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Police seek “persons of interest” in robbery of Uber driver

(via Ottawa Police)

Update, Sept 9: Persons of interest and suspect identified

Following the media release yesterday, two of the three persons depicted in the attached image, as well as the suspect described in the initial release, attended the Elgin St. station. The third person in the image has also been identified. The three persons were interviewed by investigators. At this time no charges have been laid and the matter remains under investigation.

The Robbery Unit appreciates the assistance of everyone that assisted in the dissemination of the image.

The Ottawa Police Service Robbery Unit is investigating the robbery of a ride sharing driver and is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying several persons of interest that were present at the time of the robbery.

On August 11, 2016, at approximately 2:20am, a group of people contracted a ride sharing driver to pick them up at a bar situated at Kanata Centrum on Roland Michener Drive.

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LOST & FOUND: How Kathleen Edwards got her guitar back

(PHOTO: Kathleen Edwards and her guitar with Russell Mason and his dogs Riggin and Beans, standing at the bench in Bell Park where Mason found the instrument. Photo by Barry Gray.)

RUSSELL MASON OF CHERRY DRIVE WAS OUT WALKING HIS DOGS IN BELL PARK ON MONDAY, when he noticed a garbage bag leaning up against a bench. He thought it looked like a guitar shape, and thought it was a bit strange, but left it alone.

Then he went back Tuesday morning, and the bag was still there.  But now it was wide open, and there were two guitars leaning up against the bench.

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Police looking for missing man last seen near Hazeldean, possibly armed

UPDATE, MARCH 8: The Ottawa Citizen has a more details about the events on Friday from a bank hold-up on Hazeldean Road to the police incident in Toronto that evening.

UPDATE, SATURDAY, 11:00pm: Via the Ottawa Citizen: “A 30-year-old Ottawa man shot dead by Toronto police late Friday had struggled with bipolar disorder for most of his life and thought of himself as a ‘lost boy.'” (See also CBC Ottawa.)

UPDATE, SATURDAY 9:30am: We were just told by police that they are no longer searching for Devon Lafleur, and there is no danger to the public.
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Police ask for help investigating break-in at Hazeldean Running Room

(via Ottawa Police)

The Ottawa Police Service Break and Enter Unit is investigating a Break and Enter and theft where the front glass was smashed at the Running Room, a Sports Store retailer located in the 5500 block of Hazeldean Road.

On December 13, 2015, at 6:45am, a large quantity of Running Room brand men and women’s clothing was stolen. The suspects also stole “Asics” running shoes.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to call Ottawa Police’s West District Break and Enter Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 2655. Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling Crime Stoppers toll-free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), or by downloading the Ottawa Police app.

Theft from Running Room on Hazeldean Road Running Room 3 Running Room 1


VIDEO: “Mailbox bandit” making the rounds in Fairwinds

A couple of residents got in touch with StittsvilleCentral.ca today to share a video that they say shows a man checking mailboxes in the Fairwinds area in the middle of the night. Residents believe he’s either looking for parcels or for house keys.  The video was shot on a security camera at a house in the Brigatine/Khamsin area behind the Food Basics.

We’re told that the video has been shared with police, but anyone with further information can contact the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222.

We’ve removed the video at the request of the homeowner. The short clip shows a man wearing a baseball cap opening a mailbox, running his hand along inside it, and then leaving.


COMMENTS OF THE WEEK: Getting involved in community safety

We received a lot of comments this week on our editorial Residents, not just police, have a role to play in community safety, written in response to a very low turn-out — just three people — at a meeting on community safety hosted by Councillor Qadri in November. Here are a couple letters with very interesting and thoughtful perspectives on the issue. Continue reading


Cocaine and currency seized on David Manchester Road

(Press release from the Ottawa Police.)

On Friday November 27th, 2015, the Ottawa Police Service Drug Unit with the assistance of the Tactical Team executed a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warrant in the 800 block of David Manchester Rd. west of Highway 7. The warrant execution was the culmination of an approximately three week-long investigation.

Included in the items seized were:

  • 57.2 grams of cocaine valued at $5,720.00.
  • 7 grams of Cannabis marihuana valued at $70.00
  • 5 capsules of Nabilone valued at $25.00
  • $11,015.00 in Canadian currency

As a result of the investigation 42 year-old Saade Ayoub, of Ottawa is charged with:

  • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking a Schedule I Substance (cocaine) X 2 contrary to Sec 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking a Schedule II Substance X 2 (marihuana, Nabilone) contrary to Sec 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • Possession of Proceeds of Crime over $5000.00 contrary to Sec 355 (a) of the Criminal Code
  • Possession of Proceeds of Crime under $5000.00 contrary to Sec 355 (b) of the Criminal Code

Ayoub was released on a Promise to Appear with a court date of December 23, 2015.


COMMENT: Residents, not just police, have a role to play in community safety

One morning earlier this year, residents living near A. Lorne Cassidy school in Crossing Bridge woke up to find broken beer bottles and garbage all over the school’s playground.

The residents had a powerful response: they grabbed work gloves and garbage bags, and cleaned up the mess.

They didn’t wait for city staff to clean it up, they didn’t point fingers and complain about it on Facebook.  They cleaned it up themselves, and in doing so sent a message to whoever caused the damage in the first place: we care about our community.

I keep hearing that residents are concerned with safety in Stittsville. There have been a number of bad vandalism incidents in the past few months. Shad Qadri says it was one of the top issues he heard about when campaigning last fall.

So I was disappointed to see that only three residents (plus our StittsvilleCentral.ca reporter) attended a community safety meeting hosted by Councillor Qadri on Wednesday. He deserves applause for trying to start a dialogue on community safety concerns, but I wouldn’t fault him for getting frustrated at the lack of involvement from the community.

Victor McNabney, a volunteer from Neighbourhood Watch, told the small crowd that Stittsville has two neighbourhood watches, down from eight less than a decade ago.

That echoes my experience working with the Fairwinds Community Association to get a Neighbourhood Watch going in our neighbourhood.  An example: One of our neighbours went door-to-door on her street last winter to ask residents to help start a Watch program. Only one responded.

Folks are quick to point fingers and offer up all kinds of blame on Facebook, but when it comes down to working constructively on the issue, the participation evaporates.

The police don’t have the capacity to respond to every small crime in our community, nor is it the best use of their resources.

The only long-term solution is prevention, and a great way to start is to do just what those residents in Crossing Bridge did: Role up your sleeves and get involved.


WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Why are participation levels dropping of for Neighbourhood Watch programs?  Why was attendance so low at the community meeting?  What constructive ideas do you have for tackling community crime? Add a comment below or email feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca


The Glen asks for help to locate scrooge who stole Santa

UPDATE (Nov 30): Santa has been returned home safely to The Glen. “Someone ran in, dropped him off, and ran back out.”

This Santa was stolen from The Glen. Photo via @goveevers
This Santa was stolen from The Glen. Photo via @goveevers

From the The Glen Scottish Pub & Restaurant:

SANTA – STOLEN. As you know, The Glen is a family owned and operated pub that has been open for 27 years. The last 20 years, we have had the same Santa Claus standing in our front entrance to celebrate the holidays – he’s checking his list as guests walk in! Last night (Saturday, November 28th), someone stole our Santa. We have this person on video, but cannot make out a face. PLEASE – if you took our Santa, just drop him off near the restaurant – Back door, staff parking, front door, anything. We just want our Santa back!!! He means a lot to us and the family, and we enjoy bringing him out every year – PLEASE bring him back!!!!!!!!!

If you have any leads, you can contact the restaurant at 613-836-5622.


RESPONSE: Accusations of vandalism unfair to teens

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column comes from Connor Boudreau,  a Grade 12 student at Sacred Heart High School.  We invited him to submit it in  response to an article published last week, ‘Bored teenagers’ excuse is getting tired’


One thing that I particularly like about Stittsville is the scenery. Whether it be the glorious water tower or the many serene parks, there is little doubt in my mind that Stittsville is one of the best places to live. I consider myself fortunate to live in Stittsville. The schools are first rate and my working relationship with my peers have often evolved into enduring friendships.

With that being said, I have noticed that teenagers have been blamed, sometimes rightly, for a recent increase in vandalism in the Stittsville area. Continue reading


COMMENT: ‘Bored teenagers’ excuse is getting tired

EDITOR’S NOTE: Vulgar language spraypainted on a church, car break-ins, damage to a heritage home, overturned mailboxes, destruction of a trail cam, benches knocked over along Stittsville Main Street, stolen lawn ornaments… there’s a long list of recent acts of vandalism, minor thefts and property crimes in our community. Sometime overnight from Saturday to Sunday, someone smashed the window at Gaia Java (above). They didn’t break in or take anything, they just broke the window. Continue reading


Developer exasperated by vandalism to heritage home

The owner of a 19th century stone farmhouse on Huntmar Drive says he doesn’t know what else he can do to stop vandalism on his property.

Robert Karam has owned the property for nearly ten years.  The house, which dates back to 1887, has been listed on the City of Ottawa’s heritage register since the fall of 2013. (You read more about the history of the home here.)   Continue reading


Tartan Kitchen is the latest victim to food truck break-ins

The Tartan Kitchen food truck. Photo by Jordan Mady.
The Tartan Kitchen food truck. Photo by Jordan Mady.

Someone broke into the Tartan Kitchen Food Truck on Hazeldean Road overnight on Saturday, but nothing was taken, and nothing was broken.

It’s at least the third food truck to be broken into over the past few weeks. ‘Wiches Cauldron and Pong’s Poutine were broken into earlier in July.


‘Wiches Cauldron closed Tuesday after break-in

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the ‘Wiches Cauldron food truck. First their web site was hacked, and now they’re closed for the day after an overnight break-in.

Another Stittsville food truck, Pong’s Poutine on Carp Road, was also broken into last night.  Some pop and change was stolen, and Pong’s was open for business today.

(UPDATE: The Carp Sweet Potato truck was also broken into. They reported limited damage and nothing of value lost.)



UPDATE: Stolen toboggan from Cheshire Cat has been located

From the Cheshire Cat Facebook page:

We would like to notify everyone that we have heard from the thieves that stole the toboggan. They have also donated $100 in the name of the “Cat Thief” to Tysen’s Mission to a Million. We want to stress that this post was never meant to rally people towards revealing the pictures of their faces, it was merely an attempt to shame them in to returning the sled, and in turn for their misdemeanor, they were to turn their wrong in to a right by donating to a mission that we support wholeheartedly. We never expected that this post would garner so much attention within the social media world, and then carry on to television and radio media. This is the power of social media. And with this power, comes great responsibility. We believe that the thieves have learned their lesson. Now the balance has returned, and from this experience we have been able to turn some attention to Tysen’s Mission to a Million. We encourage everyone to check out Tysen’s mission at the link below. Check out soon what we will be doing with the returned toboggan!  Tysen’s Mission to a Million


Thieves slide away with stolen toboggan from Cheshire Cat Pub

UPDATE APRIL 15: It’s been located…

Posted today on the Cheshire Cat Pub Facebook page:

On March 28 – Earth Day around 9:24pm – The “Steamwhistle” toboggan was stolen from our front entrance. This is a note to the two guys that took it. We have full footage of your theft. We have pictures of your faces, we know that you sat downstairs by the patio door for dinner. We saw you leave and pull your car in to an open spot close to the door. You couldn’t quite fit the toboggan in to your trunk so you had to jam in in to your back seat. Here’s a pic to prove we know…if you want us to post one with your faces, let us know. You have until Friday to return the toboggan with a donation of $100 for Tysen’s Wish – By the way, your beard needs a trim buddy. You can leave it in the shed out front and mail the cheque to Tysen’s Wish.

As of Monday night the post had an incredible 817 shares and 1,428 likes. Continue reading