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LINKED: Man paralyzed after slipping on ice, determined to walk again

From CTV Ottawa:

We all know life can change in the blink of an eye. Troy Kraus is living that reality. The 46-year-old Ottawa resident was the healthiest and strongest he had ever been until a simple fall on the ice. Troy Kraus made a huge change in his life a couple of years ago; he lost more than 200 pounds and got into better shape than he had been in his life. Then, sadly, life changed for him. That fall broke his neck, paralyzed him, but he’s determined to move forward. Continue reading


LINKED: Garth Brooks runs a ball hockey clinic at Sacred Heart

Garth Brooks runs a ball hockey camp at Sacred Heart High School. Image via CTV Ottawa.

Country music superstar Garth Brooks ran a ball hockey camp inside the Sacred Heart high school gymnasium on Saturday morning.  He was joined by Chris Phillips from the Ottawa Senators and Sens alumni Shean Donovan. Continue reading