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NOTEBOOK: Development notes, O’Leary in Kanata, music in Stittsville

There’s a revised site plan online for the proposed car dealership at 5835 Hazeldean Road. The property is currently a gravel lot for the Canadian Auto Mall, with a temporary sales trailer on site. Continue reading


Oops! We tore down your heritage farmhouse

(ABOVE: McCurdy House, 1899. “Farms & Families” by the Stittsville Women’s Institute, Tweedsmuir History Committee.)

“Misunderstanding” was a big hit for the band Genesis in early 1980s. Stittsville was also hit by a misunderstanding in 1985 when a 19th century stone house was “accidentally” knocked down.

In February 1985, a backhoe operator mistakenly tore down the 153-year-old McCurdy house, instead of a shed. Continue reading


Notebook: Gaia Java update, Stittsville BIA

Gaia Java owners Paul Melsness and Paul Jay. Photo by Barry Gray.
Gaia Java owners Paul Melsness and Paul Jay. Photo by Barry Gray.

A couple weeks ago at their weekly Friday night music event, Gaia Java co-owner Paul Jay announced that he and Paul Melsness will not be renewing the lease on their coffee shop when it expires at the end of 2015.  A deal with a prospective buyer fell through.

The closing of this local coffee shop would be a huge loss for our community.  The two Pauls have created a cozy cultural centre that’s a favourite meeting place for so many local groups, big and small. (We profiled the shop back in January.) Continue reading


COMMENT: More oversight needed on Carp River Restoration Plan

(Above: Carp River looking west from Maple Grove Road, August 2015.)

A couple weeks ago we published an article called “Something Fishy with Carp River pathway plan”, outlining concerns about the design of recreational pathways that are part of the Carp River Restoration Plan (CRRP).

Some readers have told us they are happy the work is finally proceeding. Others say they are concerned about not just the risk of flooding, but other elements of the plan as well.

There’s a broader problem here too: a lack of transparency. Continue reading