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PHOTO: Demolition in progress on Fernbank

Above: “Here is a photo taken on Fernbank Road on November 21 during our first snow storm of the season of an old farm house being demolished to make way for a new development.” Photo by Brian Eastop.


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CBC: Stittsville farmers lose crops, cry foul over wild parsnip purge

(FILE PHOTO: Wild parsnip growing along the ditch on Huntley Road south of Stittsville. Photo by Barry Gray.)

From CBC Ottawa:

Organic farmers near the Ottawa community of Stittsville say they’ve had to destroy portions of their crops because the city botched its notification process for spraying herbicides to kill wild parsnip.

Wild parsnip — officially labelled a noxious weed in Ontario last year — has become a concern because the plant’s toxic sap can cause skin rashes. The weed also wipes out other species, including flowering plant species that attract bees.

The city sent certified organic farmer Dick Coote of Littledown Farms a notice in the mail saying he could opt out of herbicide spraying along his fields on Mansfield Road. The notice said the city would put up signs in advance in areas it planned to spray to give Coote time to opt out.

But the signs never appeared, he said.

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Black Family Farm helps Food Bank via Community Harvest program

(ABOVE: Tom Black in front of greenhouses with produce for the Ottawa Food Bank. Photo by Barry Gray.)

Every day there are people in Ottawa who go hungry. But they shouldn’t have to. At least that’s what Stittville area farmer Tom Black and his family believe.

“This is the land of milk and honey,” says Black. “No one should have to go hungry. Most people are not at the food bank unless they are desperate.”

In 2012, Black and his family were talking around the dinner table about what could be done to help the Ottawa Food Bank. Continue reading