Matthew & Ashley O’Brien, owners of the Jolly Hog. Photo by Jordan Mady.)

You’ve had a side of fries or salad, but have you ever had a side of laughter? That’s exactly what you’ll get from the new Jolly Hog food truck on Carp Road which opened on June 22. In this instalment of our continuing Stittsville food truck series, we meet the husband-and-wife combo behind the new venture.  They also wanted us to inform you that they’re proud to offer Equator coffee and all-day breakfast sandwiches.
Continue reading


FOOD TRUCKS: Sink into cheesy goodness at Culinary Meltdown (with video)

Spunky,  determined, energetic. Those are three words we’d use to describe 44-year-old Corinne Carroll (above, photo by Jordan Mady), owner of the Culinary Meltdown food trailer in Stittsville. She sends out gourmet comfort food favourites on the daily in the form of bacon mac & cheese and caramelized onion grilled cheese sandwiches. Visit the Carp Rd. (at Rothbourne) location and you’ll have a meltdown like never before. Are you drooling yet? Check out the video at the end of the article to see how the bacon mac & cheese is made.  This interview is part of our continuing series on Stittsville food trucks.

Heads up: the food truck is at the Dragonboat Festival until June 30 , but back at their usual location on Carp Road after that.  They’re also at Bluesfest from July 8-19.

Continue reading


Carp Road businesses on edge about roundabouts

(Above: Peter Kondruss, owner of Kondruss Galleries on Carp Road. Photo by Barry Gray.)

A public meeting on Wednesday night will give residents and businesses a chance to weigh in on plans to widen Carp Road between Hazeldean and the Queensway, including whether traffic lights or traffic circles are a better choice.

Continue reading


FOOD TRUCKS: Sandwich sorcery at The ‘Wiches Cauldron (with video)

(Above: Monique Haugen and Craig Beaudry from The Wiches Cauldron. Photo by Jordan Mady.)

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Stittsville’s The ‘Wiches Cauldron  is in its third season and business is bubbling. In this issue, the first in a series about Stittsville food trucks, you’ll meet the married, university-educated duo behind the delicious sorcery.  The couple pumps out sandwiches and soups on the daily, and they’re constantly brewing up something new. Visit them at their Carp Rd. location just south of Hazeldean Road  and you’ll find yourself wanting to be friends with them instantly.) Continue reading