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Part of Fernbank Road closed from August 14-28

(via Councillor Shad Qadri’s office)

Please note that Fernbank Road will be closed from Shea to Robert Grant between August 14th and August 28th.

The contractor, Taggart Construction, will be installing a box culvert across the roadway for future storm water management.

Notification signs will be posted in advance of the closure with additional signs posted during the affected period. Local and emergency vehicle access will be maintained. A detour will be signed from Shea>Abbott>Robert Grant.


CBC: Teen survivor struggling with guilt after fatal crash

From CBC Ottawa:

Hours before a horrific car crash claimed the lives of her two best friends Sunday night, Sommer Foley’s parents told the 17-year-old to have fun swimming at a local quarry, but be home by 10 p.m.

Instead, the Stittsville teen was rushed to hospital, where she remains with serious injuries to her neck, arm and back, which was torn open in the crash. 

“She’s hanging in there, and every day she gets a little bit better,” said Cherie Dillon-Foley, who also said the grief of losing her friends has changed her daughter forever.

“She’s feeling guilty. She’s here and they’re not.” 


Partying at the quarry owned by Thomas Cavanagh Construction on Jinkinson Road has been described as a popular pastime for Stittsville teens, and the Foley’s parents don’t blame that tradition.

Jeff Foley is more concerned about how the rampant speculation on social media might be affecting the families of the teens involved in the crash.. 

“That’s all got to stop,” he said. “Everybody gets twisted and confused … it’s garbage.”

Read the full article…


Two teens killed in vehicle rollover on Fernbank

(Update, Monday afternoon)

The Ottawa Citizen and CBC are reporting the names of the two young women killed in the crash. Police believe the teens were heading to or from a bush party when the driver of the car tried to pass another motorist and swerved off of the road. Police are continuing to investigate and are asking any witnesses to the incident to come forward. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: More honours for Tysen, Poole Creek blasting, coyote meeting, more

This week at the Spirit of the Capital Youth Awards, Stittsville’s Tysen Lefebvre received the Max Keeping Award for Personal Strength and Courage. It’s awarded annually to an individual who has demonstrated a tremendous passion for life by overcoming personal obstacles. Tysen’s goal is to raise one million dollars for Make-A-Wish. He’s over $600,000 so far. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Kanata-Stittsville LRT study will look at three route options

(PHOTO: Artist’s rendering of the Rideau LRT station downtown. Via City of Ottawa.)

It occurred to me on the drive home from Monday night’s LRT open house that we just spent a lot of time and money on consultants to tell us that the best route for LRT is along the Queensway, like we’ve been planning all along.

Still, consultants and planners will spend the next few months evaluating three options (down from 13 shortlisted routes) for the potential future Kanata-Stittsville LRT extension, from Moodie Drive to Palladium. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Infill on Jonathan Pack, Haliburton Park plans, noise bylaw changes

On June 7, Ottawa’s Committee of Adjustment will consider a request to subdivide a piece of residential property at 28 Jonathan Pack Street. Currently it’s a large lot with a single home, and the proposal seeks to divide the property in half, keeping the house on one lot and using the other for a new house. (You can find more info here…)

The property in question is typical of many on Jonathan Pack, with large lots about 30m wide at the front stretching back about 60m. The lots on Forest Heights and Stitt Street, which run parallel to Jonathan Pack, are quite a bit narrower and considerably denser.

I don’t know enough about this application to say if it’s good or bad for the street, but I do know that we’re seeing more and more large, older properties in Stittsville been subdivided for infill development. If you’re not a fan of endless suburban sprawl, infills like this one can be a way that sprawl can slowed. What’s important is getting the design right, and ensuring that the scale of the infill is compatible with the existing neighbourhood.

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PHOTO: Demolition in progress on Fernbank

Above: “Here is a photo taken on Fernbank Road on November 21 during our first snow storm of the season of an old farm house being demolished to make way for a new development.” Photo by Brian Eastop.


(We love seeing photos from in and around our community. Please send your best pics to us at feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca)


Police seek witnesses to fatal crash at Fernbank-Eagleson Sunday

UPDATE, Oct 31: 

(via Ottawa Police)

The Ottawa Police Collision Investigation Unit is investigating a fatal collision which occurred at 5:35 pm on October 30, at the intersection of Eagleson and Fernbank Road. The collision involved a red Hyundai Accent driven by a 47 year old male and a Honda motorcycle driven by a 59 year old male. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Live music at Quitters, Huntmar’s truck problem


I was at Quitters on Saturday night for trivia and two notable things happened.

For one, my team won. That’s a first. Congrats to J, Lorrie and Greg, aka the smart people on my team.

Second, Quizmaster Rick announced that Quitters will be launching some new programming this fall, including a live music series featuring Kathleen Edwards and other musicians.  Watch for details soon.

Photo by Katie Shapiro
Photo by Katie Shapiro

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Grocery store, restaurant proposed for corner of Fernbank and Shea

Map of the proposed development at 5960 Fernbank Road. Shea runs from left to right across the top of the map, and Fernbank runs from top to bottom. The proposed grocery store is the large block at the bottom left. (Click map for larger size.)
Map of the proposed development at 5960 Fernbank Road. Shea runs from left to right across the top of the map, and Fernbank runs from top to bottom. The proposed grocery store is the large block at the bottom left. (Click map for larger size.)


The City of Ottawa has received a request to amend the zoning by-law to allow a commercial development at the south west corner of Fernbank and Shea.  The land is currently Rural Countryside Zone (RU), and the proposal seeks to change that to General Mixed Use Zone (GM)

The proposed development would include a grocery store, restaurant and retail stores at 5960 Fernbank Road. All of those uses fall within “General Mixed Use”, and since the land is part of the general urban area the rezoning will likely be approved.

The land is former farmland, and has been owned by William “Bill” Davidson since 1975.  Davidson now lives in Pakenham but grew up on the farm. Planning documents refer to the land as “Clydesdale Meadows”.

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BUILT UP: Increasing density both a positive and a challenge

(Photo: Aerial photo of Fairwinds. Photo by @TwitchxB)

With a couple of proposals for low-rise apartment buildings along Robert Grant (Haliburton Heights, Livery Street), and a multi-story retirement complex along Hazeldean (Wellings), we wanted to find out what Stittsville could look like with more high-density developments. Continue reading


Three Stittsville properties on the agenda at Committee of Adjustment

The City of Ottawa’s Committee of Adjustment will decide on three Stittsville applications on July 20.


The owner, Farmhouse Investments Inc., wants to subdivide the land into two separate parcels: “In order to do this, the Owner requires the Consent of the Committee for a Conveyance. The land to be severed is shown on a Draft 4R-Plan filed with the application, will have frontage of 43.25 metres on Fernbank Road to an irregular depth of 102.92 metres and will contain a lot area of 4560 square metres. This parcel contains the existing dwelling known municipally as 5897 Fernbank Road. The land to be retained is also shown on the Plan filed with the application, will have frontage of 38.33 metres on Fernbank Road to an irregular depth of 102.94 metres and will contain a lot area of 15,866 square metres. This parcel is vacant and will be known municipally as 5903 Fernbank Road and is part of the Fernbank Community Plan for future development.” More info…

That “existing dwelling” is also known as Flewellyn-Jones House, which recently was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. The owners are planning to turn it into a PTSD wellness centre.


The owner, real estate agent Glendon Moore, wants to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land to create a new lot for future development. The house currently facing Johnwoods would make up one piece of land, and a slightly smaller parcel would front front Hartin Street.

“The existing detached dwelling known municipally as 30 Johnwoods Street is to remain on the other parcel. In order to do this, the Owner requires the Consent of the Committee for Conveyances.  The property is shown as Parts 1 and 2 on a Draft 4R-Plan filed with the applications and the separate parcels will be as follows:
Applications for 30 JohnwoodsApproval of these applications will have the effect of creating a parcel of land for the existing dwelling which will not be in conformity with the requirements of the Zoning Bylaw and therefore a Minor Variance Application (D08-02-16/A-00190) has been filed and will be heard concurrently with these applications.”

“In order to proceed, the Owner requires the Authority of the Committee for a Minor Variance from the Zoning By-law to permit a reduced rear yard setback of 2.8 metres whereas the By-law requires a minimum rear yard setback of 9 metres. It should be noted that, for By-law purposes, the frontage on Hartin Street is deemed to be the front lot line for this property.” More info…

325 HALIBURTON, 200, 201 ROVER, 100 SHINNY
(Fernbank / Robert Grant area)

Abbott-Fernbank Holdings Inc. owns the property, and proposes “to construct four detached dwellings on Lots 76, 95, 96 and 115, with one dwelling on each lot. The proposed dwellings on these lots will not be located in conformity with the requirements of the Zoning By-law, as shown on plans filed with the Committee. In order to proceed, the Owner requires the Authority of the Committee for Minor Variances from the Zoning By-law. More info…

(Perhaps as notable as the application are the new street names: Shinny Avenue, Slapshot Way and Rover Street.)


Councillor seeks feedback on Fernbank sign and landscaping

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

UPDATE, JULY 25: Results from the voting are 54% for Option 3, 21% for Option 2, 16% for Option 4 and 9% for Option 1.  “I liked all options and Option 3 certainly stood out for many residents; as such, I approve of this decision. I would like to thank all residents for taking the time to play a role in this planning process. As updates arise such as final approval and construction timelines, I will be certain to include them within my weekly electronic column,” wrote Qadri in an email to residents.

This fall, the City will build an community entry feature for the Fernbank Community at the intersection of Fernbank Road and Robert Grant Avenue. This feature:
• Is expected to be completed this fall.
• Is a requirement of the Fernbank Community Design Plan.
• Will be completed as part of the Robert Grant Avenue construction project.
• Will feature a sign component on the east side of the intersection.
• Will feature landscaping on both sides of the intersection. Continue reading


LIFE’S A DITCH: Ottawa Fire called to the rescue

Ottawa Fire Services helped out with three cars in ditches this morning, at least couple of them just south of Stittsville.  Here’s a news release that they sent out earlier today.
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Flewellyn-Jones House on Fernbank up for heritage designation

IMAGINE YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE ARE NEWLYWEDS IN YOUR EARLY TWENTIES.  You have a young child, maybe an infant, certainly no older than two years old, and you decide to move to a new country, an ocean away.

Would you have the guts to do that today?  Imagine the guts it would have taken to do that 165 years ago.

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Zoning bylaw amendment proposal for east side Terry Fox near Fernbank

The city has posted a new zoning bylaw amendment application for 1039 Terry Fox Drive / 5331 Fernbank Road.  Part of that land is the farmland where you always see cows grazing on the east side of Terry Fox.

Here’s a summary from the planning documents:

The subject lands are approximately 25.5 hectares in size and consist of vacant lands currently being used for agricultural purposes. The lands are bound by Fernbank Road to the south, the Trans-Canada Trail to the north, Terry Fox Drive to the west and a pedestrian pathway to the east. A hydro corridor runs east-west along the northern portion of subject lands and a branch of the Monahan Drain runs through the center, just north of Cope Drive.

Surrounding the property, to the north is the Castleglen residential subdivision consisting of single detached, semi detached and townhouse dwellings. To the south is the future Bridlewood Trails residential subdivision and to the southwest is a commercial centre. To the west is the future Blackstone residential subdivision, which is within the Fernbank Community Design Plan. To the southeast is the existing Trail West community consisting of single detached and townhouse dwellings and to the northeast is the South Kanata Business Park.

The purpose of this application is to rezone the subject lands to accommodate a mix of employment, residential, retail and commercial uses. The plan proposes employment lands for the northern portion of the subject lands, north of the Monahan Drain and south of the Trans-Canada Trail. Residential uses are proposed north of Cope Drive and south of the Monahan Drain. The residential zone would consist of medium density residential uses in the form of approximately 225 units. Retail commercial uses are proposed north of Fernbank Road and south of Cope Drive. In the concept plan, the retail commercial uses are outlined as neighbourhood-orientated retail stores.

The subject lands are currently zoned Industrial Business Park Industrial Subzone 4 (IP4). The applicant is purposing to rezone the lands to Industrial Business Park Zone (IP), Industrial Business Park Zone with exceptions (IP [xxxx]) and Residential Fourth Density Zone (R4). The proposed IP Zone for the northern portion of the lands will permit a wider range of employment uses and performance standards. The proposed IP Zone with exceptions for the portions of the lands south of Cope Drive will permit retail store and retail food store as secondary uses and increase the maximum individual and cumulative gross floor area. The proposed R4 Zone for the portions of the lands north of Cope Drive and south of the Monahan Drain will permit a wide range of residential building forms ranging from detached to low-rise apartment dwellings.