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COMMENT: Fix the Carp-Hazeldean intersection

(ABOVE: Photo via Wendy Wright / @wrightofwayCFRA)

Yet another collision at the intersection of Carp Road and Hazeldean Road, and residents are again calling for safety fixes at the intersection.

Is there any reason to believe the City will respond any differently this time?

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PHOTOS: Hair Donation brings in over $95,000 (and counting!)

(Above: Deputy Mayor Mark Taylor cuts Councillor Shad Qadri’s hair at the annual Hair Donation Ottawa event at Algonquin  College on Sunday. Looking on are stylist Eli Saikaley and Hair Donation Ottawa founder Helen Hutchings (wearing glasses).  Photo by Barry Gray.)

The organizers of Hair Donation Ottawa are calling this year’s fundraising event another big success, with donations closing in on $100,000 as of today.  Money raised supports cancer research. Continue reading


GROWTH SPURT: Can “village feel” be maintained in Stittsville?

(Above: Aerial photo of Fairwinds. Photo by @TwitchxB)

Stittsville has changed a lot in the past few decades. From a small farming village of about 500 in the 1950s to the booming suburb of 31,000 it is today, there has been a lot of growth.

Throughout the years it has maintained a “village feel”, but we wondered if that can continue for much longer. Continue reading


Public meeting Tuesday for proposed retirement home on flea market land

Proposed site map.
Proposed site map. Click for larger size.

There’s a public meeting planned to discuss the 5-storey retirement home that’s proposed for the old flea market lands on Hazeldean Road at Stittsville Main.

The meeting is on Tuesday, February 9 starting at 6pm at the Stittsville Library Branch (1637 Stittsville Main Street). Continue reading