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NOTEBOOK: LRT open houses, pedestrian safety upgrades, more

Watch for a open house events in June and November for updates on plans to extend light rail transit west past Moodie Drive towards Kanata and Stittsville.  Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson shared the news in a newsletter update: “An evaluation of alternative corridors and selection of a preferred corridor and station locations will be discussed… on the technically preferred plan, which will go to Transportation Committee and Council for approval in March 2018.  Construction of this section cannot occur until after the LRT reaches Moodie in 2023 and a funding source is obtained.” Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: New RMT on Stittsville Main, a lost building’s rich retail history


Holly Milliner
Holly Milliner

Holly Milliner has moved her registered massage therapy practice, Syner-G Massage Therapy and Wellness Centre to the little white house at 1535 Stittsville Main Street, just south of Orville.

“It’s a great spot to catch the action on Main Street, and I’m really looking forward to the foot traffic that Quitters and Story Art will hopefully bring this summer,” she says.

“I grew up in Glen Cairn and always remembered Stittsville for the Sundays we’d spend at the Flea Market.  Then I moved with my folks in 2006 to Timbermere and started seeing this community a little differently, as an adult and thinking it would be a great place to raise a family.

“This location is also a bonus as I live on Elm – you can’t beat a 5 minute walk to work,” says Milliner.

Last month I wrote about the the property at 1520 Stittsville Main Street that’s up for sale. Until 2014, it was home to 19th century heritage building that most recently was home to the Louisiannie’s and NOLA restaurants.

John Bottriell fills us in on some of the businesses that called the building home over the years: “This building has had many uses over the years… The Royal Albert Tea Room, Pixie’s Florists, Toomey’s Photography and of course Bradley’s dry goods store. I have memories of the early 1980’s walking our children to the Stittsville Nursery School and stopping with them to view the stuffed animals displayed in the window.”

Bradley's General Store at 1518 Stittsville Main Street. Date unknown.
Bradley’s General Store at 1518 Stittsville Main Street. Date unknown.

Daniel Kucherhan lives in Arcadia and reports back from a meeting he had with Kanata North councillor Marianne Wilkinson:

  • Officially, we’re still looking at a 10-15 year horizon for the province to build pedestrian infrastructure across the Queensway at Huntmar. In the meantime, Kucherhan says Wilkinson is working on a plan to construct a pedestrian/bicycle overpass, and will ask the provincial and federal government to pitch in on the cost – roughly $15-million.
  • The Campeau Bridge over the Carp River, linking Huntmar all the way to Terry Fox, is likely still at least two years away.
  • The Arcadia Community Association is hoping to raise $50,000, 25% of the funds needed to build a splash pad in their community.
    More from Kucherhan’s meeting here (FB)…


Covered Bridge Brewing and Wiches Cauldron are teaming up for a St. Patrick’s Day party. featuring dinner (Irish stew, soda bread and stout cupcakes, 12 oz beer of choice, and live music. Tickets ($30) must be purchased in advance, available at the brewery. Email kathy@coveredbridgebrewing.com for details.

There’s a new site plan control application to build 20 freehold townhomes at 502 Dressage Street in the Blackstone subdivision, off Oxer Place. The City of Ottawa is accepting public comments on the proposal.  Click here for more info…

A social media post listing the new Hazeldean Road Shoe Company location as being in Kanata drew the ire of a few Stittsville residents, prompting the company to update their post.

“We’ve updated the location! Thanks for clarifying for us David! Sadly we’re not local to the store so didn’t realize it fell within Stittsville, not Kanata. What we do know is we are excited to be at our new location, and hope to see you soon,” they wrote.

That’s reminiscent of the situation a couple of years back when a couple of large home builders agreed to update their marketing that promoted Poole Creek Village as being “in the heart of Kanata”, when in fact they are a part of Stittsville.

For the record, Carp River is the boundary between Kanata South and Stittsville along Hazeldean Road.

Shoe Company Facebook post



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NOTEBOOK: Keg restaurant could arrive as soon as November 30

One of the most-visited articles in the StittsvilleCentral.ca archives is about a proposal to build a Keg restaurant on the corner of Hazeldean and Huntmar. And one of the most frequently asked questions received: “When is that Keg finally going in anyways?”

Councillor Shad Qadri provided an answer last night at the Fairwinds Community Association Annual General Meeting. Construction is scheduled to being April 15, with an opening date targeted for November 30 of this year. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Live music at Quitters, Huntmar’s truck problem


I was at Quitters on Saturday night for trivia and two notable things happened.

For one, my team won. That’s a first. Congrats to J, Lorrie and Greg, aka the smart people on my team.

Second, Quizmaster Rick announced that Quitters will be launching some new programming this fall, including a live music series featuring Kathleen Edwards and other musicians.  Watch for details soon.

Photo by Katie Shapiro
Photo by Katie Shapiro

Continue reading


Two new buildings proposed for Shoppes at Fairwinds

5075 Hazeldean Road site plan with two proposed new buildings.
The revised site plan for 5075 Hazeldean includes two new buildings, shown on the map in yellow. One retail building along Huntmar north of the Shoppers Drug Mart, and a drive-thru restaurant on the east side along Hazeldean. Many of the pre-approved buildings shown on the map have yet to be constructed.


The City of Ottawa has received a site plan proposal for two new buildings in the Shoppes at Fairwinds shopping area, at 5705 Hazeldean in front of the Food Basics.

The proposal is to add a retail building just north of the existing Shoppers Drug Mart, and a restaurant / drive-thru on the east end of the site along Hazeldean Road. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Stittsville South zoning, french immersion, Huntmar-Maple Grove, more

This week the City’s Planning Committee unanimously approved a zoning change for a subdivision at Stittsville South, paving the way (pun intended) for a new residential development including 339 single detached, 162 multiple attached and 152 low-rise apartment units.  It goes to City Council for full approval on February 24. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Kanata dog park, new mini-roundabouts, Bradley-Craig Farm

Last fall we reported on a proposed fenced dog park in Kanata at Insmill Park near Terry Fox Drive. Here’s an update from Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson: “Thank you to everyone who provided feedback about the proposed fenced dog area for Insmill Park. I will be meeting with City staff later this month to review your concerns and to consider alternative locations. The NCC has been approached about a dog park on their lands and I hope to have more information on that soon.” Continue reading


Dedicated left turn lane coming soon to Huntmar-Maple Grove

The verdict is in for the new lane configuration for the lights at Huntmar and Maple Grove.

Councillor Shad Qadri wrote in his weekly newsletter that he’s asking City staff reconfigure the northbound lane markings to allow for a dedicated left-turn lane plus a shared straight/right-turn.  The bike lane will be removed.  (Lanes in the other direction stay the same.) Continue reading


Heritage, Neighbourhood Watch, dangerous intersection discussed at Fairwinds meeting

The Fairwinds Community Association held its monthly meeting December 14. The main issues of discussion included the proposal to move the big red Bradley-Craig barn on Hazeldean Road despite its heritage designation and viability for adaptive use on site (the FCA opposes the move of the barn); an update on the efforts to start a Neighbourhood Watch program in Fairwinds; and an update on the city’s review of the intersection at Huntmar Drive and Maple Grove Road.
On the subject of the intersection, the FCA has conducted a survey of residents and drafted a letter to Councillor Shad Qadri outlining the community’s concerns. Qadri said he expects to be able to provide an update in January.
If you have questions about these or other issues the FCA is involved with, check out www.fairwindscommunity.com or email info@fairwindscommunity.com


FUTURE STITTSVILLE: Lots of new roads planned for our area


Remember that scene in Back to the Future, when Doc says to Marty: “Roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”  

The opposite is true for Future Stittsville. Our village is expanding from about 30,000 today to over 70,000 in 2031, and the rapid growth here and in areas south like Richmond is already putting a strain on road infrastructure.  Continue reading


Crab apple tree leads archeologists to a lost farm near Tanger

(Above: This old crab apple tree just south of Tanger Outlets led archeologists to the site of a the 19th century Burroughs Farm. Photo by Glen Gower / September 2015.)

It’s hard to imagine Kanata/Stittsville without an NHL arena, without big box stores, without the Queensway. But every once in a while, we get a little reminder of what this area used to be like when it was known as one of the finest farming communities in Eastern Ontario.

Within the next couple of years, pending development approvals, the second phase of Tanger Outlets will be built, including a hotel and restaurants.  Phase two will be built between the Queensway and Feedmill Creek, the waterway that flows from west to east across the property.

According to the development plan, archeological features next to the creek will be preserved and incorporated into the landscaping of a park on the site.

Continue reading


RESPONSE: City staff are reviewing Huntmar/Maple Grove intersection

(City councillor Shad Qadri responded to a resident’s letter about traffic at Huntmar & Maple Grove.)

I have had City Traffic staff review the intersection of Maple Grove and Huntmar Road.  Northbound vehicle movements were analyzed from turning volume counts completed in June and October 2014.  The counts showed that 10 percent of vehicles made a left turn, 60 percent of vehicles proceeded straight through and 30 percent of vehicles made a right turn. The northbound lanes for the temporary signal were designed as a share left/through and an exclusive right turn lane base on the results from the counts.

Working within the existing curb lines for the temporary signal, the alignment works better for northbound vehicles travelling through the intersection from the shared left/through lane.  Traffic staff have the same lane configurations at other intersections within the City of Ottawa.

The existing northbound lanes also helps to remove cyclists from the heavy right turning vehicles (cycling lane painted to the left of the right turn lane).

Specific turn and straight through arrows have now been painted on the roadway to help assist motorists traversing the intersection.  This should assist drivers.

I have also requested Traffic staff to continue to monitor this intersection for the next week to confirm if the intersection is working to its upmost efficiency. 


Shad Qadri



LETTER: A few ideas to improve traffic flow on Huntmar

(Here’s a letter that Andre Hallam wrote to councillor Shad Qadri, with some ideas for improvements to Huntmar Drive.  Pictured above is the intersection of Huntmar and Maple Grove, recently reconfigured with new traffic lights.)

I am writing to suggest changes to Huntmar Drive that could improve traffic flow drastically.

First, with the new lights at Maple Grove, they have now split the northbound lanes on Huntmar into two – one combining straight-through and left turns, and the other for right turns only. This results in people wanting to go straight being held up and waiting for people to turn left, which can be a long time. That’s just silly.

Swapping this to combine straight-through with the right-turn lane would make far more sense, since people turning right don’t have to wait on a green light, and that lane flows better. Straight-through traffic needs to keep flowing, and should not be held up – this is actually worse than the four-way stop sign, as you are there much longer than you should be… and often you never make it through the green light at all before it changes red again!

Second, going south on Huntmar at Hazeldean has issues. If you want to turn left/east onto Hazeldean, you are slowed by two things:

1) The left turn arrow only works on weekends, not on weekdays at all, never mind at rush hour, and not based on the number of cars waiting. I don’t get this logic of assisting our turns on weekends.

2) Cars coming northbound on Iber turning right (east) onto Hazeldean always have the right of way, thus making the people turning left wait even longer. This also causes some people turning left to “steal” the right of way, cutting off the people turning right. This is very dangerous, but it happens every day as people want to make their turn before the light changes. I’ve been tempted myself, but hold off.

Obviously the fix for #1 is to enable the left arrow on weekdays. I don’t think we really need it on weekends. It simply doesn’t make sense. Alternatively/additionally, install a loop/sensor in the road to detect when there’s people waiting in the turn lane. Or even better, make it like the Hazeldean lights, which are fully controlled, having turn cycles separate from the green cycle. That would make the intersection safer now that traffic levels are increasing on Iber.

The fix for #2 is to make a little right-turn ramp with a yield sign for cars turning right off Iber – like the one on the opposite corner on Huntmar.

I know that “engineers” have probably already looked at all these things, and made their best decisions, but I drive on Huntmar daily, and I can see that these decisions don’t work, and these simple changes would make things work a lot better.

Andre Hallam