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COMMENT: More oversight needed on Carp River Restoration Plan

(Above: Carp River looking west from Maple Grove Road, August 2015.)

A couple weeks ago we published an article called “Something Fishy with Carp River pathway plan”, outlining concerns about the design of recreational pathways that are part of the Carp River Restoration Plan (CRRP).

Some readers have told us they are happy the work is finally proceeding. Others say they are concerned about not just the risk of flooding, but other elements of the plan as well.

There’s a broader problem here too: a lack of transparency. Continue reading


City Council approves Stittsville Main Street community design plan

(Photo: City of Ottawa planner Mark Young presented the new draft plan for Stittsville Main Street at a public meeting on May 20.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: City Council approved the Stittsville Main Street Community Design Plan today, and we asked councillor Shad Qadri to comment on what the plan means for the community.  Here’s his response.   Continue reading