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New street names revealed: Bobcat, Snowberry, Brae, Henry Goulburn, Turtleback

Councillor Shad Qadri shared the information below in an email to residents today. We like to hear from our readers, particularly people who live on the effective streets: What do you think of the new names chosen? Add a comment below or email feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca

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LETTER: Where are the historical street names?

Re:  Sugar Shack or Mitig? City offers new street name options

Not one of the names suggested by the City of Ottawa for the six streets in question has any historical significance for our community.  Were these names suggested by Stittsville residents?

Algonquins didn’t live in or around the Stittsville location so why introduce Aboriginal names?  Even Campground Way is a stretch because although it is adjacent to where the Holiness Methodist property was,  it sounds like an ordinary campground rather than  a camp that was part of a whole religious tradition.

Why are no historical names of early settlers or those who have contributed to the community among the names presented by the City? We’ve taken care to name a number of our streets after the farm families who owned the original property where the streets were located.

Names  such as “Mitig” are meaningless to most of us who live here.  I don’t think proper consultation was made with residents.  I also think the fact that a larger number of residents on the “Goulbourn Street” in the City of Ottawa should not have taken precedence over the fact that our township was called Goulbourn, and this is one of the important memories of who we were before amalgamation.  The street was not only named after Sir Henry Goulbourn but also represented the identity of the township that was created.  To simply do away with it because a street in the city has more people on it, is insulting to all the residents of the former Goulbourn Township.

Barbara Bottriell