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Remembrance Day display pays tribute to veterans with PTSD

(PHOTO: A bagpiper plays in front of a backlt Remembrance Day display in front of Dennis Burton’s home on Flewellyn Road.)

Dennis Burton is a Navy veteran who served Canada for 21 years. For him, Remembrance Day is as much about fallen soldiers as it is about the veterans who came back, and continue to struggle with injuries and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) long after their career has ended.

“I want to remember the ones that actually stood up to the plate and did something.  Not that they were forced to, but they wanted to and volunteered to do better for their country, for their community,” he says. “It’s to remember them, and remember the ones who struggle with PTSD and don’t know how to deal with the situation.” Continue reading


WETLANDS: A regulatory loophole you can drive a dump truck through

(PHOTO: Ken McRae says he believe some landowners on Flewellyn Road are dumping fill into wetlands to avoid Provincially Significant Wetland designation. Photo by Devyn Barrie.)

A local environmental activist believes some Goulbourn property owners are taking advantage of a regulatory loophole to destroy wetland on their property.

Ken McRae says he’s seen dump trucks delivering fill to a property on Flewellyn that he believes is being dumped into wetland. Continue reading


UPDATE: Flewellyn-Jones house project seeks re-zoning

(ABOVE: Flewellyn-Jones House, November 2013.)

Last January, City Council approved heritage designation for the Flewellyn-Jones House on Fernbank Road, just east of the Shea Road roundabout. I noticed that a lot of the brush and overgrowth had been cleared away from the property recently and I was curious about the status of the redevelopment plans. Continue reading


A FINE BALANCE: Study looks at why Goulbourn wetlands are changing

(ABOVE: Looking north from the Trans Canada Trail, west of Stittsville, June 2016. Photo illustration.)

“No interrupting, no swearing, no shouting. We’re all here to be heard, and this is a professional meeting,” said the moderator.

She was laying down the ground rules for a public meeting on Monday about the results of a long-awaited study looking at wetlands in the area. Continue reading


Public meeting on June 20 about Goulbourn / Flewellyn wetland study

(Above: Former farmland, now wetland along Flewellyn Road. Photo from November 2014.)

The City of Ottawa is holding a long-awaited information meeting later this month to share the results of a study on the Goulbourn Wetland Complex. The complex is a series of wetlands in a large area south and west of Stittsville that’s been identified as “Provincially Significant Wetland” (PSW).

Around 2004, a development proposal on Flewellyn Road triggered a review of all land in the area by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. That review resulted in the identification of “new” PSW on about 60 properties. (We reported on this back in 2014 in an article titled “Property values drained by wetland designation”.) Continue reading


LIFE’S A DITCH: Ottawa Fire called to the rescue

Ottawa Fire Services helped out with three cars in ditches this morning, at least couple of them just south of Stittsville.  Here’s a news release that they sent out earlier today.
Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Ecole Paul-Desmarais opens next week, new Gaia Java owners, more

ECOLE PAUL-DESMARAIS OPENS MONDAY: It’s been a busy week of preparation at Stittsville’s new French Catholic high school. Students toured the school this week (photo above) to find their new lockers and get ready for the first full school day on Monday.  (The official opening will be on Thursday, February 4.) Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Flewellyn-Jones house could be home to a PTSD wellness centre

Interesting discussion today at City Hall around the impacts of heritage designation, and a great example of a creative compromise.

A group of seven therapists want to transform the Flewellyn-Jones house into a wellness centre, treating people with post-tramautic stress disorder (PTSD) including Canadian soldiers.

The therapist group was close to finalizing a purchase of the property from the Jones family late in 2015,  but put the deal on hold when they found out that city staff was recommending heritage designation for the 19th century stone house and adjacent apple orchard.

Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Campeau Drive extension, Flewellyn-Jones House, coffee talk, more

CAMPEAU DRIVE: Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson says that the full Campeau extension from Terry Fox to Huntmar isn’t expected to open until 2018.   That’s on schedule according to the City’s Transportation Master Plan, which calls for completion sometime between 2014 and 2019. Continue reading


Flewellyn-Jones House on Fernbank up for heritage designation

IMAGINE YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE ARE NEWLYWEDS IN YOUR EARLY TWENTIES.  You have a young child, maybe an infant, certainly no older than two years old, and you decide to move to a new country, an ocean away.

Would you have the guts to do that today?  Imagine the guts it would have taken to do that 165 years ago.

Continue reading


QADRI: Summary of conditions imposed for Stittsville South development

The lands are municipally known as 1845, 1877, 1883 and 1921 Stittsville Main Street, Part of 6070 Fernbank Road, Part of 5993 Flewellyn Road, and one additional unaddressed contiguous parcel.

City Councillor Shad Qadri posted this note to several local Facebook groups today. You can see background documents for the plan of subdivision here.

Stittsville South – Plan of Subdivision Approved

The Planning and Growth Management Department has approved the Draft Plan of Subdivision submitted by Novatech on behalf of Thomas Cavanagh Construction Ltd. and Stittsville South Inc. subject to the development conditions.

This site has been referred to as Stittsville South and Area 6 and is municipally known as 1845, 1877, 1883 and 1921 Stittsville Main Street, Part of 6070 Fernbank Road, Part of 5993 Flewellyn Road, and one additional unaddressed contiguous parcel. The application file number is D07-16-13-0033.

The site is the western portion of the lands within the Stittsville South Urban Expansion Area (Area 6). Surrounding the property, to the north is the Upcountry/West Wind Farms subdivision and to the west across Stittsville Main Street is the Traditions/Harris Lands subdivision. To the south is the Woodside Acres country estate. To the east is the remaining land of the Urban Expansion Area 6, this site is known as the Area 6 East (Davidson’s land) and a development application was recently submitted by Tartan Homes for these lands at the address of 5970 Fernbank Road (File number D02-02-15-0041 & D07-16-15-0008).

Over the years there has been a large amount of discussion regarding this proposed development and concerns have been expressed by residents in Upcountry/West Wind Farms Community and Woodside Acres. I am pleased that the following conditions have been included in this development as this should assist in addressing some of the concerns that were raised. I can appreciate that this may still not be ideal for all residents but I do feel a compromise was found.

  • No construction traffic of any kind will access this subdivision using Hartsmere Drive any time during the construction. There will also be no construction traffic using Poplarwood as there will not be a road connecting to this street.
  • Street Twelve and Street Thirteen will remain closed between Hartsmere Drive and Street One until such time as a collector road connecting to either Fernbank Road and/or Shea Road through the Area 6 East land (aka Davidson’s land) is available.
  • The owner will be required to install barriers and signage preventing vehicular access to this section of the road. These barriers will be designed to allow for emergency vehicles to access the subdivision, all to the satisfaction of the General Manager of Planning and Growth Management.
  • Prior to a road connection through the Area 6 East land (aka Davidson’s land) to Fernbank Road and/or Shea Road as shown on is constructed, no more than 350 building permits will be issued within this subdivision. Prior to the aforementioned collector road is connected, the Owner may request additional 50 building permits once 250 units are occupied and a traffic count is conducted for the intersection of Stittsville Main and Street One/West Ridge that confirms there is available capacity.
  • The Owner agrees to construct (and enter into cost sharing agreements with the other land owner) a collector road connecting to Fernbank Road and/or Shea Road through the Area 6 East land (aka Davidson’s land), under the circumstances that the aforementioned collector road is not built by the other land owner of Area 6 East land (aka Davidson’s land).

To review all the conditions and the approved plan please visit my website at: http://shadqadri.com/…/planning-dev/residential-development/

I am not aware of exact timelines for the development at this time but I do know that the owners will be planning to proceed with development now that they have been granted approval.


Neighbourhood no place for wrecking yard, say residents

(ABOVE: Neighbours Susan Schaefer (left) & Joan McCagg. Photo by Jordan Mady.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Three years ago, the Cash For Trash auto wrecking yard opened on Flewellyn Road, much to the displeasure of nearby homeowners. The operation appears to be in compliance with by-laws and environmental regulations, but a fire on July 8 brought resident concerns to the forefront again.


THE CLOCK HADN’T EVEN STRUCK NOON ON JULY 8 when 73-year-old Joan McCagg saw the thick, dark billowing smoke from her porch.

“When the fire started … I was going to go in town because we needed coffee and needed cigarettes. It was about 11 o’clock and I looked out and saw  the smoke. I went out and looked, and called my son. He came out and I said ‘it’s a fire, isn’t it?’ and he said ‘oh yeah, it’s a fire,'” McCagg says. Continue reading


Major fire at vehicle scrap yard on Flewellyn Road

(Photo via Ottawa Fire.)

Firefighters from several stations responded to a major fire at the Cash for Trash vehicle scrap yard on Flewellyn Road.

Several cars caught fire at the yard, located just east of Munster Road.  Flewellyn remained closed from Munster to Conley as of about 5:00pm. No injuries have been reported.

Ottawa fire received a call just before noon today and Station 81 from Stittsville was the first to respond.  A large plume of smoke could be seen from Stittsville and Kanata and there were still fire vehicles responding nearly an hour later.  Police and paramedics are also on the scene.

CBC Ottawa reported that workers were baling scrap metal when a spark started a very small fire that quickly grew out of control.

Ottawa Fire described the fire as a “large scrap vehicle fire”.  Cash for Trash buys and disposes of old and unwanted vehicles.

Ottawa Public Health is advising residents who are bothered by the smoke to stay indoors and close windows and doors.


QUARRY QUERY: Do industrial operations on Jinkinson affect water levels in the area?

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The network of streams and wetlands surrounding Stittsville have been changing over the past few years. Landowners say they’ve seen a dramatic rise in the amount of water on their land during a period that has coincided with Stittsville’s expansion.

In Part 1 of this series, we highlighted water issues along Flewellyn Road.  Homeowners there believe that quarries are one of several factors contributing to the water changes.

In Part 2, we look at concerns of the landowners who live right next to the quarries.  One of those landowners is Len Payne, who’s raised the ire of government and conservation officials for some of the changes he’s made to his property to try to drain his land.  We’ll examine those issues in a later story in this series.  Today’s story starts with a tour of his property between Jinkinson Road and the Trans Canada Trail. Continue reading


Property values drained by wetland designation

(ABOVE: Michael Erland (left) and Mike Westley, neighbours on Flewellyn Road.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Stittsville is in the midst of change. What was once a small town community that was a gathering place for area farmers is now developing at breakneck speed. As residents adjust to this growth, so too must the natural environment of the area.

One of the notable changes is to the region’s network of streams and wetlands. Landowners with property just west of town have seen a rise in the amount of water on their land during a period that has coincided with Stittsville’s expansion. Continue reading