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COMMENT: Local shops are part of our small-town charm

(ABOVE: Renee Saunders, owner of the recently-opened Sweet Room Bakery Boutique on Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Barry Gray.)

If Stittsville’s small-town feel is something that’s important to you, take some time this week to support the local merchants who help give our community its personality.

A lot of my conversations lately have been turning towards the role that locally-owned businesses play in shaping the character of Stittsville. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Free ice cream & more, 6279 Fernbank, museum needs space

Lois & Frima’s is giving away free ice cream on Saturday, October 31. It’s become an annual tradition to clear out their buckets of ice cream before going into hibernation for the winter .  They’re in the Ultrama Plaza at 1626 Stittsville Main Street, all the way in the back of the plaza. Continue reading