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PHOTOS: Jane’s Walk on Stittsville Main Street

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a very rainy Jane’s Walk on Stittsville Main Street aka UmbrellaFest 2017.  Lots of optimism and potential about the future of the neighbourhood! Jane Jacobs wrote “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” over half a century ago, and it is incredible how relevant her ideas are today when we’re talking about how to create healthy, sustainable, people-centred neighbourhoods. -GG.

Photos by Sophie Gower

Jane's Walk 2017 on Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Sophie Gower Jane's Walk 2017 on Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Sophie Gower Jane's Walk 2017 on Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Sophie Gower Jane's Walk 2017 on Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Sophie Gower Jane's Walk 2017 on Stittsville Main Street. Photo by Sophie Gower


PHOTOS: Celebrating Chinese New Year at Kungfu Bistro

Margarita Chen and her staff at Kungfu Bistro celebrated the Chinese New Year, marking the arrival of the Year of the Monkey on Monday night.

Celebrations featured a traditional Chinese Loin Dance, a 25-foot dragon, plus drums, cymbals and a gong.  (Not to mention some delicious food.)

Photos by Barry Gray. Continue reading


A collection of great photos and videos from 2015

Above: At the opening of the W. J. Bell Rotary Peace Park, with the labyrinth lit with candles. Photo by Barry Gray (more here)

We love getting photos from our readers and contributors.  Here are some of our faves from the past year. Special thanks to Barry Gray, our unofficial staff photographer, for all that he’s done to capture life in our community. (More “Best of 2015” stories here…) Continue reading


Goulbourn Historical Society invites photo contest entries

(Bradley-Craig Barn, Hazeldean Road. Photo by Barry Gray.)

The Goulbourn Historical Society’s 2015 Photo Contest is up and running and both youth and adults are encouraged to enter. There is no entry fee and there will be cash prizes and an exhibit arranged once the contest is over. All entries will be judged on their merits. Deadline for entry is October 17, 2015.

There are four categories this year: Old and Historic Barns, Rural Mail Boxes, Front Porches and Horses. Continue reading


Stittsville realtor offers new 3D virtual tour service

Stittsville realtor Shane Foley is now offering an exclusive 3D photography service, giving home sellers a powerful new way to reach buyers with a very realistic virtual tour.

The technology is called Matterport, and is created using a high-end spinning 3D camera that captures the contours of a space, as well as the dimensions and spatial relationships between objects. Continue reading


PHOTOS: Traditional letterpress printing with Gaia Java’s Paul Jay

EDITOR’S NOTE: Paul Jay practices the centuries-old craft of letterpress printing in the basement of his Stittsville home. Jay is one of the co-owners of Gaia Java, and spends time every month using traditional hand presses and lead type to print the coasters, bean bags and pastry bags for the coffee shop. Photographer Barry Gray visited Jay earlier this month to capture the process.

Photographs by Barry Gray with text by Paul Jay. Continue reading


Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society holds annual photo contest

2014 winning entry by Marise Dube
2014 winning entry by Marise Dube


The Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society is running their annual photo contest again this year.


  1. Photos will be accepted in original (CAMERA) .jpg or print format. Photo prints can be dropped off at the Stittsville, Richmond or Munster public libraries. Digital photos can be e-mailed to sghorticultural@gmail.com. One e-mail entry clearly named and numbered with photo attachment per class. Please provide a self-addressed envelope (if you want to submit off line) your disc, memory stick or pictures to be returned.
  2. Memberships for new entries must be purchased before the deadline of 15 February 2015. Memberships must be in good standing for entry and include all rights and privilege for individual fee of $15.00 or $25.00 per family. Can be included with photo submission.
  3. We reserve the right to show entered images at our meetings, in our newsletters or on display in the Goulbourn Recreational Centre Trophy Case or at other public events. Used for the promotion of the Society only.
  4. Entries will be judged by an independent judge according to 40% horticultural value, 40% photographic value, and 20% impact and appearance.
  5. One entry per image.
  6. Colour and balance can be enhanced, removal or addition of images into a photo results in disqualification.
  7. The Judge’s decision is final.


  1. “Greenhouse Delights” –A plant guide to pre-season seedlings or extended season growth.
  2. “Garden Proud: A look at my garden” – Selfies accepted.
  3. “Faded Blooms” – Twisted petals, twigs, wilted or dried flowers from back, front or side view. Macros accepted.
  4. “Creations Constructed” – Flower or other seasonal arrangements.
  5. “Pollinators” – Bees our endangered friends busy at work.
  6. “Panorama” – A panoramic view of a field of any season in the Ottawa Valley.
  7. “Oh My Gourd!” – Jack O Lanterns, bumpy, knotted gourds of any size or colour.
  8. “Autumn Joy” – The best of a fall harvest….veggies.
  9. “Waves of Green” – Leaves of curly, round, light green, dark green stripes, dots on any plant, tree or bush.
  10. “Winter Scene” – Your best snow or ice covered plant, tree, leaf or bush in snow.


Stittsville man drops phone, gets a selfie from tennis star Eugenie Bouchard

(Above – Taylor Fahey is about to drop his phone as Eugenie Bouchard exits the court at the Australian Open. Photo via @pabs613)

A 23-year-old from Stittsville managed to get tennis star Eugenie Bouchard to take a selfie on his cell phone at the Australian Open last week.

Taylor Fahey and his friend Pablo Juarez were at one of Bouchard’s Australian Open match last Wednesday. As Bouchard left the court through a player’s tunnel, Fahey dropped his cell phone down to Bouchard. Continue reading


PHOTO: Sunset over Bandmaster Park skating rink

Chris Griffin took this photo of tonight’s sunset over the outdoor skating rink at Bandmaster Park in Fairwinds.  The rink officially opened for the season yesterday. People of all ages were outside skating on it today. Here’s a map of outdoor rinks in Stittsville.

Sunset over Bandmaster Park skating rink. Chris Griffin - photogriff.ca
Sunset over Bandmaster Park skating rink. Photo by Chris Griffin – photogriff.ca


Photos from the first winter storm of 2015

All that ice today made for some great photo opportunities. If you have a great photo of Stittsville, send it along to us at feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca




PHOTOS: Demolition of a fire-damaged home on Bell Street

Rolly Renaud took these photos of a demolition on Bell Street. The house was destroyed by fire way back in June.

There were no injuries in the fire but neighbours did have to rescue the family’s dog, a chocolate lab.  Firefighters said the fire was due to worn electrical wiring in a gazebo on the rear deck. It caused an estimated $475,000 in damage. Continue reading


PHOTO: Fire Station #46 makes a donation to the Stittsville Food Bank

The crew from Fire Station 46 on Iber Road visited the Stittsville Food Bank earlier this week to make a donation. The holiday season is one of the busiest times for the food bank, and any non-perishable items or cash donations are appreciated. For more info visit stittsvillefoodbank.ca