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Parents asked to sign new public high school petition this weekend

Jennifer Smith (left) and Jenny Guth along with other parents in the community have started a new petition calling for a public high school for Stittsville.

A provincial politician has promised parents that she’ll present a petition to Queen’s Park this week for a new public high school.

Barrhaven MPP Lisa MacLeod met with parents on Friday, and told them that she would raise the issue at Question Period at Queen’s Park.  She says she wants a petition with at least two pages of signatures that she can bring with her to demonstrate support from the community. Continue reading


PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL: Catching up on homework

(PHOTO: Jennifer Smith (left) and Jenny Guth stand on one of the possible sites for the new school, at the south west corner of Robert Grant and Cope. The two parents have been active organizers in the push for a public high school.)

I’ve been catching up on a few loose ends from last Tuesday’s meeting about building a public high school in Stittsville. Now I’m finally ready to turn in my homework.

Here are some updates on support from politicians, possible locations for the school, and how the Ministry of Education decides what to fund.

Continue reading


Lawyer donates expertise to help Syrian refugees

Becoming a mother changed the way a Stittsville lawyer saw the world around her, and after witnessing the media coverage of a drowned Syrian boy she decided to do her part.

“That was really extremely upsetting to me,” said Jenny Guth (pictured above), who has a five-year-old son. “For me and for probably many other people, the little boy who was found on the beach was the game changer.” Continue reading


New web site launched in support of Stittsville public high school

Parents who want a public high school built for Stittsville have launched a new web site and Twitter account, and are planning to ramp up their lobbying efforts in the coming months. The web site is stittsvillepublichighschoolnow.com, the Twitter account is @sphs_now.

The group already had a Facebook page, with over 400 likes. Later this spring, the group will launch a survey to generate  data that they can bring to the public school board and Ministry of Education, says Jenny Guth. Continue reading


More public pressure is needed to get a high school, says Scott

(Above: Public board trustee Lynn Scott.)

Over 50 people were at Johnny Leroux Arena Thursday night to hear the latest about the push for a public high school in Stittsville.

A dozen buses a day transport Stittsville teenagers to South Carleton High School in Richmond.  For nearly 10 years, the public school board has identified a Stittsville high school as a priority, but so far they have not received funding from the province.  The project currently #2 on the board’s priority list. Continue reading


EXPLAINER: When will Stittsville get a public high school?

Jenny Guth’s son Levi is only in junior kindergarten this year, but she’s already thinking about where he’ll go to high school.

Guth (pictured above), along with several other parents in the area, are planning events and activities this fall to ramp up pressure on the Ontario Government to fund a new public high school for Stittsville. Continue reading