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City asks for feedback on “Kavanagh Green” proposal

(via City of Ottawa)

The City of Ottawa Commemorative Naming Committee is conducting public consultations for a commemorative naming proposal for a future park located at the corner intersection of Hazeldean Road and Stittsville Main Street as “Kavanagh Green”.

In recognition of the Kavanagh family’s historical significance to the community of Stittsville, a proposal to name a future park at the southwest corner intersection of Hazeldean road and Stittsville Main Street has been submitted to the Commemorative Naming Committee. For nearly a century, Kavanagh family members have made important contributions to the community of Stittsville and surrounding areas which include owning and operating the popular Stittsville Flea Market for 25 years and volunteering with the Food Bank, Holy Spirit Church and the Ruddy-Shenkman Hospice.

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City asks for input on two commemorative names for future parks

(via City of Ottawa)

The City of Ottawa’s Commemorative Naming Committee is conducting public consultation on a two separate naming proposals in Stittsville:

  • A proposal to name a future park located within the Porter Place development the “William Bradley Park”
  • A proposal to name a future park located within the Potter’s Key Subdivision the “Allan Frederick Moore Park” 

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Names for recreation building and parks approved by committee

(press release via City of Ottawa)

The City’s Community and Protective Services Committee approved today a proposal to rename the Goulbourn Recreation Complex to “Cardel Rec – Goulbourn.” The new name is part of a sponsored naming rights agreement with Cardel Homes, a local home building company celebrating its 20th year in Ottawa. Continue reading


City seeks feedback on new commemorative park names

(PHOTO: The City is proposing changing the name of Bell Memorial Park on Stittsville Main Street “W.J. Bell Rotary Peace Park”. This photo is from the opening ceremonies for the park in October 2015.)

(via City of Ottawa)

The City of Ottawa Commemorative Naming Committee is conducting online public consultations on several naming proposals, including several parks in Stittsville and two nearby rinks in Kanata South,  The deadline for submitting comments online is December 18, 2016. Continue reading


City seeks feedback on new park for Fairwinds West

Map of the proposed park for Fairwinds West. Click for full size.
Map of the proposed park for Fairwinds West. Click for full size.

City of Ottawa staff have posted a concept drawing for a new park in the Fairwinds West / Poole Creek Village subdivision.  They’re accepting public comments until March 14. Click here for more info or to send feedback to the City.

Councillor Shad Qadri told the Fairwinds Community Association on Wednesday night that the park will be built by the developers (Mattamy, Tartan and Tamarack) at a cost of around $550,000.

“The neighborhood park being built in Fairwinds West and Poole Creek Village, Stittsville is being planned. The park is located at the corner of Rosehill Avenue and Vivera Place. The park features a mini soccer field, a senior and junior play structure with swings and a toddlers sand play area, greenspace, landscaping pathways, benches and the opportunity for a future rink. Extensive effort has been made to save some of the existing vegetation in this park particularly along the western edge of the park.”




DOG BLOG: Time to include dog parks in community planning

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to our new canine affairs correspondent, Roscoe. He’s an eight-month-old boxer – pictured above – with some strong opinions and a love of peanut butter. He’ll be writing from time to time about pressing dog issues.)


Roscoe the Boxer, our canine affairs columnist
Roscoe the Boxer, our canine affairs columnist

I’m usually a pretty happy guy.  There are only a few things I get mad at. Squirrels. The Crate. And the lack of fenced-in dog parks in Ottawa.

You should have seen my tail wagging on the weekend!  I found out that Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson wants to build a 1.5-acre fenced-in dog park at Insmill Park near Terry Fox Drive.  Finally!
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NOTEBOOK: Dog park signage, voter turn-out, 6279 Fernbank

Earlier this year we published a map of off-leash dog parks in Stittsville, using data pulled from the City of Ottawa’s web site. Recently, a reader pointed out that signage in several of the parks did not match the information from the city’s web site.

Signage at Coyote Run park in West Ridge. The city's web site lists it as "off-leash", but signage indicates otherwise. Photo by Vicki Gibson.
Signage at Coyote Run park in West Ridge. The city’s web site lists it as “off-leash”, but signage indicates otherwise. Photo by Vicki Gibson.

We asked the city about it, and it turns out that some of the signage in parks may in fact be wrong.  Here’s a response from the City, attributed to Roger Chapman, Chief, By-law and Regulatory Services:

“By-law and Regulatory Services will review the web information and the history of the designation of Coyote Run, to confirm the approved designation, and make any necessary adjustments accordingly.”

The City says that the online information is correct, and takes precedence over the signage.


Over 80% of eligible voters in Carleton cast ballot in Monday’s election, the third-highest in Canada.

Voter turn-out was 80.55% in Carleton, where Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre won the riding by just 1949 votes over Liberal Chris Rodgers. We were just behind Orleans (80.91%) and Ottawa Centre (82.22%).

Overall voter turn-out in Canada was 68.49%, the highest since 1993.


The City’s Planning Committee will get an update Tuesday on zoning & plan of subdivision for 6279 Fernbank. Usually reports are posted with the meeting agenda but not this time – the agenda notes that the “Report to be issued separately prior to the meeting.”

Jillian McKim, who represented the community that surrounds the development property, gave us an update last week and says that the developer and the City appear to have resolved the disagreements that led to an OMB hearing last spring.

UPDATE: The report has been posted on the City’s web site.


Shad Qadri reports that Mattamy’s proposed residential development at 570 Hazeldean Road, north of the Trans Canada Trail in the Fernbank area, has been approved. It will include 600 residential units including detached homes and townhomes.


Splash pads, skateboards top resident suggestions for park upgrades

(PHOTO: John Hughes wants to see an upgrade or an entirely new skatepark in Stittsville. And sooner rather than later. Photo by Jordan Mady.)

Last month, councillor Shad Qadri asked residents to send in their suggestions for park improvements and amenities in Stittsville.  City council has earmarked $2-million per year across the city to upgrade parks and recreation facilities over the next four years. Continue reading


Councillor wants your ideas for park improvements

(File photo / Photo by Barry Gray)

From Shad Qadri’s weekly newsletter:

Earlier this summer City Council approved the 2015 to 2018 Term of Council Priorities, including Strategic Initiative 35 – Parks and Recreation Facility Upgrades. This initiative provides $2-million in each year of the term of Council for capital projects.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Leverage other sources of internal or external funding;
  • Do not attract significant additional operating or maintenance costs for the City;
  • Are park based and address a gap in services for a community or restore a park amenity no longer meeting local needs;
  • Address safety issues;

I would like to receive your feedback for outdoor park amenities and outdoor park improvements to be considered for existing parks and open space located in Stittsville. Your feedback can include recommendations for a new park amenity or an improvement to an existing amenity.

Please provide your responses by Thursday September 4th via email to Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca

Please be specific as possible and include the following information:

  • New park amenity or Improvement to existing amenity:
  • Park Location:
  • Brief Rational: (why do you think this is important?, Is there a specific age group this targets?, Potential organizations to be involved?)

Please note that I will review all feedback, however I cannot guarantee which projects will receive funding or the amount of funding available for Stittsville projects.

Responses by email are preferred, however if you know someone who does not have access to email please call my office at 613-580-2476.


Vandals torch play structure in Glen Cairn

UPDATE – JUNE 26: Ottawa Police and Crimestoppers are offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information on the vandalism that leads to an arrest.  Police say this fire was set around 10:30pm, and received reports of another play structure with burn marks nearby at Glen Cairn Public School.  If you have information regarding the identity of the suspects responsible or witness any suspicious or criminal  activity in the parks call Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).


A small fire on a play structure in Rickey Place Park in Glen Cairn has left behind a big bill for the City and a big inconvenience for kids.

Late last night, neighbours noticed flames coming from the play structure.  Damage was limited to a hole burned through a plastic tunnel on the structure, but the whole tunnel has to be replaced. Continue reading


A Company of Fools brings Shakespeare to Alexander Grove Park

(Press release from a Company of Fools. Photo by Justin Van Leeuwen / JVL Photography)

A Company of Fools is back with the ever popular Torchlight Shakespeare – bringing Shakespeare to Ottawa parks all summer long! This season’s production is the farcical play The Comedy of Errors.

When: July 4, 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Where: Alexander Grove Park
Cost: Pay What You Can, suggested donation of $15/person
More info and to see other dates and locations visit www.fools.ca

About The Comedy of Errors
When two sets of identical twins separated at birth are brought to the same town by circumstance, mistaken identities abound! Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant, Dromio of Syracuse, arrive in Ephesus, which turns out to be the home of their twin brothers, Antipholus of Ephesus and his servant, Dromio of Ephesus. When the Syracusans encounter the friends and families of their twins, the result is a series of wildly comical mishaps which challenge the notion of truly knowing one’s friend, spouse, neighbour and self!

Meet the Fools – Our Cast and Crew
Directed by Catriona Leger, this season’s case includes Warren Bain, AL Connors, Scott Florence, Gabrielle Lazarovitz, Geoff McBride, Katie Ryerson. Featuring costume design by Vanessa Imeson and set design by David Benedict Brown.

Do good things really come in pairs?  Will the real Antipholous please stand up?  Double the trouble means double the fun in The Comedy of. Bring a lawn chair or blanket, bug spray and your sense of humour. Pass-the-hat donations are collected at the end of the performances and can be submitted in the form of cash or check  More information and a detailed park schedule can be found at www.fools.ca or by phoning 613-863-7529.


City splash pads are now open

(Press release from the City of Ottawa.)

Just in time for the long weekend, the City of Ottawa has opened the majority of its splash pads that will operate from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily through to September. To view splash pad locations, visit ottawa.ca.

Splash pads in or very close to Stittsville include Bandmaster Park (230 Mistral Way), Upcountry Park (310 Upcountry), and Walter Baker Park (100 Walter Baker off Terry Fox).  A full list of the city’s splash pads can be found here. A new splash pad is being built in Jackson Trails later this year.

Please note that all splash pad sites are unsupervised.

To report that a splash pad is not working properly, please call 3-1-1.


PHOTO: Sunset over Bandmaster Park skating rink

Chris Griffin took this photo of tonight’s sunset over the outdoor skating rink at Bandmaster Park in Fairwinds.  The rink officially opened for the season yesterday. People of all ages were outside skating on it today. Here’s a map of outdoor rinks in Stittsville.

Sunset over Bandmaster Park skating rink. Chris Griffin - photogriff.ca
Sunset over Bandmaster Park skating rink. Photo by Chris Griffin – photogriff.ca