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NOTEBOOK: GRC pool legal action, Carp River work, community safety, more

Updates on stories we’ve been watching over the past few weeks…

The GRC pool re-opened in June after extensive repairs to fix structural deficiencies.  We were wondering about the status of potential legal action by the City to recoup the repair costs.  Here’s a response, from an email attributed to City Solicitor Rick O’Connor:

“In accordance with the request made by the Ward Councillor that Legal Services report back to the Finance and Economic Development Committee on potential legal action involving the remediation of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex, the City Clerk and Solicitor has engaged an external legal review and it is anticipated that the results of that review will be presented to the Committee as part of the semi-annual Comprehensive Legal Services Report for the June 2015-December 2015 period, in early 2016.”
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Developer exasperated by vandalism to heritage home

The owner of a 19th century stone farmhouse on Huntmar Drive says he doesn’t know what else he can do to stop vandalism on his property.

Robert Karam has owned the property for nearly ten years.  The house, which dates back to 1887, has been listed on the City of Ottawa’s heritage register since the fall of 2013. (You read more about the history of the home here.)   Continue reading


Police say enforcing snowmobile rules on Trans Canada Trail is a challenge

Ottawa Police do monitor the Trans Canada Trail for illegal snowmobiles, but they say enforcement of the rules is a challenge.

Reader Patrick Publow recently contacted us about his concerns with snowmobiles on the Trans Canada Trail. They’re not permitted on the trail, and city councillor Shad Qadri recently asked residents to report any sightings to the police.

“The snowmobilers don’t affect me personally as I don’t live on the trail,” wrote Publow in an email to StittsvilleCentral.ca. “In our previous home, they used to ride across our lawn parallel to the street.  And there were always snow mobile tracks on the paths in Bell Park which made me nervous walking there in the winter time with our dog.  So I do find it irritating the way they flaunt the laws and potentially people’s safety. ”

Publow noted that snowmobilers are able to easily access the trail eastward off West Ridge because they can just drive around the small bar/gate at the entrance. Continue reading