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NOTEBOOK: Mystery blasting could be from nearby quarry

(ABOVE: File photo.)

City staff think they’ve identified the source of some mystery blasting that’s been felt by residents in communities like Jackson Trails, Bryanston Gate and Fairwinds in the north part of Stittsville.

Here’s what one resident posted on August 31: “Was that blasting in the Potter’s Key development that just shook everyone up like mad? There was no warning to the people in the area, none of the ‘warning whistles’ leading up to the blast… and holy cow I am touring my house for damage. That was nuts!” Continue reading


Sad ending to search for missing Jackson Trails senior

(PHOTO: Police search for missing person Nelliya Karbisheva in the Jackson Trails area on Tuesday. Photo by Connor Boudreau.)

UPDATE, May 27: Karbisheva’s family have thanked the community for their help in this week’s search. They’ve asked that rather then flowers or meals, a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society, be made instead, in Nelliya’s memory.


UPDATE, May 25: Sad news to share today. Nelliya Karbisheva’s body was found in a wooded area near Stittsville Main Street and Maple Grove Road. Our condolences to her family and friends. Ms. Karbisheva’s dog was found safe by her side.

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Tree cutting allowed east of Echowoods, as long as they’re skinny trees

Here’s a update from Councillor Shad Qadri after recent resident inquiries about why trees are being cut down on land east of Lloydalex/Echowoods and north of Jackson Trails and the new Potter’s Key subdivision. (The land doesn’t have a municipal address, and is not subject to any active development applications.) Qadri says the owners of the property are not in violation of the Urban Tree Conservation By-law as long as trees being removed do not have a diameter of 10cm or more.

Residents have inquired about tree cutting on this piece of land east of Lloydalex Crescent. Map via Councillor Shad Qadri.
via Google Maps


I have recently been contacted by residents in the area regarding some activity they have noticed on the lands within the Ward 21 Urban Expansion Area that is located north of Jackson Trails and Potter’s Key.  I am still waiting for additional information with respect to any plans for the property in the future but did want to share the following information with residents. Continue reading


Blue Bamboo Yoga to close at the end of March

(Received this note today from the operators of Blue Bamboo Yoga in Jackson Trails. It’s always disappointing to see a local business shutting their doors, especially one that has been involved with local charities and fundraisers in our community. Owner Tina Ferrone also runs Beyond Yoga in Kanata, which will remain open.)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that we will be closing the Blue Bamboo Yoga studio on Sunday, March 26th. This has been a very difficult business decision to make.

We have been so grateful for the support of the Stittsville community since we took over ownership of the studio. A heartfelt thank you for building such a warm and caring community.

We are committed to continue to share the passion of yoga with our Blue Bamboo members through our sister studio Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre located at 66 Hearst Way in Kanata. A full complement of classes will continue to be offered at Blue Bamboo until March 26th.

We invite you to join us at Blue Bamboo on Sunday, March 26th for tea, treats and memories.


Tina & The Blue Bamboo Yoga Team


City looks for feedback on Feedmill Creek rehab plan

Feedmill Creek is sort of a “forgotten waterway” in Stittsville.  That’s probably because up until very recently, it traversed mostly undeveloped private property.

The creek starts at the stormwater ponds in Timbermere Park on the west side of Carp Road, heads west underground and then  through the future Potter’s Key neighbourhood and north of Jackson Trails, before heading north under the Queensway, then  east through the Tanger Outlets mall before emptying into the Carp River.

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NOTEBOOK: How the City is paying for a gazebo at Village Square Park

“There is an exciting project coming to Village Square Park that I am pleased to share with everyone. A new gazebo will soon call the park its home.”
Councillor Shad Qadri’s newsletter, September 30

Map showing the location of the gazebo at the east end of Village Square Park.
Map showing the location of the gazebo at the east end of Village Square Park.

Councillor Shad Qadri recently revealed details about a gazebo being built at Village Square Park, at the corner of Stittsville Main and Abbott. The plan is to build a 16’x16′ raised stage at the east end of the park with electrical hook-ups, for use as a community performance space. The structure is already under construction and could be completed as early as November 1. Continue reading


Curl up with a book and coffee at Värdera Café and Lounge

(PHOTO: Vardera Cafe is owned by (left to right) George Dion, Ellie Dion and Allan Atwan. Photo by Devyn Barrie.)

Quitters. The Grounds. Gaia Java.

Add one more to that list: Värdera Café and Lounge.

The latest addition to Stittsville’s indie coffee scene is set to open Friday in the Jackson Trails Centre, between Blue Bamboo Yoga and Lucky Dragon. Continue reading


What’s happening with the Maple Grove link to Jackson Trails?

Today, the west end of Maple Grove Road is just a dead-end dumping ground for construction waste and dog poop bags. Someday, it could be a road connection to Stittsville Main Street.

It’s an idea that’s been talked about for several years, and it shows up from time to time on planning maps, but there’s no specific timeline.

It came up recently during the discussions about Minto’s Potter’s Key subdivision. Some homeowners in Jackson Trails have suggested that Maple Grove could provide a second exit from their community, although many residents don’t want it opened up just yet. Continue reading


Planning Committee gives ok to Potter’s Key, with conditions

“What we have ultimately ended up with was two victories out of many requests… Councillor Qadri worked really hard, along with some of the other councillors, to negotiate the motion. It’s been a long battle. It was by far the best we were able to get Minto to agree to.” –Omar Sultan, Jackson Trails

The city’s Planning Committee gave their blessing Minto’s Potter’s Key development today, along with several conditions to address some of the concerns from neighbouring residents.

Those conditions include maintaining a gravel road for construction vehicles until at least 2019, and requiring that any homes backing onto existing residential areas must be single family homes. Continue reading


City planners say Hazeldean link not needed for Potter’s Key

As expected, City staff say that a road link from Hazeldean to Minto’s proposed Potter’s Key neighbourhood isn’t necessary to handle traffic from the new subdivision.

Two staff reports were posted today as part of the minutes for a Planning Committee meeting on February 23, when councillors will decide on whether or not to allow the subdivision to proceed as planned.  They’ll be voting on a draft plan of subdivision and a zoning amendment.

The reports say that two existing streets, Kimpton and Echowoods, have more than enough capacity to safely handle traffic from the Potter’s Key subvidision:

“Kimpton Drive and Echowoods Avenue have been long designated as part of a collector roadway system in successive updates to the Transportation Master Plan. A collector road is considered in the City road classification system to link neighbourhoods together, and offers a wider right-of-way than a local street to accommodate a larger 5 road surface and sidewalks to allow more volume of traffic and transit movements, up to a maximum of 600 to 800 vehicles per hour. The forecasted traffic, developed in line with all City guidelines and requirements for traffic impact analyses, indicates that the Kimpton/Echowoods connection will be well within the capacity available for this road network at 200 vehicles per hour or three vehicles per minute.”

In recent weeks, Councillor Shad Qadri has said staff supported Minto’s plans.  He stated his opposition to the plan in the report:

“As Councillor for the Stittsville community, I do not support the recommendations in this report and do not support the development moving forward as currently proposed. This is a large subdivision development and there are outstanding items that the community and I feel have not been properly addressed. This large development does not have sufficient transportation connections to an arterial road which will be problematic for future and existing residents in the area. Traffic concerns are one of the largest issues that many communities face in the City of Ottawa and this development will increase pressures on the City’s Traffic and Police Department. The developer has also not fulfilled the request to have the same form of housing abutting all existing single detached homes. There are a number of additional issues that have not been addressed including pathway connectivity, a request for a landscape buffer and a appropriate plan for construction vehicle access.”

The Planning Committee will also receive a petition with 81 signatures from residents in Echowoods and Jackson Trails expressing their opposition to the traffic plan.

Councillor Qadri is asking residents to send in comments or attend next week’s meeting in person. His staff is dropping off notices to neighbouring homes this week.

“As the community has continued to raise concerns with this development, I will not be in support of the development when it comes forward to Planning Committee and Council. That said, it is also very important that my Committee/Council colleagues hear from the residents…. I strongly encourage residents to register in advance to speak and please advise me if you plan to attend to ensure that the venue will be large enough to comfortably accommodate members of the public,” he wrote on Facebook.

Click here for background about the Potter’s Key traffic issue….


Minto proposes gravel road access from Potter’s Key to Hazeldean

Councillor Shad Qadri provided an update today about the ongoing negotiations between Minto and city staff over the proposed Potter’s Key development.

The development would be located between Echowoods and Jackson Trails, and residents in those existing communities have voiced a number of concerns about the proposal.  One of the big beefs is about a lack of road access from Hazeldean Road.

Minto’s original plans for the subdivision included road access to Hazeldean, but that’s been dropped. Minto doesn’t own the land the road would go through, and hasn’t been able to negotiate a sale with the landowner. Continue reading


Minto’s Potter’s Key goes to Planning Committee February 23

Councillor Shad Qadri posted a note to several local Facebook groups today about the next step for Minto’s proposed Potter’s Key subdivision.

Residents packed a public meeting back in November to air their concerns about the development, particularly around the lack of direct road access to Hazeldean Road, and the impact the development would have on the Echowoods and Jackson Trails communities.  City staff asked Minto to provide additional traffic data.  (A map of the plan presented in November is pictured above.) Continue reading


QADRI: Potter’s Key tree cutting

From Councillor Shad Qadri:

“Earlier today I was advised by Minto Homes that they will be undertaking tree clearing today to remove the permitted trees on their commercial parcel of land fronting Hazeldean Road for the purposes of the Potter’s Key sales office. They do have a tree cutting permit (issued September 3, 2015) that allows Minto to remove a portion of the trees on the parcel. Minto Homes, their tree contractor and a City Forester met today to stack out the limit of the tree clearing as per the permit. Minto Homes advised they would be starting at noon today and should be completed by late Thursday or early Friday of this week.

Discussions are still ongoing with respect this proposed development and no final decisions have been made at this time. I will continue to update the community through my community e-column on this development and you may visit my website at the following link for more information.”


City staff asks Minto for more traffic data for Potter’s Key

Here’s an update from Councillor Shad Qadri on Minto’s proposed Potter’s Key development.

Discussions have continued with City staff, Minto Homes and myself regarding the proposed Potter’s Key residential subdivision to be located the communities of Jackson Trails and Echowoods.

City staff have provided a summary letter with an overall status update of various issues of concern to the community surrounding Potters Key.  In addition to this information City staff have requested that Minto provide the following items over the next several weeks:

  • License plate survey of traffic passing through Lloydalex and echowoods to determine current shortcutting issues.
  • Review of other subdivisions with a similar mix of units to determine and “real world test” the trip generation rates as used in the traffic analysis for potters key.
  • Review of similar collector road situations in the City with traffic volumes similar to those forecast for Kimpton and Echowoods.

In addition staff will be reviewing requirements for future traffic impacts including measures to limit short-cutting, traffic calming on Kimpton, and any on and off site traffic improvements necessary to mitigate any impact from the increased volume.

In addition, staff are continuing to work on other elements of the plan, including park design and selection of unit types within the plan, including those backing along Overland.

The fact that the proposed development is still missing a direct connection to Hazeldean Road is still a major concern and I will be continuing to pursue this item further with City Staff and Minto Homes.

For more information on this proposed development please visit my website here .


Mailbox provides direct shipping from Jackson Trails to North Pole

Once again this year, Santa has dropped off a mailbox at 233 Denali Way in Jackson Trails.

Local real estate agent Shane Foley confirms that he received a heads up this week from Mr. Claus that any letters dropped into the slot will be shipped directly to the North Pole in time for Christmas.