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Site of demolished home was once “Glen Eden”, home to champion Clydesdales

“WE BOUGHT A BEAUTIFUL SEVEN-GABLE FARMHOUSE ON THE PROPERTY IN 1975  with a view to upgrading it however, we found the frame too far gone. We have some photos and some history of the farmhouse and its owners, the James family,” wrote Gordon and Heather Walt in an email to me earlier this month, after the home they lived in at 180 Huntmar was demolished to make way for a private school and medical offices.

“We moved out in 1978, had the farmhouse demolished by a friend and built the new house ourselves in 1979.  We lived there with our four sons until 2003.  It was bought by the Nautical Land Group and used as an office. We managed to rescue a stained glass window from the house on Tuesday morning as a souvenir of our 24 years in the house which we built. There are lots of good memories of our time there.”

I wanted to hear more about those memories, and what they knew about the history of the property. So I got in touch with the Walt’s and had tea with Gordon at the Walt home in Amberwood last week.

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