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VIDEO: Raising the hydro poles along Huntmar

“On my way to work yesterday, I noticed that Hydro One was in the process of erecting the replacement wood hydro poles along Huntmar,” says videographer Hien Hoang.

“I quickly pulled over and asked the crew chief if it would be ok if I captured some video of what’s involved in their task… and he agreed.” Continue reading


MUST WATCH: Cool video of city snowplow operations

Who knew snow clearing could be so dramatic?  Hien Hoang put together this video of city snow removal in the Fairwinds neighbourhood from earlier today.

It’s full of dramatic shots of heavy equipment, phalanxes of dump trucks, and sweeping aerial shots of plows in the neighbourhood.

“I came home for lunch and got trapped in by the whole production,” he says. “So I decided to capture some ground and aerial footage of it all. Its pretty amazing!”

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