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Q&A: If marijuana dispensaries are illegal, why aren’t they being shut down?

We’ve had a lot of questions from readers about the legal status of Magna Terra, the marijuana dispensary that’s set to open soon on Iber Road. If marijuana dispensaries are illegal, why are they allowed to continue operating in Ottawa? The answer: it’s complicated!

Is marijuana legal in Canada or not?
Marijuana for recreational use is illegal; marijuana for medical use has been legal in Canada since 2001. Continue reading


Alice’s Village Cafe and Gourlay Ruins win architectural conservation awards

(From the City of Ottawa.)

The Ottawa Architectural Conservation Awards recognize excellence in the preservation of the City’s architectural heritage. Submissions were received in the following categories: Restoration (returning a heritage resource to its original form, material and integrity); Adaptive Re-Use (modification of a heritage resource to contemporary functional standards while retaining its heritage character); Additions (new additions to historic buildings); Infill (new construction within an historic context) and Other (conservation of engineering works, gardens, landscape features). A jury of three heritage professionals reviewed the submissions and awarded both Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit in all five categories. The full list of winners is here… Continue reading