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LETTER: Gazebo funding isn’t a conflict of interest

Re: How the City is paying for a gazebo at Village Square Park

Your recent article reports on a new $105,000 gazebo for Village Square Park. Part of the funding for the gazebo ($30,000) is coming from Waste Management through a Community Initiatives Fund (CIF). At the same time Waste Management is negotiations with the City to develop a new Host Municipality Agreement for the new landfill at their Carp Road facility. Continue reading


LETTER: GoFundMe for 8-year-old girl’s surgery

I’m hoping that some of you will be able to help!  A dear friend of mine (and fellow Stittsville mom Jen Martin) will be bringing her daughter to Ohio for a surgery for congenital nystagmus.  Unfortunately, this surgery is not offered in Canada, nor will it be covered by OHIP despite attempts to have it covered!  We have started a GoFundMe page to help Jen cover some costs.  Please find it in your hearts to help Makenna get this life changing surgery!  Jen, Makenna and I thank you!

Angel Boyer
Stittsville Continue reading


LETTER: We Day highlights teen’s fight against the Carp Road landfill

Olivia Nixon and her daughter Maddy Moffatt at the Stittsville Village Fest in 2012.
Olivia Nixon and her daughter Maddy Moffatt at the Stittsville Villagefest in 2012.


At the recent “We Day” in Ottawa, where 16,000 young people gathered to celebrate how youth are making a difference in their local and global communities, my daughter Maddy Moffatt received a “shout out” at the event. Continue reading


LETTER: City needs to strengthen heritage rules

(Photo: Bradley Craig barn on Hazeldean Road, October 2015. Photo by Barry Gray.)

Increased urban sprawl into what once was prime agricultural land and thriving rural communities requires an ethical response from developers, city planners, and various heritage organizations/committees.

Concerning heritage designated sites, why does the City of Ottawa not require developers to provide the city with their plans for protecting or repurposing whatever heritage designated building is on the land they seek to develop and then require the developers to act on those plans prior to the city planners approving land development plans and strategies? Continue reading


LETTER: Gaming marathon raises money for CHEO

Video games are a favourite and growing pastime for young and old alike. I’ve personally been a gamer for over 35 years now and I can’t imagine my free time without them. But what if gamers could turn our hobby into something that’s not just fun but that also does good for sick kids around the world? You may not be familiar with Extra Life but it’s exactly that! Continue reading