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OPEN HOUSE: Upcoming flood prevention work in Stittsville South

(via City of Ottawa)

Following the July 2009 flooding event in Stittsville, flood control measures were evaluated and a mitigation plan was recommended. The current phase of the plan consists of undertaking flood control measures in the Westwood, Cypress Gardens, Basswood, West Wind, Woodside and Harris lands neighbourhoods,.  This area extends from Hartsmere Drive to the south, Abbott Street to the north and the development limits to the east and west. Continue reading


QADRI: City plans update of flood plain mapping

(via Councillor Shad Qadri’s weekly newsletter)

The Province requires that the City have policies in the Official Plan (OP) and provisions in the Zoning By-law to prohibit development within the one in one hundred year flood plain. As such, a program of updates to improve the accuracy of the flood plain mapping and to add newly mapped flood plain areas were included in the department’s 2015-2018 Planning Committee-approved workplan.

Updates will be carried out through Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments, which will occur over a number of years, as mapping becomes available from the conservation authorities. The first phase of these amendments is anticipated to be brought to the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and the Planning Committee in April 2016. Continue reading